The Liquidator liquidated himself

His Julio Cesar Chavez tattoo was hanging prominently as his body floats on a dimly-lighted prison cell.

Tiger Woods is to Manny Pacquiao (allegedly) while Chris Benoit is to Edwin Valero.

Agree to disagree?

Ever since Pacquiao’s rags to riches surge, every nation wants to have a boxing hero. Becoming the poster boy of your nation, imagine the riches you could obtain from this feat. Witness the cheers Erik Morales, Ricky Hatton, and Josh Clottey got during their weigh-ins and their ring entrances… before Pacman made mincemeat out of them.

Then, Edwin Valero entered the spotlight. Valero is hailed as Valenzuela’s bet for boxing awesomeness. In the course of his career he compiled 27 wins with the same number of knockouts. 19 of those knockouts came from the first round. He is well-known for his punching power and devil-may-care style. For a country hailed because of their baseball and beauty queen schools, he is the best known Venezuelan to grace the ring ever since Luis Estaba, Betulio Gonzalez, Lorenzo Parra, and current WBC champion Jorge Linares, and WBA champ Alexander Munoz step foot inside the squared circle. In fact, it was Valero who succeeded Pacquiao as the WBC Lightweight Champion. Before American middleweight Tyrone Brunson defeated Valero’s streak, the man that also was known as “Inca” had 18 consecutive first round knockout wins!

His wins over knockout ratio made him a nominee to take away the luster of Manny Pacquiao’s career. He even went to the country and was treated to a lavish feast only the Pacman could provide. Pacquiao likes the fact that Valero knows no fear and he would want nothing than to hurt his victims with vicious flurries.

Then there’s a glitch.

Actually, it was more than one.

POINT # 1: In order for Pacquiao to battle Valero, “The Liquidator” needs to climb up to the welterweight division. It is no secret that Valero has fought with virtual no-namers that could barely hurl his career to the main event scene… even if Ring Magazine thinks he’ll be a phenom. A problem that surfaced is his ability to carry his punching prowess to 145 pounds. Seeing that can’t be a possibility.

POINT # 2: Las Vegas is dimmed as the granddaddy of all fights. The problem is, he is not cleared to wrestle in the US. It all started when a freak motorcycle accident injured his skull. The fighter has been fighting for seven years because he was cleared to fight in the US… via Texas.

POINT # 3: It looks like he’s a nut for drugs and alcohol. Depression kicked in when he found it hard to break in the US. Valero rampage could have stemmed from a disturbed childhood or a problematic adolescence. Blame your youth seems bullshit, but mix past EXP with booze and drugs could ignite a nasty concoction of violence.

POINT # 4: How many times will we need to hear a boxer’s wife falling down the stairs? This alibi was Valero’s plea upon accusations by his WIFE that he assaulted her. Earlier in his life he tormented and assaulted a man’s mom and sis. This behavior happened on March 25, 2010 – less than a month before “shit” happened.

Last April 19, Valero was accused of killing his wife. After that March 25 incident, the court issue Valero to undergo psychiatric help. Jennifer Carolina Viera was 24 when she was killed. She left two kids aged 8 and 5 who are now living with their maternal grandmother. After being arrested, he was placed in a prison cell where an inmate screamed as he sees Valero dangling in the air with the help of his sweat pants.

Earlier in the year, Hall of Famers Alexis Arguello and Arturo Gatti also committed suicide making Valero the third to accomplish the feat. Who should be next? However tries to take his life now is an idiot. He has zero originality plus he’ll transform your nation from awesomeness to dirt.

All in all, Valero has himself to blame here. His wife and family too for that matter should be blamed for had they reported this incident earlier, Valero could have been saved. Instead, a nation mourns for losing a boxing champion and a hero.

He’ll forever be known as a boxing champion but I don’t know if people still can consider him as a hero.

Will Chavez like his face that’s tattooed to Valero’s chest?

I don’t think so.

Game over.


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