UFC 111: The Review

Visualize yourself eating lunch while watching some tattoo-filled brawler is trying to pop a random fighter’s arm.


I fear I would sleep one night and Jon Fitch would eat me. What he did to Ben Saunders was FN scary. It’s like a Doberman attacking a trespasser. Anyway, I can’t say the match is awesome because it couldn’t have been but Fitch’s offense is extremely believable.

Hometown hero Kurt Pelligrino has never lost a match in MMA soil and against Morango Camoes, Batman perfectly executed everything in his arsenal. Camoes looked strong early but the savvy of Batman made it possible for him to embarrass the Brazilian via choke.

Rousimar Palhares literally broke Gorilla Drwal 45 seconds after the opening bell via leg lock. The ref was late to make the call when Drwal tapped out which is long enough to make his leg snap.

Frank Mir disappointed me. With Brock in attendance I thought for sure he’ll at least not try to look like shit. I am Shane Carwin’s newest fan after what he did. This is the first time I’ve seen him fight but he sort of reminds of a refined Tank Abbott. His underdog shtick makes him a believable and yet unwise choice as Brock Lesnar’s opponent. Lesnar’s “make believe champ” attack on Carwin should have mattered but Carwin agreed with Lesnar. Mir’s consolation is that even if he blanked out in the first round, at least he survived the longest amongst his other foes.

The main event of the match looked a lot like Pacquiao-Clottey. However, it’s not like as if Dan Hardy wasn’t trying to defeat Georges St. Pierre. He was. In all accounts he was but GSP proved to be the better fighter than Outlaw. GSP dominated Hardy lying down and standing up. Hardy was outclassed but you have to hand it to him for surviving GSP. Not tapping out against a well-oiled fighter like Rush is a feat itself especially with how Hardy miraculously managed to get out of the kimura and armbar. The only way GSP could make Hardy tap was for him to yank his joints out of his sockets but GSP is better than that. Hardy has great defense but the match was pretty much one-sided. I don’t know which welterweight can stop GSP.

Josh Koscheck?


Anyway, I hope Kenny Florian, Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Mike Swick, and Clay Guida would see action stat!

Especially Guida and Nightmare. Next to the Griffin-Stephon Bonnar TUF 1 finale match, that was the match I remember the most.

Game over!


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