24 Oras' Michael Fajatin should have his own show covering these kinds of beat. It seems like getting the tasteful and distasteful side of the masses is his bread and butter! If reporters cringe at the sight of covering these “types of people”, he never batted an eyelash to respond violently!

Hell, he made an epic investigative journalism-like take on this newfound species! He even gathered a lot of people without shame and social standing to reinforce the segment's purpose!

Question: If they aren’t endangered, does this mean we can hunt them down?

Game over!
Manny Villar, that presidentiable that has a lot of money to do all sorts of commercials, got hit again by the anti-Jejemon community.

His commercial was again spoofed by the Jejebusters… and it seems like Villar doesn’t care about being labelled as a Jejebuster sympathizer.

Well frankly… who doesn’t?

Game over.

Last April 29, we experienced rain showers.

While some were caught off-guard, we are not that pissed at that scene.

In fact, we embraced it. I think this was God’s plan to remind us that everything’s going to be normal now. Remember that Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) outburst where dams overflowed because six months worth of rain engulfed the archipelago for six hours? After Ondoy, rainfalls were bleak. Scarce at most. Now I think normality is slowly creeping in and no one's complaining.

Just in time I must add.

When I was young my grandparents often tell me to shower in the rain during the first downpour of May. They exclaim that it’s lucky. Maybe if I’m not at work, I may go and try it. Yes, I may look like an utter idiot for letting loose on water as if I don’t have it at home but I’m just thankful because finally there’s normality.

I just heard I’ll have a tough May and June. I love June when I was studying because this is the month that mediocrity in school performance is acceptable. June for me now is the month after your company gave you the half of your thirteenth month pay and they expect you to be motivated and do whenever they asked you to. I hope and pray that out-of-town trip with my GF would happen in the near future. As it stands we’ve only experienced Corregidor up north and Tanauan down south. I think my cousins from the States will be flying in and I hope they matured well enough because the last time they were here, we Entourage-d Calamba, Laguna! That was roughly ten years ago. For the past decade, I just got boring, my cousin became a cop, my other cousin has a preschooler, and my other cousin changed his persona.

Weird? Nah.

Did I mention that I’ll be extremely busy for at least two months?

It’s now April 30.

And again, it’s raining.

Game over.

At the start of the playoffs I predicted Dallas would meet the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

Fuck, who knew the Lakers would have a hard time versus the Oklahoma City Thunder… and who the fuck knew that the Mavericks would have their asses kicked by the Spurs.

Now the Suns and the Spurs go at it! I can’t place a bet because I’m afraid to make a mistake.

First of all, please tell Caron Butler to change his jersey. I mean, back when Dallas was struggling after the demise of the Rolando Blackman / Derek Harper era, one man helped soften the blow as the Mavs struggled during the late 90’s… and that’s Mike Finley. Dirk Nowitzki, Finley, and Steve Nash were the best big three the team has ever produced. Number 4 should be retired to his favor. Butler likes single-digit numbers! Give him 5 or 6 or whatever’s left in the list!

For a team with a big bench, the Mavs only got 18 points from them. Rodrique Beaubois had 16 while Terry had 2. Jason Terry scoring only two points is a huge deal. Jason Kidd having three points sucks as well. To be fair, the Spurs only had 18 points as well but at least their starters played better than Dallas’ starters.

As if on cue, all the back aches, the sore shoulders, the hernia discs, the flu-like symptoms, and the various injuries that plagued Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and company are gone. This is where the real season starts and they understood this by making a mockery on the league’s most souped up team. Rick Carlisle, a good coach as perceived by many, was outcoached by Gregg Popovich. Popovich has victimized a lot of Hall of Fame coaches and in this series, Carlisle was no exception. With the help of his version of the Big Three, a core that has been with him since 2002, Popovich was able to sow the seeds of the Mavs’ end. While the team is without Finley, Bruce Bowen, Francisco Elson, Fabricio Oberto, and Brent Barry, key additions like Antonio McDyess and Richard Jefferson were the answers they were looking for. And you have to proclaim love for George Hill, the young upstart who’s getting the breaks when the defense attacks the Big Three’s offense.

The reality of the loss is basically Dallas getting owned by an older and less talented squad. The Spurs are less-talented in the sense that the Spurs can’t do much if they extend their seven or eight man rotation. When Dallas brought in Butler, Brendan Haywood, and DeShawn Stevenson to their fold, the Spurs had to let go of a disgruntled Finley. Dallas is knee-deep in their rotation and it should suck for them that their much-storied backcourt that’s not Rodrique Beaubois failed to deliver.

The Boxscores:

SAN ANTONIO 97 – Ginobili 26, Hill 21, Duncan 17, Parker 10, McDyess 8, Jefferson 7, Blair 4, Bonner 4, Bogans 0, Mahinmi 0.

DALLAS 87 – Nowitzki 33, Butler 25, Beaubois 16, Marion 6, Kidd 3, Terry 2, Haywood 2, Dampier 0, Barea 0, Najera 0.

Meanwhile Phoenix will be San Antonio’s next opponent after the Suns decked the Portland Trail Blazers to the tune of 99 to 90. Jason Richardson played like a madman and scored 28 points to relieve the pain caused by Steve Nash’s inability to create for the Suns. Nash had six assists to go with his ten points and seven turnovers and Nash certainly looked out of his element when they played Portland.

Portland battled to stay in the race even if their starters played questionable with Jerryd Bayless, Martell Webster, and Rudy Fernandez taking charge. Brandon Roy could only pop up 14 points of 4-of-16 shooting and their run was cut short when the fourth quarter beckoned. It looks as if the Blazers need to get something from Greg Oden next season because the big boy plays could have been helpful in their series.

I want to say that Phoenix will hurl San Antonio but the fact is, this is the Spurs’ bread-and-butter. Most Western Conference squads become their chew toys when this moment arrives. But looking at it, the matchups seem blurry. Tim Duncan will pit himself to Amar’e Stoudemire, Manu Ginobili will take on Jason Richardson, while Tony Parker needs to address his issue with Steve Nash regarding who is the best guard of the West.

Sidebars? The Richard Jefferson versus Grant Hill matchup could stun people. Hill can still go while Jefferson can break out when he needs to. Channing Frye will eat McDyess if McDyess’ veteran wiliness fails to express terror on the former Arizona star.

The Boxscores:

PHOENIX 99 – Richardson 28, Stoudemire 22, Dudley 12, Nash 10, Dragic 10, Barbosa 5, Amundson 4, Hill 3, Frye 3, Collins 2, Clark 0.

PORTLAND 90 – Webster 19, Aldridge 16, Fernandez 16, Roy 14, Bayless 12, Miller 4, Camby 4, Batum 3, Cunningham 2, Howard 0.

This Suns versus Spurs series should be one hell of a series!

Not as good as the Boston-Cleveland series though.

But still watchable.

Game over.

Ha! There is an election ad in my blog!

Wait… every person with a blog has an election ad!

Hell, Manny Villar has ads in porn sites… WHAT ELSE IS NEW!!!

Have you seen this?

This is a fan-made video. Sure its funny, but we all now that this is fabricated.

Election season brings out every politician’s dream to become a host, an actor, a poet…

Hell, perhaps even a singer.

Here are a couple of things I saw in Youtube that could probably strengthen my point.

Sure, jingles are made to strengthen one’s recall. You might find it hard for MJ to mouth a Gus Tambunting jingle, but it works for the incumbent Paranaque vice mayor.

What’s better than a jingle? A song and dance number with a matching mascot! This is simply an epic device to score votes!

Although Danny Lacuna lost in the 2007 Manila mayoral race, this MTV will forever rule our hearts.

And while I won’t endorse anyone because the world wouldn’t even know these guys’ platform (names for that matter), check out this guy!




Alaska gave in to Willie Miller. After two years of demanding to be transferred, he finally got his wish.

But is this really the right team for the Thriller?

