The Stress Buster

I’m always going home late.

I hate it but someone needs to do the dirty work.

The good news is that I there are a lot of things to do to stress bust.

The guy in the middle of all the dirty, icky Lil Zuplados and Lady Malditas is in Boracay right now. He’s probably enjoying all the white sand, events, and half-baked chicks while the rest of us left behind are busy trying to veer away from getting called to come to work on the holiday or in the weekend. Sure, he’ll have unexpected problems like fags following him while they’re rolling the eggs inside their pants, but he’ll probably do the same with the hot foreigners.

When he returns to the office, he’ll probably see this image posted in his cubicle, upon opening his Mac, and when he opens his email.

Getting stressed seriously blows because your mind does things you don’t really want to do.


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