I was hoping my boys at Boston would do this but Orlando could probably do it too.

The only thing that sucks in this setup is that Dwight Howard was barely the star player the Magic taught he was.

With the West so tough, I didn’t even taught for once that one team would elevate to the second round scratchless (although I never thought that San Antonio would rip Dallas). The East had four teams with mediocre records and then there’s Charlotte who will be debuting in the playoffs. They got lucky when they acquired “Action Jack” Stephen Jackson, Tyson Chandler, Larry Hughes, and Tyrus Thomas plus the improvement of Raymond Felton, DJ Augustin and all-star forward Gerald Wallace.

What sucked is that Orlando beefed up their lineup as well.

The defending Eastern Conference champions solidified their offense by acquiring Vince Carter. Matt Barnes and Jason Williams were also in the cast in place of Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee, and Hedo Turkoglu. Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson are still in the fold with JJ Redick, Marcin Gortat, and Mickael Pietrus improving their games.

By the way, in case you wonder why JJ Redick is getting the “Kobe in Denver”-like reception, that because North Carolinians hate Duke players (except for Gerald Henderson who is playing for the current squad).


Charlotte got the boot after getting blanked by the Magic in their first playoff appearance as Bobcats. Charlotte last saw the next round as the Hornets with Baron Davis and Jamal Magloire leading the way. Charlotte was in fighting form throughout the whole of Game 4 until they found themselves behind by only one, 79 to 78 with less than four minutes left. Orlando quickly widened the gap by Pietrus rocking the city with two consecutive triples and Nelson dealing another one to extend the lead to ten.

I believe THAT was the killer blow as afterwards I turned off my TV.

Then I saw in the website that the Magic won 99 to 90.

Here’s the thing: I think Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time but I think as an executive he shouts “bust”. I hope he does well in his current role the next year because I still can’t forgive him for making Kwame Brown the top pick of the 2001 Draft.

Until this day, Jordan has yet to win a playoff game as an executive.

For Orlando, it seems like they’ll battle the winner of the Atlanta Hawks/Milwaukee Bucks series. Despite the fact that the Bucks have no Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd, they won both of their game at home. Now if they manage to snatch a win in Atlanta then they’ll make the next round of the playoffs. This would finally suck for the Hawks since before the series started they were the odds-on favorite. I just hope they can give Howard help inside because Charlotte gave the Magic reason to second-guess their frontline. They better pray that Milwaukee would advance to the next round because as it stands, the Bucks have less ceiling and might be more susceptible to wear and tear.

The Boxscores:

ORLANDO 99 – Carter 21, Nelson 18, Lewis 17, Barnes 14, Pietrus 13, Howard 6, Gortat 6, Redick 4, Williams 0, Anderson 0.

CHARLOTTE 90 – Thomas 21, Wallace 17, Diaw 13, Felton 11, Jackson 8, Chandler 6, Mohammed 6, Augustin 4, Hughes 4, Ratliff 0, Brown 0, Graham 0.

With one team booked for the next round… who’s next to follow?

Game over.


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