The Holy Week Edition: Arnel Pineda’s Journey

(Disclaimer: No internet access during the Holy Week)

I was channel surfing when I saw an Oprah episode starring this band. Now I know there is more from the guy that sang/botched Lupang Hinirang.

I am not a fan of Journey. I know they are a popular 80’s band but I wasn’t really a fan of the 80’s. I don’t stop radio surfing upon the music of Wham, Tears for Fears, or Depeche Mode. Hell, the only chart toppers I like during that era were Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Nirvana, Queen, INXS, Menudo, New Kids on the Block, Madonna and Michael Jackson. I am sorry but it pains me to hear icky keyboard and electronica.

I hate it.

I really do.

Returning to the topic, I remember Open Arms and Don’t Stop but that’s about it (mainly because Mariah Carey covered Open Arms in one of her albums). I like the melody but discarding Kurt Cobain over Steve Perry (or something) shouldn’t really happen. When Arnel Pineda was selected to front Journey, I didn’t know how to react. I remember when Rockstar winner JD Fortune joined INXS. The band suffered backlash from enraged fans because they had to do their audition with an American Idol-like contest. The purists are exclaiming that the band is pissing on Michael Hutchence’s legacy. I also remembered how Earth, Wind, and Fire, Chicago, The Beach Boys, and the other great bands scour for individuals that could sound-a-like or play-a-like but the band’s career became a sorry excuse to garner nostalgia. All I know was Arnel Pineda was a poor fellow that after drifting from band to band and from gig to gig finally scored a shot at the big time by covering a Journey song.

But you know what, people can’t really see how great a person is until somebody reminds you of it. How can foreigners think that they found the missing piece of the puzzle by merely checking out a You Tube video? Sure, Oprah is a very girly show that men should stay away from but you have to applaud their production team. Arnel Pineda was obviously the focal point behind the segment and we can’t help but root for him as trekked to a route filled with depression, frustrations, and confusion and eventually headline one of the best bands of its generation. If you look at him, Arnel was portrayed as an inspiration to those that needed inspiration. After that intro to segment video, Journey performed in front of the live audience and Arnel was singing like some person that has yet to snap out of his dream.

During the Oprah interview after the performance, I doubt if he has yet to snap out from his change of fortune because he was googly-eyed in front of the media mogul/talk show host.

I still hate him for botching the national anthem but I have a newfound respect for his attempts to succeed.

Now if they only sing new songs instead of milking on their vintage material...

Game over.


  1. They had a 2 CD set, 1 with the vintage stuff and 1 with the new stuff. So they are singing new songs. As far as botching the national anthem, I didn't hear any boos from the audience there. Everyone puts a spin on a song, it's what makes it their style. The Filipinos need to chill on that instead of critiquing every person that sings the song a different way. Aysus!

  2. oh you sure know your arnel pineda. i guess the heritage committee's beef with the way he sung lupang hinirang is probably how the song was created.

    it was a marching song meant to rally the troops that spent blood, sweat, and tears for the sake of our country and not some song which a random diva or... DIVO could blurt out. the song is part of our culture and while arnel pineda meant well, i think all artists should respect how lupang hinirang is meant to be sung.

  3. Blame his education and the old kapuso network lupang hinirang version before every telecast during the 80's. I believe it was before the alleluia... We were given the idea that the prolonged note at the end was how it was supposed to go. Regardless of it going higher or lower. Different schools have different versions of our beloved anthem which they play during every flag ceremony and some have that extra landi at the end.

  4. until now? i don't think schools are allowed to have some sort of version of the anthem. and even so, flag ceremonies are instituted all over the nation to ask for our patriotism.

    i have yet to see a kid blurt out the anthem the way arnel (the other names escape me as of this moment) sung the anthem.

    i guess what is preached here is that lupang hinirang is not a song that needs to be "birit-ed".