The house of Pinoy basketball just got rocked following the agreement reached by the Ginebra Kings and the Alaska Aces. The former two-time MVP has been shipped to the dugout of the crowd favourites for Cyrus Baguio. Miller is probably feeling that the triangle offense restricts him to do more in court. The jolly spitfire also reportedly got the ire of import Diamon Simpson for goofing off in practice. This is not the first time this happened. A couple of years back, Rosell Ellis had the same beef with the Thriller but they eventually ironed things out and the Aces won the championship (although Ellis’ second stint with the Aces had dismal results).

I’m an avid reader of Fire Quinito and when I read this, I was pissed. You see, Alaska and BMEG started the Fiesta Conference late and the Aces will play twice-a-week games on a consistent basis beginning May 1. I usually pick Miller during the playoffs but I needed the boost on points. I was looking forward to acquire Miller’s abundant supply of points, rebounds, and assists gains but following the trade I doubt it will happen.

Yes, I was talking about PBFANTASY here.

I was happy to be proven wrong when I first heard about Arwind Santos’ transfer to San Miguel. Same goes for Alex Cabagnot. Despite playing in a talent-loaded squad, both players are getting the stats they used to have back in Burger King. However, I can’t shake it off that maybe Tim Cone, Joaqui Trillo, and company had “aces on their sleeve” when they decided to ship Miller out.

During the Philippine Cup, I noticed that the Aces fail to impress whenever the Thriller dishes out big numbers. This is why I chose him early – because I felt I was better off playing him during the regular season then have LA Tenorio, Tony dela Cruz, Joe Devance, and Sonny Thoss during the playoffs when the Aces gain an outright berth. When he goes on his superstar mode where he takes the shots he wants to take, the triangle offense stops becoming a triangle and Miller time ensues. If you check Alaska’s numbers in the Philippine Cup, you’ll see that they have six players scoring eight points and more. If his big numbers can’t help the Aces win, then Willie Miller could not probably be the right fit for Alaska.

But Cyrus Baguio could be that guy.

Ever since he was traded to Ginebra he has been disgruntled. Should he always wait for Mark Caguioa to get injured? He was sent to the Kings because he was reportedly upset in his tenure as a Burger King Whopper. He was a second round pick by Red Bull in 2003 and he was fourth in the rotation after Lordy Tugade, Larry Fonacier, and Junthy Valenzuela but he persevered and became the player he is today.

People are forgetting when during Tugade, Valenzuela, Fonacier, and Enrico Villanueva left the squad; it was Baguio that stepped up big time. In the 2007-08 season, he played in 48 games and averaged 18.2ppg, 3.6rpg, 3.7apg, and 1.3spg. Baguio had less help in offense that season which was the year Valenzuela flew to the Kings and Pennisi, a player that should have stepped up in terms of scoring duties, groped to form big time! In that roster only Reed Juntilla played for the Barakos that season that is still playing for the squad this season (they are now called Barako Coffee). What’s great was this ragtag core made the semifinals twice that year and finished with identical third place honors. Baguio wasn’t like his Ginebra version back then. He normed almost 30 minutes so he wasn’t shot-crazy unlike when he was with the Gins where he played a little over 20 minutes… depending on Jong Uichico’s mood.

Why am I saying this? Baguio, if given the minutes, can lead a team. Alaska is not a ragtag team. It has a system and a roster dedicated to win championships. It has a winning tradition and a bunch of Hall of Famers (that will include Willie Miller) connected to their rich history. But I just wished Alaska asked for a couple of benchwarmers from the Kings. Miller is averaging 17.0ppg, 3.0rpg, 1.0spg and 4.5apg in 35.5mpg while Cyrus gets 9.2ppg, 1.4rpg, and 1.8apg in 24.0mpg. I think Ginebra could hand out a second round draft pick or Junjun Cabatu or Paolo Bugia (both have yet to see action this season). But then again, this is an okay one-for-one deal because Baguio is lucky to even get those kinds of stats with the way Ginebra treats their slashers. The only thing that Alaska lacks now is if they are ready to address Baguio as their leader. Baguio just arrived and he’ll probably be Tim Cone’s newest version of Kenneth Duremdes. Unfortunately for Cone, LA would definitely want that leadership role and Joe DeVance would probably want his say with the team to widen. Miller was the team’s undisputed leader and the quicker they address this, the better their situation will be in the future.

Can you imagine how souped up Ginebra’s offense would be if Miller teams up with Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand? The luxury in using Miller is that Miller is a combo guard. Miller can blend with Mark and Jayjay and then Miller can orchestrate when he’s with Ronald Tubid and JC Intal. The only problem I see for Miller is that he is shot-crazy. A typical SMC team yearns for a revolving set of big time players. I won’t be surprised if Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag, and Sonny Thoss don the SMC colors before they retire. This means Miller would have to contend with Caguioa, Helterbrand, Tubid, Intal, Celino Cruz, the next slasher taken by Ginebra, and just like the current conference… an import. You have to also wonder how Eric Menk, Rudy Hatfield and Enrico Villanueva consider the fact that they are mere bodies to chase rebounds and give it to a random slasher. You also need to think of how Willy Wilson, Billy Mamaril, and Sunday Salvacion when you look at this quagmire. Wilson is not a scorer so he’ll fit with the Kings but I guess the Billy and Sunday need to look for teams that would give them 15 minutes or more.

As of this moment, I say that both clubs won in this trade. Although, I am leaning more towards Alaska because they’ll definitely use Baguio for 30 minutes… long-term wise. Miller meanwhile, would need to be in shape all the time because he can’t let the other slashers steal his spotlight.

Unlike in Alaska, he can slack off without punishment.

Ginebra is a different story.

Game over.

I love Steve Carell ever since I first saw him as a Daily Show correspondent. I love Tina Fey because she’s smart, funny, and those glasses look hot on her. Now Steve Carell is a well-known TV and movie personality while Tina Fey is a well-known writer and actress appearing regularly on 30 Rock and constantly on SNL.

So question is... where did this movie go wrong?

The Story: Steve and Tina play husband and wife whose marriage is in question after they saw what happened to their friends’ marriage. Instead of their usual boring dates, they went to a chic place where they had to steal a reservation for them to enjoy their night. Problem is, the reservation they stole is part of some heist to blackmail a high-ranking official and thugs are breathing on their spine.

What I Liked:

I like how Fey and Carell act. Call me bias but these are the folks that made me like comedy. Mark Wahlberg played the eye candy role extremely well. For an A-List actor doing supporting work, at times he seems to be upstaging the two leads. The story has exciting twists at times and the heartfelt-ness of the story was executed well. At first I worried because I thought it screamed “family movie” but I was glad that it wasn’t.

What I Hated:

I wished they had more loose banter because these two are well-known improvs. Having them caged seems... wrong. Ray Liotta was used weak. I know he’s not a big deal in Hollywood right now but I want to believe that he can still score good roles. Amongst the scenes, the flow was going well until they had to go to the strip joint scene. Naming your movie “Date Night” is misleading because when that strip scene came, BOOM, I found myself in a dark place, where I can’t even hold my GF's hand! WHY EVEN DO THAT!?! I DON’T GET IT! WHY MUST HOLLYWOOD DESTROY MY MOJO!?! It could be a drug heist or a creative plot to overthrow some government! Listen, nobody thinks POLE DANCING GO HAND-IN-HAND WITH COMEDY! Just because it worked in The Hangover doesn’t mean it has to work here!!!


Sure, the story is somewhat predictable but it was fun before that scene.

The Verdict: Date Night is not for “Date Night”, but certainly it’s very fun to watch. If you think your date will love this, and then feel free to give her the privilege. Otherwise, it’s better if you let her watch a predictable romantic comedy than throw yourself to this movie.

Game over.

Boston and Cleveland advances to the Eastern Semifinals!

Now Joakim Noah can stop forcing himself to love the Cleveland nightlife!

Because as of this moment, their playoff story is over.

LeBron James was one assist shy of a triple-double as the Cleveland Cavaliers oust the Chicago Bulls in their home turf, 96 to 94. LBJ had 19 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists. Antawn Jamison led the Cavs with 25 points while Delonte West had 16. Derrick Rose led the Bulls with 31 while Luol Deng chipped in 26. The winner of this matchup advances to the next round where they’ll see the Boston Celtics on what is said to be an epic duel.

