Who am I Picking?

Mere days before the "meltdown". Floyd Mayweather will face Shane Mosley for his belt. I don’t know how this will play out on a possible Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd/Shane battle but I expect something cool coming out from this.

(Off the bat: I like how this PPV is promoted. The name is perfect, especially in the Philippines since this smacks right up on election month. I also like how there are a lot of avenues to sell this PPV. This is also TONS BETTER than the last Pacquiao PPV which is unceremoniously named “The Event”.

Yes, it’s called “The Event”.

All the creativity in the name oozes out with gusto just because you capitalize the first letters of the words!)

Small balls are making it big in the squared circle and if many of you didn’t care that Evander Holyfield just won a match… then I don’t blame you. Outside Manny Pacquiao, I believe these two are the top guys in terms of acquiring money and prestige to the sport. With the growth of MMA, boxing are losing its patrons. Floyd and Shane joining the welterweight circuit signify the fact that boxing isn’t going down to MMA without a fight.

So who’ll win this match? Inasmuch as I hate Money Mayweather’s seriously loud mouth... I’m going to see Mosley have his belt given to Pretty Boy. Mosley’s youth has left him and I doubt if he can brace himself from Floyd’s defense (A part of me wants Mosley to destroy Mayweather but I want Pacquiao to trash Floyd's untarnished record).

I mean, I can see Pacquiao-Clottey: The not-so-twisted version in this match with Floyd going on the defensive, but the thing is, Clottey showed fear early. Clottey’s turtle-shell defense was more of a defense mechanism rather than a stun attack. Mayweather can whine all he wants but the fact is, he can back up his talk. He thinks like an Olympic-style boxer and he connects all of his shots as if all of them matter. Whether he needs to score pain, or for the judges to recognize his fist’s productiveness, or to basically hand the opponent his ass as that opponent drops to the ground. Expect him to hide from his defense to quickly blurt out a combination of wicked bombs!

Mosley is smart and like Mayweather, his career has been on a hiatus. But unlike Mayweather who got “bored at the competition”, Mosley got stuck in mediocre hell. For some insane reason, his career slammed on a sucky turn when almost all of his opponents can’t even score one million dollars. This is why he has been hounding on the Pacman ever since Pacquiao moved to the welterweight division. It’s not all about money though, because deep inside, Mosley must be insanely pissed at the popularity Pacquiao is currently garnering. Ever since the heavyweight division has lost its luster, the “quick and agile” boxers are leading the way. But at this point it may be too late for Mosley.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I honestly can’t pull my finger on this until I see it firsthand.

Game over.


  1. oh.. boxing? interesting.. altho i dont follow it =)

  2. its mandatory for filipinos to love boxing especially with manny pacquiao.