2010 WWE Draft Results

With Bret Hart overextending his stay to make The Hart Dynasty over, Shawn Michaels just retired, Batista is unhappy, Triple H out because he’s going to do a movie, and The Undertaker injured, the WWE needs to shuffle the names so that their programming won’t get stale.

Maybe its time for Vince McMahon to pirate TNA talent?

The current look in these here parts is that they are in need of new blood to shove to the hearts of the public. TNA looks more talent-stacked than the combined two brands but that does not mean that the Florida-based promotion is the more watchable show. Also, you have to consider that Smackdown will be transmitted from a different station in the not-so-distant future so this could mean that either the show would go straight to the net, or it will undergo an adjustment period.

The selections were listed according to how they were picked.

So for the benefit of those with flash photography, here are the results and my two cents!

Game starts now!


Kelly Kelly – How should I rate this? I think she’ll just take over on the duties left by Maria. Mickie James’ spot? She needs to learn to wrestle better before she could dream of even be considered for this (by the way, she's the chick pictured).

Big Show – This shocked me but this also means a red hot heel will move to Raw. He’ll probably feud with Edge or Jericho. Maybe he’ll reunite with Jericho to dismantle Edge. Big Show has a shot to win the big title considering the size of the main eventers in Smackdown.


John Morrison – I don’t want this to happen! I want Morrison to enjoy adequate ring time to do his thing! In Raw, he’ll likely not go for the world title with John Cena being the flagship of the franchise. The US title and the tag team scene could be his scene especially since…

R-Truth – Finally, I get a pick right. I’ll predict the same thing for Truth to what I said about Morrison. The live crowd should probably dig his sweet and cheesy rap. But with this makeshift team coming to Raw, what happens to MVP and Mark Henry?

Edge – Perhaps the biggest surprise of the draft so far. Minutes ago, I was writing about what he’ll do with Big Show and Jericho. Perhaps with Triple H out, he’ll be the top-tier face (or heel if they decide to) especially with Batista attempting to leave the company. Raw is owning the draft at this point!


Kofi Kingston – This pseudo-Jamaican that is actually Ghanaian will get minutes in his matches on Smackdown. I like his arsenal but I’m not that into this character. Did he just made a moment out of Jericho? Looks like he’ll lord the upper midcard scene on Smackdown. I was hoping Christian would make the grade though.

Christian – Hey I spoke too soon! I like this trade and I want Christian to rule Smackdown! Although the Edge/Christian reunion just took another bump, Christian will likely to score good feuds with CM Punk, Jericho, Swagger and even Mysterio, Kingston, and the Undertaker if he turns heel. Did I mention that I like this trade?


First of all, let me lead you the events that transpired here: the midget with the DX gear Hornswoggle just won against Dolph Ziggler. WHAT KIND OF SICK TWIST IS THIS!?!

And the even sicker part?!?

Chris Jericho – WWE… what the fuck!? How can that midget rob Smackdown like this? And hell, it isn’t even funny! Jericho could save Smackdown! Why get rid of the top tier talent of that brand when Smackdown is about to get absorbed to the SyFy Channel? Fuck this trade!

Conclusion: I had two correct predictions. Smackdown lost most of its main event and midcard scene while Raw gained a lot of main event players in the draft.

Hopefully the supplemental draft favors Smackdown.

Game over!


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