How to Train Your Dragon: The Review

Hiccup is a very terrible name to name your Viking son.

This leads that Viking son to also terribly name his pet dragon “Toothless”.

Eric the Red was a cool name! So was Leif Eriksson! WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU NAME YOUR KID HICCUP!?!

The Story: Coming from the beautiful mind of British author Cressida Cowell, this was the first of hopefully a series of Viking misadventures involving the scrawny Viking and his pet dragon. In an island populated by Vikings lies a war between them and dragons. At first, Hiccup wanted to prove that he was the successor of his dragon-slaying father. However, he looked more like a stick man compared to the other Vikings and was more of an inventor than a warrior. One of his gadgets gave him the access to meet and befriend the most revered dragon of all called the night fury and the way the Vikings thought of the dragons changed forever.

What I Liked:

I would have loved this more if I saw it on I-Max but the lack of visual grandeur seriously accentuated the awesome story from this family movie. I can’t really spite the harsh critics (as seen on its page on Wikipedia), but the movie is meant to not complicate things for the kids. It’s enough that it’s not corny and predictable. Why can’t these critics see that? They are comparing the movie to Avatar but the How to Train Your Dragon flick is a FN mile away from that. Avatar looked on the magnificence of a new world while Dragon feasts on the human element. The story had a lot of awesomeness written on it. The situations are joined together and the “dragon-human” relationship completes a startling bloom towards the end of the movie. It also introduced a further side regarding dragons which is something cool considering most of the films that equipped dragons gave them the aura of mysteriousness (who knew dragons hate eels). The movie wasn’t also trying to be funny (despite the abundance of comedians in the ensemble) when it needs to be because the situations were the things highlighting it.

I also like how it featured a lot of my favorite people, particularly those that were involved in the “Judd Apatow Universe”. I am a big fan of Jay Baruchel (Fanboys, Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder, Undeclared), Jonah Hill (Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Funny People), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (best known as Superbad’s McLovin and he stars in Kick Ass), and Kirsten Wiig (SNL, Ice Age 3, Adventureland, Date Night). Craig Ferguson is now a talk show host but I loved his act when I first saw it as a girly Brit in The Drew Carey Show. Gerald Butler had a couple of hit and miss movies while America Ferrera is reaping honors for her work as American TV’s version of Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty).

It was also good twist for the dragons to be treated as bees.

I also like the fact that the night fury’s attack basically looks and sounds like a Star Wars jet fighter (or whatever you geeks are calling it)! It’s kind of weird but it also makes the night fury dragon truly awesome!

What I Hated:

The only comment I can utter is that while I have yet to read the book, I was really hoping that the most elusive of all dragons looks like a black, droopy-eyed dog. Yes, it worked eventually, but at first I thought of it as a flying Black Labrador that Stitch fathered. Also, the other characters were more of fillers. It’s not like they were forgotten but why do I get the filling that

And why does the fat kid get to ride the short small-winged dragon and the twins get to ride the two-headed dragon?

Talk about stereotyping…

The Verdict: I like the movie and most of my qualms are minor. I like the way it was handled and I like the way it was presented to suit all audiences. I was happy that I chose this flick over Clash of the Titans.

I heard every review favoring the flick and majority of those that screened it didn’t have anything favorable to say with regards to the story.

How to Train Your Dragon is a solid and extremely watchable movie!



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