What sucks for LBJ right now is that he shot his free throws using his left. Now how can this be wrong? A pre-halftime dunk damaged his right elbow. While I’m certain James will shrug this, what if the injury is too much to bear? The Celtics will try to contain LeBron by limiting his passes and leadership on the court.

As for Boston, they survived the offensive explosion of Dwyane Wade to stave off Miami 96 to 86. The C’s frontline dominated Miami. Actually, if you take Wade and Mario Chalmers’ performance, the Heat managed to do nothing in terms of offense. Four Boston players scored in double figures with Ray Allen sinking five triples compared to Miami’s two. The Heat were just 5-out-of-20 behind the arc and shot a mere 25 percent compared to Boston’s 58 percent. Mike Beasley was limited to only two points in 13 minutes.

Obviously Wade is the only player that can dictate the tempo in this lineup. Without him, I can’t see the team winning championships. This should be an all-important summer for Wade and the Heat because they need to fortify their lineup with a scoring big man and an electrifying slasher. Beasley is a trade bait regardless of how Wade thinks of him. At first I thought he was a power forward with his 6-10 frame but I think he’s more of a combo. I can live with that but the Heat can’t. They need a dominant monster like what they had when they own Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning. For some insane reason they could have been better with Kevin Love. Hell, maybe they can get something out of Beasley. David West? Brook Lopez???

Cleveland versus Boston

Critics seem to think that this year is Cleveland’s year but I am not a part of those that think that. I am a huge Boston fan and a huge Kevin Garnett fan in general so I will be rooting for the C’s. Last year was harsh with Kevin Garnett stuck in the sidelines nursing an injury but this year he’s back to join Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. While in past season I have been extremely critical of Rajon Rondo, I have now submitted to the fact that Rondo might indeed be the Celts shining light in the future. Together with Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen and Glen Davis, these young guys are holding their own for Boston. I am a huge Mike Finlay fan during his prime so I hope he’ll do good here. However, I think there is hope for Nate Robinson to bring his wares to the playoffs. This is his first shot past the regular season and maybe Boston can use him to annoy people.

Annoying Cleveland is something they need to do well because the Cavs are no cakewalk. LeBron James is so dangerous that Tony Allen will have his hands full. Shaq is there and even if his game has dwindled, during the playoffs… HE MATTERS! Mo Williams, Anthony Parker and Delonte West share backcourt duties with Anderson Varejao, JJ Hickson, and Z Ilgauskas giving them support. Perhaps the difference maker here is Jamison, a steady power forward that is athletic and has range. Unlike Beasley, Jamison can play both forward positions… well.

I’m rooting for Boston here so don’t expect me to have if’s and but’s about how I’m going to predict this. I hope this series won’t reach a Game 7, because playing Cleveland in their homecourt where it matters the most freakishly scary.

The Boxscores (Game 5 – Cleveland versus Chicago):

Cleveland 96 – Jamison 25, James 19, West 16, O’Neal 14, Williams 7, Moon 7, Varejao 5, Parker 3, Hickson 0.

Chicago 94 – Rose 31, Deng 26, Hinrich 12, Noah 8, Gibson 7, Murray 6, Miller 2, Warrick 2.

The Boxscores (Game 5 – Boston versus Miami)

Boston 96 – R. Allen 24, Pierce 21, Rondo 16, Garnett 14, Perkins 8, Davis 7, T. Allen 4, Wallace 2, Finlay 0.

Miami 86 – Wade 31, Chalmers 20, Arroyo 8, O’Neal 7, Haslem 6, Anthony 6, Richardson 4, Beasley 2, Wright 2.

Let’s go Boston!


After the big picks are named, the two brands pinch the other brand for their “lesser-known talents”.

Some of these “lesser-known” talents end up making it big in the WWE.

For some though, this is a deathwish to their career and all of a sudden, we see a boot kicking their ass away from the big stage.

So who’ll join who?

With Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison and R-Truth gone, and add the fact that the talk of Randy Orton’s transfer never happened, how will this affect Team Smackdown?


The Great Khali and Runjin Singh – Wow. Kelly Kelly, a diva that has yet to get WWE gold, made the Primary Draft while a former World Champ gets into the Supplemental round… packed in a bundle with his translator. While I can’t see him wrestling, I can see him doing silly banters with the random guest host.

Natalya – I would have hated this… if she’s the only one moving to Raw. With Uncle Bret always seen on Raw, her entry to the scene will make The Hart Dynasty an awesome force in the tag team scene. Also, she’ll likely make that Divas belt glimmer with her entry to Raw.

David Hart-Smith and Tyson Kidd – This is something that I wished they did live! However, maybe seeing them win the tag titles on draft day could be enough. The Hart Dynasty will parade Raw as a team backed by nostalgia and Bret Hart. I’ll give them this moment because they deserve it and hopefully they’ll become playable characters on Smackdown versus Raw 2011! Did I mention that this is a good trade?

Ezekiel Jackson – I mentioned him as one of the movers. Like I said, I can see him reforming the Court with William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov or he’ll probably go by his lonesome and become some sort of poor man’s Batista. At this point I can see him as a more agile Ahmed Johnson.

Goldust – What’s the point? Honestly, what’s the point? Goldust is said to embark on an off-cam wrestling career. He will get his chance now that he’s on a talent-heavy show like Raw.


Chavo Guerrero – This should have happened long ago! With this at least Chavo is away from that annoying leprechaun. He’s a former ECW Champion! Oh wait… that belt doesn’t matter. At least Chavo can improve from his horrible 2009 – early 2010 season!

Hornswoggle – What the fuck!?! Why is he here!?! Does this mean the golden age of Raw guest hosts are over!?! The only way I would love the leprechaun again is when he slids back to the ring and helps a HEEL Finlay win bouts!

Cody Rhodes – This is one of the moves that I am happy to see. With Ted DiBiase forming another stable, Rhodes will probably get lost in the process. Luckily in Smackdown, he could act like a cocky heel battling Matt Hardy, Christian, and MVP. I like this trade.

Chris Masters – I think Masters could become a central figure with this move. I want him to have that cocky but goofy persona by being a heel while constantly moving his pecs. Looking forward, he might be a good bodyguard for Rhodes. At best, he could have improved his wrestling and could be part of the intercontinental belt scene.

Rosa Mendes – Wait… does this mean that Zack Ryder has to survive Raw on his own? Honestly I would have wanted WWE to not separate the two and let Zack join Rosa on Smackdown. The Future Endeavors Club will have another member if Ryder can’t break out of Raw.

MVP – With R-Truth and Ezekiel Jackson moving to Raw, Smackdown needs more colored people. Hopefully MVP will have a strong singles push here because the Raw push he got didn’t really created enough buzz to make him a viable contender. Hell, putting him with Mark Henry and making him an upper midcard jobber makes you cringe. Turn him heel on Smackdown please!


Tyler Reks – He had a good debut in ECW before he got shelved. He never saw action post-ECW and I doubt Smackdown would push him. I’ll probably see him in the unemployment line in the near future.

Vance Archer – TNA followers would know him as Lance Hoyt. He is big and agile although WWE doesn’t want him to use his high-flying moves. I can see him in a Test-like role in Smackdown although that role varies from midcard performer to glorified jobber.

Abraham Washington, Tony Atlas, and Byron Saxton were removed from the ECW homepage while Curt Hawkins was removed from the Smackdown section. Washington and Saxton are currently trying out as wrestlers/announcers in FCW. Hawkins is also in FCW were he could likely move to the main roster sooner than people think. Atlas, a WWE Hall of Famer, could pretty much leave the federation after his contract expires.

The Verdict: Raw enjoyed some sort of edge in the draft although The Hart Dynasty could pretty much fight makeshift tag teams. Ezekiel Jackson is the darkhorse. If WWE uses him well, I think they’ll find a black version of Batista. Smackdown should have gotten Carlito, Evan Bourne, and Zack Ryder because one of those wrestlers could go over with the crowd. While Smackdown gained Chavo, Rhodes, and MVP, the insertion of Hornswoggle is actually interesting. Would this mean that Finlay will return to TV to score midcard storylines?

