Date Night: The Review

I love Steve Carell ever since I first saw him as a Daily Show correspondent. I love Tina Fey because she’s smart, funny, and those glasses look hot on her. Now Steve Carell is a well-known TV and movie personality while Tina Fey is a well-known writer and actress appearing regularly on 30 Rock and constantly on SNL.

So question is... where did this movie go wrong?

The Story: Steve and Tina play husband and wife whose marriage is in question after they saw what happened to their friends’ marriage. Instead of their usual boring dates, they went to a chic place where they had to steal a reservation for them to enjoy their night. Problem is, the reservation they stole is part of some heist to blackmail a high-ranking official and thugs are breathing on their spine.

What I Liked:

I like how Fey and Carell act. Call me bias but these are the folks that made me like comedy. Mark Wahlberg played the eye candy role extremely well. For an A-List actor doing supporting work, at times he seems to be upstaging the two leads. The story has exciting twists at times and the heartfelt-ness of the story was executed well. At first I worried because I thought it screamed “family movie” but I was glad that it wasn’t.

What I Hated:

I wished they had more loose banter because these two are well-known improvs. Having them caged seems... wrong. Ray Liotta was used weak. I know he’s not a big deal in Hollywood right now but I want to believe that he can still score good roles. Amongst the scenes, the flow was going well until they had to go to the strip joint scene. Naming your movie “Date Night” is misleading because when that strip scene came, BOOM, I found myself in a dark place, where I can’t even hold my GF's hand! WHY EVEN DO THAT!?! I DON’T GET IT! WHY MUST HOLLYWOOD DESTROY MY MOJO!?! It could be a drug heist or a creative plot to overthrow some government! Listen, nobody thinks POLE DANCING GO HAND-IN-HAND WITH COMEDY! Just because it worked in The Hangover doesn’t mean it has to work here!!!


Sure, the story is somewhat predictable but it was fun before that scene.

The Verdict: Date Night is not for “Date Night”, but certainly it’s very fun to watch. If you think your date will love this, and then feel free to give her the privilege. Otherwise, it’s better if you let her watch a predictable romantic comedy than throw yourself to this movie.

Game over.


  1. First, Date Night is DATE NIGHT if you're really a funny guy! I even had my date sign the marriage contract.

    Second, you got the conflict all wrong. Their marriage "was not in question because they saw what happened to their friends' marriage." Their marriage basically become boring because of the routines of family life--taking care of the kids, going to work, having no time or energy for sex. So they were looking for something that will make their marriage exciting. That's the conflict.

    Third, Ray Liotta ate part of his own brain in Hannibal so he doesn't deserve to score any other good roles.

    Lastly, what mojo? You have a mojo? A microscopic mojo? Now, that's funny!

  2. First, Date Night is DATE NIGHT if you're really a funny guy! I even had my date sign the marriage contract.

    --- what?