I thought he was smart. I remember I almost collected his cards when he was elementary but when I heard rumors (that eventually became facts) about his terrible work ethic, it really turned me off. Why did I say he was smart? Even if it was real that DC won’t be the star player that would catapult the teams he played to the top his potential still swindled a lot of NBA owners.

I could be harsh about this but I cannot believe how his storied career ended like this. I have seen a lot of big-time college players waste their NBA careers away. I wanted Christian Laetner to stay in Minnesota to perhaps get a somewhat twin tower version with Kevin Garnett in tow. Instead, Laetner bounced off from team to team that slowly his talents are getting wasted. Coleman was seen as the next big thing in the NBA. He was the size that Charles Barkley lacks, the frame Ralph Sampson could have worked on, and the guard-like movements Patrick Ewing could have used in the later stages of his career. At the start of his career he was devastating.

And then his career continued.

What made DC’s career plunge to the shit hole?

NEW JERSEY: He was the first draft pick overall in 1990 and he had a great rookie year that gave him the ROY plum. It looks as if the Nets scored a Mutt and Jeff combo with him and Kenny Anderson being their 1-2 punch. With Chuck Daly at helm, he was labeled an All-Star. When Drazen Petrovic died in 1993 though, instead of stepping up as a worthy leader, he managed to leave the team in a ditch. Daly was replaced by former NBA All-Star Butch Beard. When Beard insisted on a dress code, Coleman gave him a blank check which pissed off Beard. The Mutt-and-Jeff combo with Anderson wasn’t also as solid since Coleman blamed Anderson for having less touches. Coleman was then traded Philly for Shawn Bradley.

Did I mention Coleman once called Karl Malone “Uncle Tom”?

PHILADELPHIA: He had two tours of duty with the Sixers. Sure, he was a good role player but HE SHOULDN’T BE a role player. He all of a sudden became lazy, became a prima donna, became overweight, and became injury prone!

CHARLOTTE: He still has the rebounding ability and the shooting but those factors seem to non-exist with the “Clubhouse Cancer” at helm. During the 2000-01 regular season, Charlotte is 12-22 when he is in the lineup and 34-12 without him. That means Coleman is better off injured and that’s not a good sign.

DETROIT: Coleman got his wish and rode the bench almost all the time in his stint with the Pistons. He played for 50 minutes and five games before he was cut from the squad. The Pistons are just coming off a freak NBA title run where everyone expected the Shaq-Kobe-Karl Malone-Gary Payton-led Lakers to win the championship. Larry Brown found him useless and he cut Coleman in the midseason. DC retired after that and moonlighted as a commentator. Had Brown saw the DC of old; he could have used him well against the Spurs who nixed the Pistons’ chances to win back-to-back.

Okay. Enough of his career (or lack thereof)…


Look, just like Matt Geiger and Jim McIlvaine, Coleman had “injuries” that made the team owners think that giving him a bunch of money is a bad idea. There are a lot of players who hoped to have the talents he possessed which includes former PBA import and his younger brother Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie played two conferences for Pepsi and Sta. Lucia. While he was a great post up scorer and defender, Ronnie lacks the mobility and height to excel which is basically what Derrick has but isn't doing much about. Recently, Yahoo Sports reported that Coleman filed bankruptcy. How could 87 million dollars result to 5.1 million dollars of debt!?! Thing is, he was smart enough to NOT play to his true potential but how can you not be SMART to invest your money in better places. Sure, blame it on your failing real estate business but you can’t possibly blow your money like that on a win-or-lose field like real estate!!! From a lavish lifestyle he is reduced to owning a couple of vintage cars he’ll likely give away to pay of his debt and a couple of fur coats.

Why does he need fur coats for? Is this for his ladies or for him… because acting like a pimp can’t smooth talk his way out of his predicament.

Maybe it’s just me but I can’t find comfort in his misery. He sits in a bench collecting millions of dollars which is what every slacker has been dreaming throughout his life.

It just bugs me on how a person thinks he could just act retarded forever.

Maybe you could act like a primadonna and stuff your face with food.

This got you money in the NBA, right?

Game over.


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