Dota Over GF

Even if before my “road test” a couple of weeks back where I found myself re-learning a game that I never really learned due to a five-month hiatus, anything involving the game makes me giddy. Thanks to Manuel, I found this digitally-mastered melody ought to send listeners “town portaling” to the nearest computer shop.


"There was a time in my life where I loved DOTA more than my girlfriend so I can relate with this song."

Yes, some Pinoy gamer actually created a very beautiful rap about some guy that loves 5-on-5’s more than 1-on-1’s with his chick. The editing and the sound direction are actually tolerable.

The story behind the music?


If only I own a Boots of Travel, then I could easily go from one place to another. I could activate my Manta Style to duplicate myself into three parts (one for my GF, my friends, and my family), so that it’s easier for me to multi-task!

Game over!