At all depends on this fantasy world… and the writers making this all possible.

I’m pro-Smackdown so I hope this arrangement works.

Game over.

Here’s why the phrase “Every second counts” is so important.

Even if there’s less than a second left.

0.6 seconds to be exact.

You don’t need to understand the Croatian language to know why this celebration was an EPIC FAIL!

You can also try to fast forward this to the 3-minute mark.

Game over!

I was hoping my boys at Boston would do this but Orlando could probably do it too.

The only thing that sucks in this setup is that Dwight Howard was barely the star player the Magic taught he was.

With the West so tough, I didn’t even taught for once that one team would elevate to the second round scratchless (although I never thought that San Antonio would rip Dallas). The East had four teams with mediocre records and then there’s Charlotte who will be debuting in the playoffs. They got lucky when they acquired “Action Jack” Stephen Jackson, Tyson Chandler, Larry Hughes, and Tyrus Thomas plus the improvement of Raymond Felton, DJ Augustin and all-star forward Gerald Wallace.

What sucked is that Orlando beefed up their lineup as well.

The defending Eastern Conference champions solidified their offense by acquiring Vince Carter. Matt Barnes and Jason Williams were also in the cast in place of Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee, and Hedo Turkoglu. Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson are still in the fold with JJ Redick, Marcin Gortat, and Mickael Pietrus improving their games.

By the way, in case you wonder why JJ Redick is getting the “Kobe in Denver”-like reception, that because North Carolinians hate Duke players (except for Gerald Henderson who is playing for the current squad).


Charlotte got the boot after getting blanked by the Magic in their first playoff appearance as Bobcats. Charlotte last saw the next round as the Hornets with Baron Davis and Jamal Magloire leading the way. Charlotte was in fighting form throughout the whole of Game 4 until they found themselves behind by only one, 79 to 78 with less than four minutes left. Orlando quickly widened the gap by Pietrus rocking the city with two consecutive triples and Nelson dealing another one to extend the lead to ten.

I believe THAT was the killer blow as afterwards I turned off my TV.

Then I saw in the website that the Magic won 99 to 90.

Here’s the thing: I think Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time but I think as an executive he shouts “bust”. I hope he does well in his current role the next year because I still can’t forgive him for making Kwame Brown the top pick of the 2001 Draft.

Until this day, Jordan has yet to win a playoff game as an executive.

For Orlando, it seems like they’ll battle the winner of the Atlanta Hawks/Milwaukee Bucks series. Despite the fact that the Bucks have no Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd, they won both of their game at home. Now if they manage to snatch a win in Atlanta then they’ll make the next round of the playoffs. This would finally suck for the Hawks since before the series started they were the odds-on favorite. I just hope they can give Howard help inside because Charlotte gave the Magic reason to second-guess their frontline. They better pray that Milwaukee would advance to the next round because as it stands, the Bucks have less ceiling and might be more susceptible to wear and tear.

The Boxscores:

ORLANDO 99 – Carter 21, Nelson 18, Lewis 17, Barnes 14, Pietrus 13, Howard 6, Gortat 6, Redick 4, Williams 0, Anderson 0.

CHARLOTTE 90 – Thomas 21, Wallace 17, Diaw 13, Felton 11, Jackson 8, Chandler 6, Mohammed 6, Augustin 4, Hughes 4, Ratliff 0, Brown 0, Graham 0.

With one team booked for the next round… who’s next to follow?

Game over.

With Bret Hart overextending his stay to make The Hart Dynasty over, Shawn Michaels just retired, Batista is unhappy, Triple H out because he’s going to do a movie, and The Undertaker injured, the WWE needs to shuffle the names so that their programming won’t get stale.

Maybe its time for Vince McMahon to pirate TNA talent?

The current look in these here parts is that they are in need of new blood to shove to the hearts of the public. TNA looks more talent-stacked than the combined two brands but that does not mean that the Florida-based promotion is the more watchable show. Also, you have to consider that Smackdown will be transmitted from a different station in the not-so-distant future so this could mean that either the show would go straight to the net, or it will undergo an adjustment period.

The selections were listed according to how they were picked.

So for the benefit of those with flash photography, here are the results and my two cents!

Game starts now!


Kelly Kelly – How should I rate this? I think she’ll just take over on the duties left by Maria. Mickie James’ spot? She needs to learn to wrestle better before she could dream of even be considered for this (by the way, she's the chick pictured).

Big Show – This shocked me but this also means a red hot heel will move to Raw. He’ll probably feud with Edge or Jericho. Maybe he’ll reunite with Jericho to dismantle Edge. Big Show has a shot to win the big title considering the size of the main eventers in Smackdown.


John Morrison – I don’t want this to happen! I want Morrison to enjoy adequate ring time to do his thing! In Raw, he’ll likely not go for the world title with John Cena being the flagship of the franchise. The US title and the tag team scene could be his scene especially since…

R-Truth – Finally, I get a pick right. I’ll predict the same thing for Truth to what I said about Morrison. The live crowd should probably dig his sweet and cheesy rap. But with this makeshift team coming to Raw, what happens to MVP and Mark Henry?

Edge – Perhaps the biggest surprise of the draft so far. Minutes ago, I was writing about what he’ll do with Big Show and Jericho. Perhaps with Triple H out, he’ll be the top-tier face (or heel if they decide to) especially with Batista attempting to leave the company. Raw is owning the draft at this point!


Kofi Kingston – This pseudo-Jamaican that is actually Ghanaian will get minutes in his matches on Smackdown. I like his arsenal but I’m not that into this character. Did he just made a moment out of Jericho? Looks like he’ll lord the upper midcard scene on Smackdown. I was hoping Christian would make the grade though.

Christian – Hey I spoke too soon! I like this trade and I want Christian to rule Smackdown! Although the Edge/Christian reunion just took another bump, Christian will likely to score good feuds with CM Punk, Jericho, Swagger and even Mysterio, Kingston, and the Undertaker if he turns heel. Did I mention that I like this trade?


First of all, let me lead you the events that transpired here: the midget with the DX gear Hornswoggle just won against Dolph Ziggler. WHAT KIND OF SICK TWIST IS THIS!?!

And the even sicker part?!?

Chris Jericho – WWE… what the fuck!? How can that midget rob Smackdown like this? And hell, it isn’t even funny! Jericho could save Smackdown! Why get rid of the top tier talent of that brand when Smackdown is about to get absorbed to the SyFy Channel? Fuck this trade!

Conclusion: I had two correct predictions. Smackdown lost most of its main event and midcard scene while Raw gained a lot of main event players in the draft.

Hopefully the supplemental draft favors Smackdown.

Game over!

One of the most inspirational movies for those who dreamt to become an American Ninja, even if you are now married with twenty-something kids impregnating or getting impregnated, let this awesome flick change the way you look at life!


All hail Michael Dudikoff!

Game over!

Question: What’s the worse thing the Jejemons ever invented?

Answer: Aside from the LANGUAGE, it’ll probably be THE JEJEMON ONLINE TRANSLATOR!!!


But I kind of love it… because this is like learning a new language.

What is sexier? Jejemon or French?


Sure wrestling’s fake so this means the draft would even be faker above the usual but talents don’t know where they’ll end up and I think for Smackdown guys… Raw can’t be a great place to become a world heavyweight champion (by the way, Naked Mideon was a very beautiful character).

The draft is approaching and here are the fifteen people I want to see switch brands!


BATISTA – This is for legitimizing Batista’s presence on Raw. Smackdown has no use for him at this point. The only way he’ll do well on that land is by wasting the performers away which I can’t see him fitting into. Sure, I heard rumors that Batista is set to leave WWE but tell me, is Batista ready to sit and back and relax. Do you think that TNA would accept him as a legitimate threat? Before you know it, Batista could be crying his way for Vinnie Mac to give him back a spot on the top. He’s not that young to begin with but he has three more years left to create a solid Hall of Fame career.

