Before you tell yourself why this demigod of Scandinavian descent is feeding rubbish in your heads, the thing is I have proof!

Anyway, I’m still clueless on what made me have two consecutive career-highs but I am not complaining.

Hell… I am not complaining at all.

Minutes after answering the messages posted in my blogsite, I thought to check on my flag counter and it read this:

Is it because I’m now flagging my works in Nuffnang, going daily on Blog Explosion, and pimping my articles on Twitter and Facebook? Maybe cashing in three articles per day warranted a lot of hits?

Maybe I’m neglecting work (bwehehe)?

The thing is that my pet blog has been my constant stress buster from the hell work gives me and I love it when people come in and appreciate it. I once thought my blog is sort of an escape of me writing more “Syd-like” but the thing is, I write like this during work. I have the arduous task of writing a saner version to serve as back-up plan for my uncut versions!

Hell, I may have forgotten how to write technically.

Should I be alarmed?

Game over. (by the way, I got my papawash pic from www.tunaynalalake.blogspot.com)


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