Sure wrestling’s fake so this means the draft would even be faker above the usual but talents don’t know where they’ll end up and I think for Smackdown guys… Raw can’t be a great place to become a world heavyweight champion (by the way, Naked Mideon was a very beautiful character).

The draft is approaching and here are the fifteen people I want to see switch brands!


BATISTA – This is for legitimizing Batista’s presence on Raw. Smackdown has no use for him at this point. The only way he’ll do well on that land is by wasting the performers away which I can’t see him fitting into. Sure, I heard rumors that Batista is set to leave WWE but tell me, is Batista ready to sit and back and relax. Do you think that TNA would accept him as a legitimate threat? Before you know it, Batista could be crying his way for Vinnie Mac to give him back a spot on the top. He’s not that young to begin with but he has three more years left to create a solid Hall of Fame career.

R-TRUTH – This acrobatic man with a talk to back up his walk could suit well singing his entrance theme with a live crowd. Booker T part deux should get over in the US Title hunt.

BETH PHOENIX – A unified Diva’s belt is an option worth entertaining. Without the abundance of female workers with the release of Mickey James, I can’t see any reason why the Glamazon shouldn’t return to the A-Show.

SHAD GASPARD – This is the big guy in Cryme Tyme right? Anyway, the best way for him to be a new man is through a change of scenery. Although like a typical WWE tag team, I can’t be sure if their jobs are safe at this point.

EZEKIEL JACKSON – The guy that was the last ECW Champion should be ready to become a big load of trouble in Raw. He could join William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov to revive The Court. I can see evil intentions surrounding this group.

KANE – Why should he be sent to Raw? Because he’s F’N KANE! He is the guy that no one really wants to think GOOD ideas with. Whether he’s a face or heel, he’ll likely do his glorified shtick to the befuddlement of people!

MATT HARDY – The midcard scene in Raw needs tweaking and with the way Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are trying to create a worthwhile career, he’ll be the perfect wrestler to help these guys rise up. Hardy is a crowd magnet and while he loses more than he wins, fans will simply rally on his side and get the cheers and the jeers (for the people he’ll face) they deserve.

CM PUNK – Alongside Luke Gallows, Serena, and the mystery man that would likely be Joey Mercury, I might and hope to be wrong here but I can see CM Punk crossing to the red brand. Punk isn’t like the old Punk we saw having that poor reign after he won his first Money in the Bank. Now with a demented savior characters alongside his followers, expect those long and annoying speeches to breathe fire on Raw.


CHRISTIAN – Obvious choice here. The glass ceiling in Raw can’t be broken at this point and besides, the Edge/Christian reunion should make a lot of people salivate.

CARLITO – I can’t imagine Carlito making a name for his self in the red brand. Here, he’ll likely feud with people of his size and magnitude so it’s the writer’s decision to either make him a jobber or an upper midcard man.

EVAN BOURNE – The guy is a high flyer that can score wins in Smackdown. Raw made him stale and the lack of competition his size makes it worse for him. I can see him feud with John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, and even Chris Jericho.

YOSHI TATSU – Here’s another high-flyer that should go to Smackdown. His infectious music (which is by the way, I heard in one of National Geographic’s plugs) and the energy he brings remind me of Tajiri.

ZACK RYDER – You know it! Woo woo woo! The guy is entertaining and very annoying and is very buried on Raw! Give this guy a way out and to his shameless banter! Why? Because you know it! Woo woo woo!

SANTINO MARELLA – The guy was reduced to comic relief on Raw but I think there is more to him that meets the eye. I can see having a shot in the Intercontinental scene but have him heel please.

RANDY ORTON – Perhaps the biggest catch of Smackdown, The Viper will likely clamp on that world title scene in Smackdown where he’ll likely renew his rivalry with Chris Jericho or Undertaker or prolong his current rift with Jack Swagger.

Hopefully I can get twelve answers right. Honestly I don’t want Hardy, Punk, and Orton are guys I don’t want to switch.

But that’s just it. The only people that have the handle on this are dispatched in Stanford, Connecticut.

Game over!


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