Heaven's Newest Angel

Last April 10, heaven had another angel.

Last April 14, that angel received its last rites. It’s hard to get why such a tragedy had to take place. I can’t really say my opinion here because I am told that no one is at fault here.

I had a hard time writing this blog because it’s hard to write about loss and sadness.

I still believe that my nephew at 5 years old shouldn’t be knocking on heaven’s door. He has yet to score his mark on the world. He is my first cousin’s son. He has a very identical twin brother that’s why it’s hard for me to identify him. His older sister is my goddaughter.

In my mom’s side, we are extremely clannish. We will literally support our family through thick and thin. My grandparents lead as their 8 kids spawned 18 grandkids. Six of these grandkids have kids of their own. Collectively we are all-in-all 46 in our family tree (grandparents + kids/spouses + grandkids/spouses + great grandkids).

I admit I don’t know my nephew that well. He only stopped crying when he sees me when he reached 4. I can't even identify which is which. But I know my cousin and I love my cousin as much as I loved all of my cousins. Her dad is my mom’s oldest brother. I remember how my cousin and the rest of our cousins create fun. I remember when she tried to make me act like a pretty innocent kid just for us to score money to buy softdrinks from our aunties. I remember when my cousins rent a videoke machine just because we were sleeping in Batangas that weekend. I also remember how we endured the pain of losing our grandparents. We continue to respect them and we instill what we learned from them in everything we do. When my nephew passed, I hated the sight of my uncle looking at him with my cousin holding his hand. It’s too sudden and too tragic. If there’s someone to blame, I’ll make sure that person would change for the better.

I want to laugh at all of my nephews when they begin to wear skirts due to the horrible pain caused by circumcision. I wanted my cousin to hate me for instilling naughty thoughts into their brains when they are about to embark on a mission to woo chicks! Just like my cousins, I would give them money for them to spend it drinking beer and perhaps scoring chicks in Calamba. When they start going to college, I want to offer my house as their pad just like how my mom offered our house to my cousins. That offer still stands to the rest of my nephews and nieces although I really want to offer that to my nephew whose “future” could only be seen through his twin brother.

Jonas you cannot imagine how sad the family is right now. Just give it time though. Give it a few years and we’ll smile remembering the wonderful memories you left us.

Maybe you can play with Palito?