Ampatuan endorses Noynoy (but why isn't Noynoy happy)?

Move over charismatic groups that always do something in front of Quirino Grandstand or EDSA Shrine at least once a week… your endorsement is trash compared to his!

You know Noynoy Aquino is sane when he said no to the endorsement (just like any sane human being).

One of the reasons why Noynoy doesn’t need psychiatric care!

First, critics condemn Noynoy Aquino for making “honesty” his only motivation for his candidacy. And then, Baby James mouthed “Villar” while campaigning. And while the whole Arroyo-Villar alleged alliance seems to be making Manny’s campaign hell, this happened.

We all know that devoted old Catholic grannies will vote for Noynoy Aquino because of their ties they thought they have with late Queen of Democracy Cory Aquino. Actually, the mere fact that his presidency was called because of the massive outpour of support given to his family by the Filipino nation, it seems like Noynoy owes the country to file for candidacy. My grandmother would SCOLD anyone that bad mouths Noynoy in front of her! I couldn’t even joke in front of her that I will vote for Jamby because that is one vote wasted in fulfilling his destiny to follow his parents’ footsteps (even if she knows that I’m not a registered voter) Sure, as the months go by, Noynoy has somewhat become hero to zero to hero to zero (it depends on the mood of the masses) pretty frequently, but you can’t take away that a bad survey hit from Noynoy is basically the best percentage Villar, Gibo Teodoro, or Richard Gordon could ever have. He is consistent in that top spot and it looks as if his parents are looking over him and the rest of the Filipino people from up above. Until now, we know that Noynoy’s destiny will still prevail when May 10 looms.

However, getting “endorsed” by Andal Ampatuan shouldn’t be something to be proud at, right?


Andal Ampatuan Jr. extended hell to Maguindanao by murdering 57 people when a rival clan was headed to Comelec to submit their candidacy. Then this was the same Ampatuan who yamned like a bored sultan when witnesses were disclosing the world-famous, fucked up debacle known to all as the Maguindanao Massacre. Only the backhoe industry thrived in this mess because as seen in numerous broadsheet and tabloid front pages, a backhoe is an integral part of burying cars with people still in them! Ampatuan believes that Noynoy Aquino’s government could reform our nation and give them justice they deserve. If Noynoy Aquino decides to accept his endorsement, I bet my balls those old people who have been super supportive to the Aquino clan will riot! Ampatuan after all, is responsible for making the Philippines a crappy place to send press people… just like war-torn Iraq. The hell! That comparison with Iraq pissed off a lot of people! The Supreme Court is under fire right now for dismissing two Ampatuans from persecution. They might not be at fault but because of Andal, anyone that bears this surname is likely to have 666 on their foreheads.

When Aquino called for his reaction regarding the endorsement, a blank stare greeted the reporters. Then he asked if this was a joke. I wanted to see him laugh but his played it like a gentlemen when he said “Thanks but no thanks” to the endorsement. President Arroyo was an ardent supporter of the Ampatuans but even she can’t do anything to help Andal in his quagmire. Aquino hinting to the public to help Andal could even spark a boycott to write his name in the ballots! Mar Roxas also got the nod of Ampatuan which pretty much made another president (Manuel Roxas) and another vice president (Geraldo Roxas) roll in his grave! Serge Osmena (another president in Sergio Osmena Sr. must be rolling in his grave), Franklin Drilon, Risa Hontiveros, and Ralph Recto (Claro M. Recto might not have become president but historians name him as the other reknowned person in the Commonwealh era that should be named president... and he IS also rolling in his grave) as his senatorial bets. Amongst his party list choices are Anakpawis (some of the persons he killed were farmers), and Gabriela (some of the persons he killed were women).

Whether or not Noynoy will accept the large “L” of Ampatuan could pretty much not jeopardize his campaign. Noynoy doing something to heed Ampatuan’s justice shtick would suck the life of his supporters. Even a dumb person would be smart enough to do away with this.

By the way, what kind of government could get a notorious mastermind free time to let loose at the presence of press people inside the prison?

I won’t be shocked if the next time we see him, he’s dancing together with the Cebu Inmates.

Game over.


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