R-TRUTH – This acrobatic man with a talk to back up his walk could suit well singing his entrance theme with a live crowd. Booker T part deux should get over in the US Title hunt.

BETH PHOENIX – A unified Diva’s belt is an option worth entertaining. Without the abundance of female workers with the release of Mickey James, I can’t see any reason why the Glamazon shouldn’t return to the A-Show.

SHAD GASPARD – This is the big guy in Cryme Tyme right? Anyway, the best way for him to be a new man is through a change of scenery. Although like a typical WWE tag team, I can’t be sure if their jobs are safe at this point.

EZEKIEL JACKSON – The guy that was the last ECW Champion should be ready to become a big load of trouble in Raw. He could join William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov to revive The Court. I can see evil intentions surrounding this group.

KANE – Why should he be sent to Raw? Because he’s F’N KANE! He is the guy that no one really wants to think GOOD ideas with. Whether he’s a face or heel, he’ll likely do his glorified shtick to the befuddlement of people!

MATT HARDY – The midcard scene in Raw needs tweaking and with the way Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are trying to create a worthwhile career, he’ll be the perfect wrestler to help these guys rise up. Hardy is a crowd magnet and while he loses more than he wins, fans will simply rally on his side and get the cheers and the jeers (for the people he’ll face) they deserve.

CM PUNK – Alongside Luke Gallows, Serena, and the mystery man that would likely be Joey Mercury, I might and hope to be wrong here but I can see CM Punk crossing to the red brand. Punk isn’t like the old Punk we saw having that poor reign after he won his first Money in the Bank. Now with a demented savior characters alongside his followers, expect those long and annoying speeches to breathe fire on Raw.


CHRISTIAN – Obvious choice here. The glass ceiling in Raw can’t be broken at this point and besides, the Edge/Christian reunion should make a lot of people salivate.

CARLITO – I can’t imagine Carlito making a name for his self in the red brand. Here, he’ll likely feud with people of his size and magnitude so it’s the writer’s decision to either make him a jobber or an upper midcard man.

EVAN BOURNE – The guy is a high flyer that can score wins in Smackdown. Raw made him stale and the lack of competition his size makes it worse for him. I can see him feud with John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, and even Chris Jericho.

YOSHI TATSU – Here’s another high-flyer that should go to Smackdown. His infectious music (which is by the way, I heard in one of National Geographic’s plugs) and the energy he brings remind me of Tajiri.

ZACK RYDER – You know it! Woo woo woo! The guy is entertaining and very annoying and is very buried on Raw! Give this guy a way out and to his shameless banter! Why? Because you know it! Woo woo woo!

SANTINO MARELLA – The guy was reduced to comic relief on Raw but I think there is more to him that meets the eye. I can see having a shot in the Intercontinental scene but have him heel please.

RANDY ORTON – Perhaps the biggest catch of Smackdown, The Viper will likely clamp on that world title scene in Smackdown where he’ll likely renew his rivalry with Chris Jericho or Undertaker or prolong his current rift with Jack Swagger.

Hopefully I can get twelve answers right. Honestly I don’t want Hardy, Punk, and Orton are guys I don’t want to switch.

But that’s just it. The only people that have the handle on this are dispatched in Stanford, Connecticut.

Game over!

This WWE spring cleaning is wrong in so many levels!

I hate WWE when they want to wish their wrestlers the best in their future endeavors.

This basically means that they are fired.
Damn… you… Vince.

Of course no one will remember these guys… except that all of them participated in Wrestlemania! Also, one of them was part in the Money in the Bank match while the other was just a Women’s Champion.

Honestly the logic in the WWE sometimes puzzles me.

Interestingly, this batch of releases could be because of Linda McMahon’s senatorial bid. Honestly, is she polling well in the race? Because celebrities from make-believe sports don’t necessarily win elections! Sure, you think Jesse “The Body” Ventura is a name to prove me wrong but for every Ventura, there is that godawful presidential campaign of Bob Backlund.

If this was a serious campaign, good for Backlund but we all know that people won’t take him seriously if he keeps dropping by a random WWE arena carrying a signboard made out of black marker and shouting to the heavens that he should be president… while taking a sip of beer!

Linda McMahon might be a wrestler but let’s see if her affiliation with the WWE would take her somewhere.

Anyway, here are the unfortunate wrestlers that found themselves on the deep end of things.

JIMMY WANG YANG – I don’t think anyone was surprised by this. Ever since the cruiserweight title was retired, guys like Chavo Guerrero, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble, and Wang Yang haven’t been doing match in WWE television. I don’t know the last feud he had and it looks as if TNA’s X-Division just got another wrestler.

KUNG FU NAKI – If I wasn’t surprised by Jimmy Wang Yang’s dismissal, imagine my shock when Funaki was fired. Tenures don’t matter to WWE these days. Funaki might use this to go back to Japan and meet with loved ones. I hope that Yoshi Tatsu won’t end up like Funaki.

KATIE LEA BURCHILL – When Paul Burchill was handed the sack, I expected Katie to go back to developmental and change her image and become some wrestler’s new valet. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. That seriously sucked in terms of her career.

SLAM MASTER J – After his tag team with Festus has been scrapped, he more or less became a jobber to other people. He then donned a gimmick that could be John Cena-like… but the uncool version. Is anyone sold that Slam Master J can will a WWE title? Perhaps a cruiserweight title but since that title has been retired, WWE got this one good.

MIKE KNOX – Knox started out with a gimmick of being the abusive and jealous boyfriend. He ended his WWE career as some guy that flaunts big words to people that he wants to violate. Good or bad, the sudden dwindling of big, not-so-beefed-up bruisers made his use little. I think we haven’t seen the last of Knox… but I wish he gets a better grappling game in the process.

MICKEY JAMES – This came out as a surprise since James is one of the more accomplished wrestlers in the Divas division. Unfortunately for Mickie, WWE has an issue with not-so-thin women. Just like Maria, she went to a recording contract that is totally non-WWE related. Being not skinny and independent can easily be grounds to sue WWE but I don’t know if this is a bad sign for Alexis Laree’s (or the ex-Mickie James’) career.

SHELTON BENJAMIN – I hate this. I really do. He was supposed to be the flag bearer of the WWE. For some insane reason, creative has nothing for him. Sure, Benjamin was bland on the mic but just like John Morrison and Jeff Hardy, his high-flying moves are the things that could take him to the top. But you know what? Shelton has been pushed and pushed but every time he’s pushed, a month after he gets de-pushed. I hope Shelton doesn’t join TNA because I think he’ll get taken back by WWE. But just like how he’s been pushing, I don’t think WWE will put him to the spotlight once he returns. I figure he’ll be an enhancement talent. Or better yet… maybe a tag team star?

The tag team division sucks in the WWE right now. They have a makeshift team trying to battle a lot of makeshift teams. In the process, there are only two real teams in the roster right now: The Hart Dynasty who courtesy of Uncle Bret Hart would likely win the unified tag titles and The Dudebusters, a new, untested team headlined by Croft and Baretta. The other real tag team, Cryme Tyme was recently split up.

The WWE recently released Charlie Haas, a wrestler that didn’t do well on his own. They tried to revive the team with Benjamin acting more of a leader while Haas was the heel lackey. It didn’t work and they split up the two again. Maybe if they decide to acquire the services of these two, they should make them a team again… and this time, let them stay as a team for good.

I fear that the World’s Greatest Tag Team will surface in TNA reuniting with Kurt Angle to become their henchmen.

At least, they’ll get pushed there.

Like I said, I hate it when WWE mess up things.

Game over.

Mere days before the "meltdown". Floyd Mayweather will face Shane Mosley for his belt. I don’t know how this will play out on a possible Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd/Shane battle but I expect something cool coming out from this.

(Off the bat: I like how this PPV is promoted. The name is perfect, especially in the Philippines since this smacks right up on election month. I also like how there are a lot of avenues to sell this PPV. This is also TONS BETTER than the last Pacquiao PPV which is unceremoniously named “The Event”.

