Last April 29, we experienced rain showers.

While some were caught off-guard, we are not that pissed at that scene.

In fact, we embraced it. I think this was God’s plan to remind us that everything’s going to be normal now. Remember that Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) outburst where dams overflowed because six months worth of rain engulfed the archipelago for six hours? After Ondoy, rainfalls were bleak. Scarce at most. Now I think normality is slowly creeping in and no one's complaining.

Just in time I must add.

When I was young my grandparents often tell me to shower in the rain during the first downpour of May. They exclaim that it’s lucky. Maybe if I’m not at work, I may go and try it. Yes, I may look like an utter idiot for letting loose on water as if I don’t have it at home but I’m just thankful because finally there’s normality.

I just heard I’ll have a tough May and June. I love June when I was studying because this is the month that mediocrity in school performance is acceptable. June for me now is the month after your company gave you the half of your thirteenth month pay and they expect you to be motivated and do whenever they asked you to. I hope and pray that out-of-town trip with my GF would happen in the near future. As it stands we’ve only experienced Corregidor up north and Tanauan down south. I think my cousins from the States will be flying in and I hope they matured well enough because the last time they were here, we Entourage-d Calamba, Laguna! That was roughly ten years ago. For the past decade, I just got boring, my cousin became a cop, my other cousin has a preschooler, and my other cousin changed his persona.

Weird? Nah.

Did I mention that I’ll be extremely busy for at least two months?

It’s now April 30.

And again, it’s raining.

Game over.


  1. well, good luck in the coming busy months! :-D

  2. playing in the rain is fun.. but can be bad.. haha =P

  3. hehe just because i'll be busy doesn't mean i'll stop blogging! :)