The 2010 WWE Supplemental Draft Results

After the big picks are named, the two brands pinch the other brand for their “lesser-known talents”.

Some of these “lesser-known” talents end up making it big in the WWE.

For some though, this is a deathwish to their career and all of a sudden, we see a boot kicking their ass away from the big stage.

So who’ll join who?

With Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison and R-Truth gone, and add the fact that the talk of Randy Orton’s transfer never happened, how will this affect Team Smackdown?


The Great Khali and Runjin Singh – Wow. Kelly Kelly, a diva that has yet to get WWE gold, made the Primary Draft while a former World Champ gets into the Supplemental round… packed in a bundle with his translator. While I can’t see him wrestling, I can see him doing silly banters with the random guest host.

Natalya – I would have hated this… if she’s the only one moving to Raw. With Uncle Bret always seen on Raw, her entry to the scene will make The Hart Dynasty an awesome force in the tag team scene. Also, she’ll likely make that Divas belt glimmer with her entry to Raw.

David Hart-Smith and Tyson Kidd – This is something that I wished they did live! However, maybe seeing them win the tag titles on draft day could be enough. The Hart Dynasty will parade Raw as a team backed by nostalgia and Bret Hart. I’ll give them this moment because they deserve it and hopefully they’ll become playable characters on Smackdown versus Raw 2011! Did I mention that this is a good trade?

Ezekiel Jackson – I mentioned him as one of the movers. Like I said, I can see him reforming the Court with William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov or he’ll probably go by his lonesome and become some sort of poor man’s Batista. At this point I can see him as a more agile Ahmed Johnson.

Goldust – What’s the point? Honestly, what’s the point? Goldust is said to embark on an off-cam wrestling career. He will get his chance now that he’s on a talent-heavy show like Raw.


Chavo Guerrero – This should have happened long ago! With this at least Chavo is away from that annoying leprechaun. He’s a former ECW Champion! Oh wait… that belt doesn’t matter. At least Chavo can improve from his horrible 2009 – early 2010 season!

Hornswoggle – What the fuck!?! Why is he here!?! Does this mean the golden age of Raw guest hosts are over!?! The only way I would love the leprechaun again is when he slids back to the ring and helps a HEEL Finlay win bouts!

Cody Rhodes – This is one of the moves that I am happy to see. With Ted DiBiase forming another stable, Rhodes will probably get lost in the process. Luckily in Smackdown, he could act like a cocky heel battling Matt Hardy, Christian, and MVP. I like this trade.

Chris Masters – I think Masters could become a central figure with this move. I want him to have that cocky but goofy persona by being a heel while constantly moving his pecs. Looking forward, he might be a good bodyguard for Rhodes. At best, he could have improved his wrestling and could be part of the intercontinental belt scene.

Rosa Mendes – Wait… does this mean that Zack Ryder has to survive Raw on his own? Honestly I would have wanted WWE to not separate the two and let Zack join Rosa on Smackdown. The Future Endeavors Club will have another member if Ryder can’t break out of Raw.

MVP – With R-Truth and Ezekiel Jackson moving to Raw, Smackdown needs more colored people. Hopefully MVP will have a strong singles push here because the Raw push he got didn’t really created enough buzz to make him a viable contender. Hell, putting him with Mark Henry and making him an upper midcard jobber makes you cringe. Turn him heel on Smackdown please!


Tyler Reks – He had a good debut in ECW before he got shelved. He never saw action post-ECW and I doubt Smackdown would push him. I’ll probably see him in the unemployment line in the near future.

Vance Archer – TNA followers would know him as Lance Hoyt. He is big and agile although WWE doesn’t want him to use his high-flying moves. I can see him in a Test-like role in Smackdown although that role varies from midcard performer to glorified jobber.

Abraham Washington, Tony Atlas, and Byron Saxton were removed from the ECW homepage while Curt Hawkins was removed from the Smackdown section. Washington and Saxton are currently trying out as wrestlers/announcers in FCW. Hawkins is also in FCW were he could likely move to the main roster sooner than people think. Atlas, a WWE Hall of Famer, could pretty much leave the federation after his contract expires.

The Verdict: Raw enjoyed some sort of edge in the draft although The Hart Dynasty could pretty much fight makeshift tag teams. Ezekiel Jackson is the darkhorse. If WWE uses him well, I think they’ll find a black version of Batista. Smackdown should have gotten Carlito, Evan Bourne, and Zack Ryder because one of those wrestlers could go over with the crowd. While Smackdown gained Chavo, Rhodes, and MVP, the insertion of Hornswoggle is actually interesting. Would this mean that Finlay will return to TV to score midcard storylines?

At all depends on this fantasy world… and the writers making this all possible.

I’m pro-Smackdown so I hope this arrangement works.

Game over.


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