Yes, it’s called “The Event”.

All the creativity in the name oozes out with gusto just because you capitalize the first letters of the words!)

Small balls are making it big in the squared circle and if many of you didn’t care that Evander Holyfield just won a match… then I don’t blame you. Outside Manny Pacquiao, I believe these two are the top guys in terms of acquiring money and prestige to the sport. With the growth of MMA, boxing are losing its patrons. Floyd and Shane joining the welterweight circuit signify the fact that boxing isn’t going down to MMA without a fight.

So who’ll win this match? Inasmuch as I hate Money Mayweather’s seriously loud mouth... I’m going to see Mosley have his belt given to Pretty Boy. Mosley’s youth has left him and I doubt if he can brace himself from Floyd’s defense (A part of me wants Mosley to destroy Mayweather but I want Pacquiao to trash Floyd's untarnished record).

I mean, I can see Pacquiao-Clottey: The not-so-twisted version in this match with Floyd going on the defensive, but the thing is, Clottey showed fear early. Clottey’s turtle-shell defense was more of a defense mechanism rather than a stun attack. Mayweather can whine all he wants but the fact is, he can back up his talk. He thinks like an Olympic-style boxer and he connects all of his shots as if all of them matter. Whether he needs to score pain, or for the judges to recognize his fist’s productiveness, or to basically hand the opponent his ass as that opponent drops to the ground. Expect him to hide from his defense to quickly blurt out a combination of wicked bombs!

Mosley is smart and like Mayweather, his career has been on a hiatus. But unlike Mayweather who got “bored at the competition”, Mosley got stuck in mediocre hell. For some insane reason, his career slammed on a sucky turn when almost all of his opponents can’t even score one million dollars. This is why he has been hounding on the Pacman ever since Pacquiao moved to the welterweight division. It’s not all about money though, because deep inside, Mosley must be insanely pissed at the popularity Pacquiao is currently garnering. Ever since the heavyweight division has lost its luster, the “quick and agile” boxers are leading the way. But at this point it may be too late for Mosley.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I honestly can’t pull my finger on this until I see it firsthand.

Game over.

I was looking at possible concepts for my TVC when I stumbled on the hot McDonald’s TVC so I collected anything that I could get about banned fastfood commercials.

Here’s what I got.







You see, perhaps Carl’s Jr., I store I haven’t been in for a long time now (the franchise failed to connect with the Pinoy audience) had the most awesome TVC while as expected, Jollibee was the sanest.

Burger King? I have no idea why they did this in the first place.

Game over!

We have seen city bashing, upsets, injuries, trash talking, and blowouts.


16 teams battle it out to capture the elusive crown. I saw the next round from the teams’ first two games. No matter how the playoffs end, this is how I’ll predict the outcome of the first round!

Game starts now!



Phil Jackson opened their series by complaining about Kevin Durant’s frequent foul line trips. Kobe Bryant is still the star of the show and until the Thunder solves the puzzle that’s the Mamba, don’t expect this series to last that long. Let’s mention that Oklahoma wants to win its first playoff win since moving out of Seattle, newly-named Scott Brooks and Durant and the rest of the Thunder must finish off a team that has a solid eight-man crew in its rotation that posts 5.0ppg.






The Texas state will stage a battle of epic proportions! Just because the Spurs are led by a bunch of aging men doesn’t mean their playoff thirst has subsided! I expect Gregg Popovich to map out an awesome plan to edge the second seeds. However, the new blood fused in the Mavs camp shouldn’t be discounted. Erick Dampier has a solid backup in Brendan Haywood and Caron Butler is the perfect person to beef up what Josh Howard lacked. Of course I expect Dirk Nowitzki to lead the way against Tim Duncan. Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Richard Jefferson shouldn’t be discounted though.






Phoenix should be acing this matchup with Brandon Roy and Marcus Camby out but the pesky Blazers are still breathing and have drawn first blood in the series. I doubt if the Blazers can muster the energy to even advance to the second round but for a depleted team that gets their offense from a perennial defensive player, Marcus Camby and his gang must find a way to stop Steve Nash, Amar’e Stoudemire, Jason Richardson and company to set up their rivalry against the winning Texas team.






Utah used their entire available arsenal to withhold the Nuggets to send the series dead even. While I can’t see the Jazz advancing without Memo Okur and Andrei Kirilenko, I can’t also see Jerry Sloan’s wards giving up. All-Stars Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer are leading Utah to perhaps claw three more wins to clinch the series. However, just because Carmelo Anthony is scoring almost 40 points a game, it doesn’t mean that he has the entire scoring load for Denver. This should be something that Utah needs to address.







Every mean thing that comes out of the mouth of Joakim Noah is making the Cavs hate the Bulls to the point of destroying their chances to move to the second round of the playoffs. LeBron James is nothing more than an unguardable specimen that seems unstoppable whether penetrating or shooting those seemingly warmless jump shots. The Bulls can’t play the Cavs with a big lineup and now they find themselves doomed from playing small ball. The trip to Chicago should energize their chances.




POINTS: ROSE (25.5PPG), NOAH (17.5PPG), DENG (16.0PPG)


Charlotte’s first trip to the big dance seems to be off on the wrong foot. Orlando is not giving them any chance to get cozy and unless Larry Brown gets an answer to Orlando’s onslaught, every game they play will be pushed to blowout city! Dwight Howard is not a scoring sensation but his defense is what makes the Magic dangerous. Charlotte has its own defensive demon in Gerald Wallace but Wallace and Stephen Jackson need more scoring support to counter the load given by Rashard Lewis, Jameer Nelson, and Vince Carter.






It’s hard to see the Bucks going to the next phase of the playoffs. Despite the season-long brilliance of Brandon Jennings and the entry of John Salmons and Jerry Stackhouse, the Bucks can’t buck the loss of Andrew Bogut. While Hawks aren’t that big, these young guns are expected to swoop to the next round because of their wide array of talent. Joe Johnson is their top scoring threat but you can’t discount the services of Josh Smith, Al Horford, Marvin Williams, and Mike Bibby. Sixth Man candidate Jamal Crawford’s first trip to the playoffs has been unscathed as of this moment.






What should have been an exciting contest has been disappointing so far. Emotions are flaring in this contest though, with Kevin Garnett getting suspended after getting fed up of Quentin Richardson’s trash talking. However this is not like the early 2000’s where KG is the lone star of his team. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are scorching the net with their superb scoring and Rajon Rondo’s game is always shouting “triple double”. Glen Davis opened a can of whoop ass subbing for KG in the starting spot and his play made Doc Rivers a happy man. Dwyane Wade, Mike Beasley, and Jermaine O’Neal must help Fil-Am coach Erik Spoelstra in finding out what makes the Celtics falter if they want to stay alive and possibly face the Cavs. But before that… CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP WADE IN THE SCORING CHORES!!!






Cleveland will face Boston and Atlanta will face Orlando in the East while the Lakers will face the Nuggets and the Suns will play the Mavericks in the next round of the playoffs.

This is what I saw from the first two games of the playoffs!

Until the next round!

Game over!

This week I crossed paths with two distinct melodies that rattled my brain.

One I like... and one I hate.

You can Youtube the songs if you’re interested.

We are about to preview two revivals. Christian Bautista will go head-to-head with Jay-R.

I wonder who’ll win?

Game starts now!

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA’S BEAUTIFUL GIRL: Amongst the “Champions”, I like Christian Bautista’s style the most. I don’t dig anyone singing like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston minus the hip-hop melody. Besides, all gay impersonators rant to that tune... and they even out-vocal the women that sang “I Will Always Love You” or “Open Arms” or what insane tune that has been the LSS of the past two decades. To an extent Christian is like a young Jose Mari Chan. They are both crooners. They are believable singers that could sing like a foreign act when they sing English tunes. And they can cater to the upper social classes without damaging their current look and feel. Until Seiko Films destroyed the warm fuzziness of Beautiful Girl (Gretchen Baretto starred as a she-devil seducing Jestoni Alarcon, among others), the song was super hit in the late 80’s. This was when The Dawn was the only prominent rock act heard by the mainstream public and Gary V and Martin Nievera ruled the airwaves. Christian modernized the melody but kept its tune which is one of the plus factors of the song. Bautista chose a song fit to his character and I expect this to rule in some Southeast Asian country where girls go bananas for him. You should remember that “The Way You Look at Me” is kind of the league as Beautiful Girl. As for Joe Mari, I don’t think he shouldn’t be mad at the outcome because it worked extremely well. Basically Christian Bautista covered Beautiful Girl to please Jose Mari Chan and I sincerely believe that the beauty pageant circuit will definitely use this song in their events again and again and again!

