What will you do when an opposing tribe gives you their immunity idol?

Will you be grateful? Yeah sure!

Will you align yourself with them? Yeah... sure...

Not unless he’s Russell Hantz.

I’m an old school Survivor fanatic. I’m a fan of Boston Rob, the other Rob, Jonny Fairplay, Ethan, Richard Hatch, Jenna Morasca (From Amazon) and Amber. In the much recent versions I root for Parvati, Amanda Kimmel (roar!), Stephanie, Ken, Bob, and Sugar. In the Philippine version, I liked how Marlon, Amanda (season 2 winner) and Charles played it. Justine could have won the second season had not for Justine’s emotional outburst which pretty much destroyed her in the eyes of the jury. While I never saw Survivor: Samoa (Survivor had a crappy timeslot then), I Wiki-ed Russell and it seems that he has evil written in his being (in terms of getting stuck in an island with castaways). Since Day One he is nothing but cruel, especially to those that thinks he is just a grumpy-looking dwarf with less intelligence what’s-so-ever. While he didn’t win Survivor, he begged the eventual winner Natalie to sell him the rights of becoming sole survivor. Natalie refused even if Russell offered 100,00USD, which was his prize for clinching runner-up honors.

Did I mention I’m a Survivor fanatic?

Anyway, the current US version was a reunion of the 20 most popular (and available) Survivor players. We pick up when there are eleven players left (5 Heroes and 6 Villains). For two weeks straight, the Heroes led by Survivor: Tocantins winner JT Thomas thought that there is a powerful girls’ alliance in the Villains camp. It started with Boston Rob getting the boot... and then followed by the Zen-like Coach. Fearing that this alliance would get powerful when the merge takes place, the Heroes camp decided that they should give Russell, the last man left in the Villains tribe, the hidden immunity idol they discovered. JT wrote a heartfelt letter to Russell saying that they want to topple the Women’s alliance in the Villains camp and he should vote Parvati out who has the suspected leader of the gender group.

During the immunity challenge, with Russell and Colby being the last to participate in their respective teams, Colby told Russell to shake hands with JT when the challenge is over. At this point, the Heroes are winning the challenge convincingly and Russell, as what Colby said, approached JT who secretly handed Russell the immunity idol.

Little did JT and the Heroes camp know that there is NO SUCH THING as an all-girl alliance in the Villains camp!

In fact it was Russell, the guy they thought is doomed, and who was running the show. The sneaky little devil was responsible in foiling Boston Rob’s leadership and was responsible in getting rid of JT’s fellow Tocantins castaway Coach (although it was Sandra that backstabbed Coach). After the transaction, Russell gave Parvati the immunity idol and let her read JT’s superbly naive and girly letter... while laughing. Then Russell called out the rest of their alliance which included Danielle and popular castaway Jerri who exclaimed on why this JT ever won the game if he was this dumb!

Let’s check out another cutthroat reality show called The Apprentice. Here is a show that asks the contestants to be brave but at the same time, they punish the players if they play dumb. One scenario came from Bradford from the early seasons. He was the project manager of the losing squad and he made a stupid move of admitting his mistake. This “sacrifice” made it easier for Donald Trump to fire Bradford because as project manager while he was responsible for the distribution of tasks, those below him had a bigger task to involve their selves to the fullest. Bradford was dismissed because he admitted defeat. Back in the current Survivor season, JT admitted defeat because he gave up the immunity idol because of speculations.

Actually, this was the second time JT made that mistake. The first one was when he looked for the immunity idol alone despite the Heroes camp’s pact to look for it together. When he found it, Amanda saw him. With his conscience bugging him, JT gave the idol to the camp. Like Apprentice, Survivor is cutthroat. Just because you are in an alliance, doesn’t mean they need to know all the things that are happening to you. Take Parvati for instance. In Russell’s mind, he is the leader. In Parvati’s mind though, she is using him to do the dirty work even if that fact is already obvious (the uglier version of Rob and Amber). When Parvati found the clue, she kept it to herself instead of telling it to her primary ally. Instead, she looked for Danielle to tell her about the clue. Parvati is using Danielle so that Danielle will think that she has an alliance with Parvati. When they got the immunity idol, they never squealed it to Russell... even if Russell was already laughing his ass off about JT’s dumb move.

Danielle will probably sell Parvati out to Russell after she tells him that Parvati’s need-to-know-basis rule on Russell is making Russell look like a dumb prick. This will certainly destroy their alliance and would give Danielle the power she needs right now.

But speaking of destroy, I wonder how JT and the Heroes will react when they see that Parvati is still with the Villains and when they realize that the Heroes now have no immunity idols while the Villains have two when they merge.

Wrong move JT... wrong move.

And I thought this “Heroes versus Villains” season would blow and suck now that Boston Rob has been eliminated!

Game over.


  1. TRUE TRUE !!! JT is so stupid..the dumbest move in Survivor for me. He's basically giving Russell the 1 million dollar.

  2. i agree. while i'm not sold that russell will win (parvati is the top chick in the women's camp), I'm seriously thinking that russell will get rob mariano-like popularity after this!