I love Solar TV... like a very rich Auntie or that seatmate that doesn't refuse you when you ask her if you can photocopy her notes.

Sure, they might be the fourth or fifth most popular TV station in the Philippines, but they gave something that I’ve been longing for since Sky Cable took out Jack TV from my viewing pleasures.

This April 25, Solar TV will do an encore presentation of this year’s Wrestlemania and I’m up for it. First of all, local WWE programming in the Philippines is so maltreated that I don’t know that WWE was now back on Solar TV (I last saw the programming airing midnight every weekends on TV5). Sure, the current Sky Cable lineup in a way transformed me to become a UFC fan but deep inside, I was longing for a back story. Anderson Silva’s jackass antics against Damien Maia were great but I won’t see that in every fight. Even Tito Ortiz a well-known trash talker dishes out man-love for former sports entertainment guy Ken Shamrock. Let me tell you this – I got hooked on wrestling because of the storylines. Sure, I will riot if I see a great performance from Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan, or Chris Jericho… and I will be elated if I see Christopher Daniels, Beer Money, Motor City Machine Guns, Samoa Joe, Petey Williams, and AJ Styles debut in the WWE but more importantly, I want to see how matches are built up. I hate sucky wrestler pounding each other with only as “the value of competition” as their driving force.

By the way, you’re a dumb prick if you think wrestling is real.

Wrestlemania is where the great storylines happen. Except for the Money in the Bank match, all matches have their moments... so to speak. I want to see how Shawn Michaels ended his career. I want to see how Bret Hart got his revenge on Vince McMahon. I want to see why the critics rave on the John Cena versus Batista title match. A few years back, Solar made an ambitious attempt to pimp these PPV events by airing the PPV’s in the cinemas live like those Pacquiao fights. It had a couple of great runs but it eventually faded once it caught on that without a regular channel to watch Raw and Smackdown, people will eventually lose interest on the product.

I hope Solar airs Raw, Smackdown and NXT prominently. I can handle reading the spoilers first then looking at the telecast which is basically almost three weeks delayed.

As of this moment though, I’m currently raving for the comeback of PPV’s on free TV!

Game over.


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