Yes, I am sounding like a broken record.

On the other hand...

JAY-R’S HIMALA: I still believe that Rivermaya’s best song ever produced is Himala. The haunting tune is mixed with awesome words and Bamboo’s raw emotion and it fits well. When I first heard Jayson Fernandez sing Kisapmata in Quatro with my friends as a guest of the diminutive singer Lala, I knew that he can’t cover Himala just as well as Bamboo did. Looking back, I think Rico Blanco could even have a hard time covering it because Bamboo’s vocal range is hard to reach. I can safely say that no band guy could ever mimic Bamboo’s combo of range and swagger (although the same range and swagger Bamboo possess can also be heard (while not distinctively alike) in Wolfgang’s Basti Artadi, P.O.T.’s Karl Roy and Razorback’s Kevin Roy. Hale’s Champ would sink here because his range can’t go there. That means Ely, Raimund, and Medwin is out too. Chito Miranda can never nail this except when he makes this a bit comedic. Jet Pangan has range but I doubt if his angst (or lack there of) can pull this (remember their cover of Message in a Bottle). Sponge Cola, Cueshe, 6cyclemind, and the rest of the Pogi Rockers would be insane trying to do Himala because it could spawn negative backlash from the critics. I will say this that ChicoSci and the rest of the emo rock bands might have a chance with this music because the song is basically shouting and screaming blade cutting and extreme blaming for oneself. Amongst the legends, I believe Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera can pull this off although I think they should work hard on the grit of their voices because not sounding angry could hurt the song.

Which reminds me… Jay-R!

First of all, there are a ton of songs that could suit his R & B-ness. True Faith’s Perfect is one song. Kulay’s Delicious is another. Even Parokya ni Edgar’s Sampip and One and Only You could fit him. Introvoys had “However Which Way” which he could put his spin into it. Hell, even a random Urbandub song could suit him perfectly. Amongst the Rivermaya classics, I know 214 has been overused but the songs Bring Me Down, If, You’ll Be Safe Here, Shattered Like, and A Love to Share are better songs to cover than Himala. I think the R & B Prince took more than he could chew with the song. First of all, any person that tries to revive this will get the same response. While Jay-R Siaboc and Yeng Constantino also revived the song, they put a spin on it by making it a duet and the emotion of longing was evident in their rendition. Do I think they did it well? Yeng did it well but Jay-R Siaboc didn’t. The problem with these “Champions” or singing contest circuit people are they always like to sing stuffs a la “The Promise” or “The Gift” or “Be My Lady” for that matter while it shouldn’t be like that. In a way I also thought his range was forced in some parts. I have no problems with Yeng Constantino because with Kitchie Nadal, Barbie Almalbis, and Acel Bisa all currently staging sporadic appearances, Yeng is the next best thing when it comes to a girl rocker. But overall, I like the way their melodies blend with each other… and the fact that they were faithful in the reason behind the music.

What if Himala was sung by a girl? Well, much to the chagrin of many, I would like Regine Velasquez and the rest of the “vintage” favourites to sing this tune. I just hope they have the swagger and angst that makes the song awesome.

Returning to the R & B Prince, one of the most obvious rants I have against the singer is that he sang Himala like he was singing this in front of a crowd in a dedicated manner. Why are you singing like you are happy? THIS IS NOT A SONG FOR THE HAPPY! This is a story of a desperate man in search of a miracle! How can you sound so cool and suave!?! It’s like he’s merely begging to get laid!

I saw the MTV of this tune and I got to admit, it was romantic and feel-good and Iya Villania is very cute and charming and hot but again, just like the last line of the previous paragraph this rendition is basically as if he is sex-starved! Himala is deeper than that. This was one of the breakthrough hits of the 90’s because this was when Rivermaya was battling the Eraserheads for band supremacy. While the Eraserheads emerged as winners, Rivermaya’s Trip album was one of the biggest albums of the history of Pinoy rock!

Maybe it’s just me but perhaps his Fil-Am-ness has something to do with the way he sang the tune. That’s why I rather see him cover English OPM songs. Himala aside from the huge range, had lots of deep Tagalog words in its context. Imagine had he sung South Border’s Love of my Life rather than Himala in that effect? That would have ruled! Perhaps my biggest gripe over the rendition was I was waiting for the long growl in the end that never happened in this version. That growl (Isaaaaang himalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) made Bamboo stand out from the rest of the other vocalists. Just like Yasmien Kurdi’s version of Kisapmata, the Bamboo growls in the end were the energy boosters that the songs are yearning to dish out! Taking that ending out means the song is incomplete which is why a cringed at Jay-R’s version and why I like the Siaboc/Constantino version more.

I can safely say Christian Bautista’s revival wins versus Jay-R’s and I hope these guys will do another rendition that people will rave about. Maybe Christian Bautista should try Alamid’s Your Love and maybe Jay-R could do Rockstar’s Parting Time with a R & B feel.

American Idol gave these artists a curse by giving the audience an ear to hear quality music.

Blame them!

Game over!
This is why people friends shouldn’t help their friend fight their battles.

Especially if you have curly hair, an eye in your forehead, or if you have an excessive yearning for flowers.

Game over.

Move over charismatic groups that always do something in front of Quirino Grandstand or EDSA Shrine at least once a week… your endorsement is trash compared to his!

You know Noynoy Aquino is sane when he said no to the endorsement (just like any sane human being).

One of the reasons why Noynoy doesn’t need psychiatric care!

First, critics condemn Noynoy Aquino for making “honesty” his only motivation for his candidacy. And then, Baby James mouthed “Villar” while campaigning. And while the whole Arroyo-Villar alleged alliance seems to be making Manny’s campaign hell, this happened.

We all know that devoted old Catholic grannies will vote for Noynoy Aquino because of their ties they thought they have with late Queen of Democracy Cory Aquino. Actually, the mere fact that his presidency was called because of the massive outpour of support given to his family by the Filipino nation, it seems like Noynoy owes the country to file for candidacy. My grandmother would SCOLD anyone that bad mouths Noynoy in front of her! I couldn’t even joke in front of her that I will vote for Jamby because that is one vote wasted in fulfilling his destiny to follow his parents’ footsteps (even if she knows that I’m not a registered voter) Sure, as the months go by, Noynoy has somewhat become hero to zero to hero to zero (it depends on the mood of the masses) pretty frequently, but you can’t take away that a bad survey hit from Noynoy is basically the best percentage Villar, Gibo Teodoro, or Richard Gordon could ever have. He is consistent in that top spot and it looks as if his parents are looking over him and the rest of the Filipino people from up above. Until now, we know that Noynoy’s destiny will still prevail when May 10 looms.

However, getting “endorsed” by Andal Ampatuan shouldn’t be something to be proud at, right?


Andal Ampatuan Jr. extended hell to Maguindanao by murdering 57 people when a rival clan was headed to Comelec to submit their candidacy. Then this was the same Ampatuan who yamned like a bored sultan when witnesses were disclosing the world-famous, fucked up debacle known to all as the Maguindanao Massacre. Only the backhoe industry thrived in this mess because as seen in numerous broadsheet and tabloid front pages, a backhoe is an integral part of burying cars with people still in them! Ampatuan believes that Noynoy Aquino’s government could reform our nation and give them justice they deserve. If Noynoy Aquino decides to accept his endorsement, I bet my balls those old people who have been super supportive to the Aquino clan will riot! Ampatuan after all, is responsible for making the Philippines a crappy place to send press people… just like war-torn Iraq. The hell! That comparison with Iraq pissed off a lot of people! The Supreme Court is under fire right now for dismissing two Ampatuans from persecution. They might not be at fault but because of Andal, anyone that bears this surname is likely to have 666 on their foreheads.

