The Future Endeavors Club (April 2010)

This WWE spring cleaning is wrong in so many levels!

I hate WWE when they want to wish their wrestlers the best in their future endeavors.

This basically means that they are fired.
Damn… you… Vince.

Of course no one will remember these guys… except that all of them participated in Wrestlemania! Also, one of them was part in the Money in the Bank match while the other was just a Women’s Champion.

Honestly the logic in the WWE sometimes puzzles me.

Interestingly, this batch of releases could be because of Linda McMahon’s senatorial bid. Honestly, is she polling well in the race? Because celebrities from make-believe sports don’t necessarily win elections! Sure, you think Jesse “The Body” Ventura is a name to prove me wrong but for every Ventura, there is that godawful presidential campaign of Bob Backlund.

If this was a serious campaign, good for Backlund but we all know that people won’t take him seriously if he keeps dropping by a random WWE arena carrying a signboard made out of black marker and shouting to the heavens that he should be president… while taking a sip of beer!

Linda McMahon might be a wrestler but let’s see if her affiliation with the WWE would take her somewhere.

Anyway, here are the unfortunate wrestlers that found themselves on the deep end of things.

JIMMY WANG YANG – I don’t think anyone was surprised by this. Ever since the cruiserweight title was retired, guys like Chavo Guerrero, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble, and Wang Yang haven’t been doing match in WWE television. I don’t know the last feud he had and it looks as if TNA’s X-Division just got another wrestler.

KUNG FU NAKI – If I wasn’t surprised by Jimmy Wang Yang’s dismissal, imagine my shock when Funaki was fired. Tenures don’t matter to WWE these days. Funaki might use this to go back to Japan and meet with loved ones. I hope that Yoshi Tatsu won’t end up like Funaki.

KATIE LEA BURCHILL – When Paul Burchill was handed the sack, I expected Katie to go back to developmental and change her image and become some wrestler’s new valet. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. That seriously sucked in terms of her career.

SLAM MASTER J – After his tag team with Festus has been scrapped, he more or less became a jobber to other people. He then donned a gimmick that could be John Cena-like… but the uncool version. Is anyone sold that Slam Master J can will a WWE title? Perhaps a cruiserweight title but since that title has been retired, WWE got this one good.

MIKE KNOX – Knox started out with a gimmick of being the abusive and jealous boyfriend. He ended his WWE career as some guy that flaunts big words to people that he wants to violate. Good or bad, the sudden dwindling of big, not-so-beefed-up bruisers made his use little. I think we haven’t seen the last of Knox… but I wish he gets a better grappling game in the process.

MICKEY JAMES – This came out as a surprise since James is one of the more accomplished wrestlers in the Divas division. Unfortunately for Mickie, WWE has an issue with not-so-thin women. Just like Maria, she went to a recording contract that is totally non-WWE related. Being not skinny and independent can easily be grounds to sue WWE but I don’t know if this is a bad sign for Alexis Laree’s (or the ex-Mickie James’) career.

SHELTON BENJAMIN – I hate this. I really do. He was supposed to be the flag bearer of the WWE. For some insane reason, creative has nothing for him. Sure, Benjamin was bland on the mic but just like John Morrison and Jeff Hardy, his high-flying moves are the things that could take him to the top. But you know what? Shelton has been pushed and pushed but every time he’s pushed, a month after he gets de-pushed. I hope Shelton doesn’t join TNA because I think he’ll get taken back by WWE. But just like how he’s been pushing, I don’t think WWE will put him to the spotlight once he returns. I figure he’ll be an enhancement talent. Or better yet… maybe a tag team star?

The tag team division sucks in the WWE right now. They have a makeshift team trying to battle a lot of makeshift teams. In the process, there are only two real teams in the roster right now: The Hart Dynasty who courtesy of Uncle Bret Hart would likely win the unified tag titles and The Dudebusters, a new, untested team headlined by Croft and Baretta. The other real tag team, Cryme Tyme was recently split up.

The WWE recently released Charlie Haas, a wrestler that didn’t do well on his own. They tried to revive the team with Benjamin acting more of a leader while Haas was the heel lackey. It didn’t work and they split up the two again. Maybe if they decide to acquire the services of these two, they should make them a team again… and this time, let them stay as a team for good.

I fear that the World’s Greatest Tag Team will surface in TNA reuniting with Kurt Angle to become their henchmen.

At least, they’ll get pushed there.

Like I said, I hate it when WWE mess up things.

Game over.


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