Boston and Cleveland advances to the Eastern Semifinals!

Now Joakim Noah can stop forcing himself to love the Cleveland nightlife!

Because as of this moment, their playoff story is over.

LeBron James was one assist shy of a triple-double as the Cleveland Cavaliers oust the Chicago Bulls in their home turf, 96 to 94. LBJ had 19 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists. Antawn Jamison led the Cavs with 25 points while Delonte West had 16. Derrick Rose led the Bulls with 31 while Luol Deng chipped in 26. The winner of this matchup advances to the next round where they’ll see the Boston Celtics on what is said to be an epic duel.

What sucks for LBJ right now is that he shot his free throws using his left. Now how can this be wrong? A pre-halftime dunk damaged his right elbow. While I’m certain James will shrug this, what if the injury is too much to bear? The Celtics will try to contain LeBron by limiting his passes and leadership on the court.

As for Boston, they survived the offensive explosion of Dwyane Wade to stave off Miami 96 to 86. The C’s frontline dominated Miami. Actually, if you take Wade and Mario Chalmers’ performance, the Heat managed to do nothing in terms of offense. Four Boston players scored in double figures with Ray Allen sinking five triples compared to Miami’s two. The Heat were just 5-out-of-20 behind the arc and shot a mere 25 percent compared to Boston’s 58 percent. Mike Beasley was limited to only two points in 13 minutes.

Obviously Wade is the only player that can dictate the tempo in this lineup. Without him, I can’t see the team winning championships. This should be an all-important summer for Wade and the Heat because they need to fortify their lineup with a scoring big man and an electrifying slasher. Beasley is a trade bait regardless of how Wade thinks of him. At first I thought he was a power forward with his 6-10 frame but I think he’s more of a combo. I can live with that but the Heat can’t. They need a dominant monster like what they had when they own Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning. For some insane reason they could have been better with Kevin Love. Hell, maybe they can get something out of Beasley. David West? Brook Lopez???

Cleveland versus Boston

Critics seem to think that this year is Cleveland’s year but I am not a part of those that think that. I am a huge Boston fan and a huge Kevin Garnett fan in general so I will be rooting for the C’s. Last year was harsh with Kevin Garnett stuck in the sidelines nursing an injury but this year he’s back to join Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. While in past season I have been extremely critical of Rajon Rondo, I have now submitted to the fact that Rondo might indeed be the Celts shining light in the future. Together with Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen and Glen Davis, these young guys are holding their own for Boston. I am a huge Mike Finlay fan during his prime so I hope he’ll do good here. However, I think there is hope for Nate Robinson to bring his wares to the playoffs. This is his first shot past the regular season and maybe Boston can use him to annoy people.

Annoying Cleveland is something they need to do well because the Cavs are no cakewalk. LeBron James is so dangerous that Tony Allen will have his hands full. Shaq is there and even if his game has dwindled, during the playoffs… HE MATTERS! Mo Williams, Anthony Parker and Delonte West share backcourt duties with Anderson Varejao, JJ Hickson, and Z Ilgauskas giving them support. Perhaps the difference maker here is Jamison, a steady power forward that is athletic and has range. Unlike Beasley, Jamison can play both forward positions… well.

I’m rooting for Boston here so don’t expect me to have if’s and but’s about how I’m going to predict this. I hope this series won’t reach a Game 7, because playing Cleveland in their homecourt where it matters the most freakishly scary.

The Boxscores (Game 5 – Cleveland versus Chicago):

Cleveland 96 – Jamison 25, James 19, West 16, O’Neal 14, Williams 7, Moon 7, Varejao 5, Parker 3, Hickson 0.

Chicago 94 – Rose 31, Deng 26, Hinrich 12, Noah 8, Gibson 7, Murray 6, Miller 2, Warrick 2.

The Boxscores (Game 5 – Boston versus Miami)

Boston 96 – R. Allen 24, Pierce 21, Rondo 16, Garnett 14, Perkins 8, Davis 7, T. Allen 4, Wallace 2, Finlay 0.

Miami 86 – Wade 31, Chalmers 20, Arroyo 8, O’Neal 7, Haslem 6, Anthony 6, Richardson 4, Beasley 2, Wright 2.

Let’s go Boston!



  1. Fucking Celtic sackswinger

    Love Chris

  2. its not my fault if kobe's not gonna win a championship this year! :P

  3. I am not a CLE nor am I rooting for BOS but King James would be a match-up nightmare for the greens. Unless he gets hampered by that trick elbow he developed a few weeks ago.. BTW.. You got the wrong finley on your boston line up dude.. Watching too much WWE I see.. FEAR the DEER!

  4. haha! yup i misspelled finley's name.

    and yeah, i've been watching too much wwe.

    and what the hell is that slogan? how long do you think that will last?

    and for atlanta... why are they sucking? i just don't get it!