When Aquino called for his reaction regarding the endorsement, a blank stare greeted the reporters. Then he asked if this was a joke. I wanted to see him laugh but his played it like a gentlemen when he said “Thanks but no thanks” to the endorsement. President Arroyo was an ardent supporter of the Ampatuans but even she can’t do anything to help Andal in his quagmire. Aquino hinting to the public to help Andal could even spark a boycott to write his name in the ballots! Mar Roxas also got the nod of Ampatuan which pretty much made another president (Manuel Roxas) and another vice president (Geraldo Roxas) roll in his grave! Serge Osmena (another president in Sergio Osmena Sr. must be rolling in his grave), Franklin Drilon, Risa Hontiveros, and Ralph Recto (Claro M. Recto might not have become president but historians name him as the other reknowned person in the Commonwealh era that should be named president... and he IS also rolling in his grave) as his senatorial bets. Amongst his party list choices are Anakpawis (some of the persons he killed were farmers), and Gabriela (some of the persons he killed were women).

Whether or not Noynoy will accept the large “L” of Ampatuan could pretty much not jeopardize his campaign. Noynoy doing something to heed Ampatuan’s justice shtick would suck the life of his supporters. Even a dumb person would be smart enough to do away with this.

By the way, what kind of government could get a notorious mastermind free time to let loose at the presence of press people inside the prison?

I won’t be shocked if the next time we see him, he’s dancing together with the Cebu Inmates.

Game over.

Before you tell yourself why this demigod of Scandinavian descent is feeding rubbish in your heads, the thing is I have proof!

Anyway, I’m still clueless on what made me have two consecutive career-highs but I am not complaining.

Hell… I am not complaining at all.

Minutes after answering the messages posted in my blogsite, I thought to check on my flag counter and it read this:

Is it because I’m now flagging my works in Nuffnang, going daily on Blog Explosion, and pimping my articles on Twitter and Facebook? Maybe cashing in three articles per day warranted a lot of hits?

Maybe I’m neglecting work (bwehehe)?

The thing is that my pet blog has been my constant stress buster from the hell work gives me and I love it when people come in and appreciate it. I once thought my blog is sort of an escape of me writing more “Syd-like” but the thing is, I write like this during work. I have the arduous task of writing a saner version to serve as back-up plan for my uncut versions!

Hell, I may have forgotten how to write technically.

Should I be alarmed?

Game over. (by the way, I got my papawash pic from www.tunaynalalake.blogspot.com)

Taguro has the power to make you cry! If you don’t know why, watch this!

Game over!

His Julio Cesar Chavez tattoo was hanging prominently as his body floats on a dimly-lighted prison cell.

Tiger Woods is to Manny Pacquiao (allegedly) while Chris Benoit is to Edwin Valero.

Agree to disagree?

Ever since Pacquiao’s rags to riches surge, every nation wants to have a boxing hero. Becoming the poster boy of your nation, imagine the riches you could obtain from this feat. Witness the cheers Erik Morales, Ricky Hatton, and Josh Clottey got during their weigh-ins and their ring entrances… before Pacman made mincemeat out of them.

Then, Edwin Valero entered the spotlight. Valero is hailed as Valenzuela’s bet for boxing awesomeness. In the course of his career he compiled 27 wins with the same number of knockouts. 19 of those knockouts came from the first round. He is well-known for his punching power and devil-may-care style. For a country hailed because of their baseball and beauty queen schools, he is the best known Venezuelan to grace the ring ever since Luis Estaba, Betulio Gonzalez, Lorenzo Parra, and current WBC champion Jorge Linares, and WBA champ Alexander Munoz step foot inside the squared circle. In fact, it was Valero who succeeded Pacquiao as the WBC Lightweight Champion. Before American middleweight Tyrone Brunson defeated Valero’s streak, the man that also was known as “Inca” had 18 consecutive first round knockout wins!

His wins over knockout ratio made him a nominee to take away the luster of Manny Pacquiao’s career. He even went to the country and was treated to a lavish feast only the Pacman could provide. Pacquiao likes the fact that Valero knows no fear and he would want nothing than to hurt his victims with vicious flurries.

Then there’s a glitch.

Actually, it was more than one.

POINT # 1: In order for Pacquiao to battle Valero, “The Liquidator” needs to climb up to the welterweight division. It is no secret that Valero has fought with virtual no-namers that could barely hurl his career to the main event scene… even if Ring Magazine thinks he’ll be a phenom. A problem that surfaced is his ability to carry his punching prowess to 145 pounds. Seeing that can’t be a possibility.

POINT # 2: Las Vegas is dimmed as the granddaddy of all fights. The problem is, he is not cleared to wrestle in the US. It all started when a freak motorcycle accident injured his skull. The fighter has been fighting for seven years because he was cleared to fight in the US… via Texas.

POINT # 3: It looks like he’s a nut for drugs and alcohol. Depression kicked in when he found it hard to break in the US. Valero rampage could have stemmed from a disturbed childhood or a problematic adolescence. Blame your youth seems bullshit, but mix past EXP with booze and drugs could ignite a nasty concoction of violence.

POINT # 4: How many times will we need to hear a boxer’s wife falling down the stairs? This alibi was Valero’s plea upon accusations by his WIFE that he assaulted her. Earlier in his life he tormented and assaulted a man’s mom and sis. This behavior happened on March 25, 2010 – less than a month before “shit” happened.

Last April 19, Valero was accused of killing his wife. After that March 25 incident, the court issue Valero to undergo psychiatric help. Jennifer Carolina Viera was 24 when she was killed. She left two kids aged 8 and 5 who are now living with their maternal grandmother. After being arrested, he was placed in a prison cell where an inmate screamed as he sees Valero dangling in the air with the help of his sweat pants.

Earlier in the year, Hall of Famers Alexis Arguello and Arturo Gatti also committed suicide making Valero the third to accomplish the feat. Who should be next? However tries to take his life now is an idiot. He has zero originality plus he’ll transform your nation from awesomeness to dirt.

All in all, Valero has himself to blame here. His wife and family too for that matter should be blamed for had they reported this incident earlier, Valero could have been saved. Instead, a nation mourns for losing a boxing champion and a hero.

He’ll forever be known as a boxing champion but I don’t know if people still can consider him as a hero.

Will Chavez like his face that’s tattooed to Valero’s chest?

I don’t think so.

Game over.

Finally after two and a half years of blogging, I finally had 100 page views in one day!

Actually, it was 105… but who’s counting?


By the way, is it wrong for me to rave?


Anyway, this Sydrified site has yet to get an identity. I KNOW it has my identity but I don’t know if the viewers are up to what they’re seeing. I don’t think I’ll be able to duplicate this 24/7 but hopefully I could maintain such ratings. You see, my advertising background is telling me that giving out five articles per day will make my brain riot. I need to dig deep and find the madness behind this mastery… and all I can think of is the collection of smut I saw in Youtube!

Of course, it helped that I used my obnoxiously slow Globe Tattoo to expose my blogs at Nuffnang, Twitter, Blog Explosion, and Facebook (the only way I can write in Facebook is through going to Twitter). Yes, I believe that my 10,000 page views this year mission is an easy task, considering that I nailed 6,300 page views in April alone. However, I need to seriously double my efforts to energize my blog.

When the weekends hit, I need to get at least 50 viewers… even if I can’t get new content on my blog (I usually forget my blog’s existence during weekends). I might also consider opening a sponsor placement. A couple of months ago, some jazz-electronica band manager gave me money to put his band into my site.

Maybe those Google boys started earning big through these stuffs.

I still need to collect serious rating to capitalize on this.

Until then I’ll just think of ways to further “awesomize” my blog.

Game over (by the way, it won't hurt if you visit http://www.gwapology.blogspot.com/).