Last month, I hated putting on clothes.

Wait… before you get any ideas… don’t. No, I haven’t developed an urge to streak or to go out with my “Super Junior” hanging out for public amusement.

It’s just that… I’m sort of fat now.

Buying pants is depressing.

I had my fourth 100+ page views last Friday but I also had 22 FN page views last Sunday. I just said it. Apparently the reason why my pings are reaching glory levels is that I publish a lot of articles within a week’s span. As of this column, I have edged last week’s output by four points.

Dammit, June is just starting!

Returning to the topic, gone are the days when my hotness stems a femme-frenzied riot (BELIEVE THAT). It’s been three years since I was 180 pounds. Apparently telling people that I am macho now is “ROFL” funny.

So what’s with the pants?

For me, buying pants means that some of my pants don’t fit anymore. I love buying statement shirts but funny how my cabinet rotates a little over five pairs of pants. Dammit… wearing mere boxer shorts is bliss nowadays. The weather is brutal and wearing jeans that makes your waist cry is hard. This could pretty much explain why my tummy looks like a pregnant woman.

I hate Bench. I love Wrangler.

I once “mall-ed” with Cindy a few months back and she wanted to buy me pants for my birthday. We went to Bench and I tried testing out their pants. THAT WAS ONE OF THE WORST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE! Their size 38 couldn’t fit plus their SIZE 42 couldn’t fit me! I was sweating inside the dressing area! Those jeans couldn’t fit nicely! I had to seriously grimace away from each “THAT” the saleslady gives out.

Five pairs of pants… to no avail. It seems as if they forgotten about the plus-sized people they should also be catering! Tell me, how big is the market for people that look like Dingdong Dantes, Piolo Pascual, Aljur Abrenica, and Jake Cuenca???

After that I was silent. Cindy noticed that too so she did the same thing.

So imagine my frustrations when my mom asked to go to the mall with her and my dad!

Now don’t get this the wrong way. I will never be ashamed of my parents. One time they gave me a ride to go to school and I was too embarrassed to kiss them in public. It kind of broke their hearts so I promised myself to never do that again (Although my father had an understanding when to or when not to do that. For example, when I was single and I saw a hot chick…).

However, it scares me that my mom would push me to buy a new pair of pants. Unfortunately for me, I had to be dragged to the mall because my mom wanted me to help her buy a statement shirt for my Fil-Am cousin the Saturday morning before I head to Batangas. After I took her to My T-Shirt Project, she noticed that Trinoma has a sale so she told me to get with them because she wanted to buy my dad a new pair of pants. I admit, I knew it was a trap. But it was a sale and even if I have been very spend-crazy for a week or so, I can’t discount the fact that I really need to buy a new set of pants.

We found ourselves at Landmark… around the pants section… specifically within the Wrangler premises. Now Wrangler seems to be tailor-fit for me. Since I was young most of my pants came to this establishment. Oh… I notice they’re now calling their pants with guy names a la those bras and those sample houses call themselves with girl names… but I don’t care! Despite my reputation for being stingy, I looked around and found a pair of pants to suit my tastes.




That’s just too wrong!

But I mean… so what? The only bad thing that would happen here is that my mom won’t shoulder the expenses (I knew better but I still tried to weasel myself into making her do it). So chose another set of pants and happily headed to the fitting area.

When I tried it on though…


Just like that horrific sight at the Bench fitting room, I saw my gut and stretch marks exposed amidst that ghastly orange light that further accentuate my fat ass-ness! For every random food my mouth experienced, shit happened! Dammit… why can’t be my special hobby be exercising! I was embarrassed about what happened and when I went out of the fitting room with a disappointing face, I told my parents that I had problems putting it on… especially in the calf area. The truth hurts because you only have yourself to blame about it.

Then the saleslady told me if I should try the loose fit.

Hey… the world is right again.


Maybe this is a realization for me to destroy the fat. My skin isn’t pretty no more and of course I wanted to look Herculean… even if that is almost near impossible.

Anyway I’m just happy I can still buy pants.

Game over.

It started out with this picture.


Like I said, it all started with one picture. Athan thought it was a good idea by ruining my day with a random Jejemon pic.

So I retaliated with this!

As you can see, here is a picture of random Jejemons creating stupidity.

And then all of a sudden, Athan did this!

And he also had Manuel in the pic!

So going to my favorite Jejemon-bashing site, I downloaded a “regal” pic. Adding Manuel’s Photoshop expertise, this happened.

Alas, Athan for some insane reason, unleash a slew of gore to send us to submission! It started with this grotesque and untrue picture…

And then he also hit Manuel with a separate bomb!

After two hours, the “Battle of Ugly Photoshopped Pictures” was over.



The last thing I will remember about her was when she rolled her eyes and circled a finger around her ears… while she had dextrose and a tube inserted in her nose… as if she’s telling our Fil-Am cousin behind his back that he’s an idiot.

That made us laugh.

Well… she was indeed funny so that’s basically a given.

More than a week later, she’s now in heaven.

What was supposed to be a birthday celebration for my Fil-Am cousin last Sunday (May 30, 2010), transformed to a celebration of Mama Zeny’s life. Mama Zeny is my mom's oldest sister-in-law (she married my mother's eldest brother). For almost 40 years, she raised a husband, five kids, and a slew of grandchildren. I’ll always remember her wisecracks – her light-hearted, kidding nature – that makes me feel that she truly loves life. We love her because she was nice and very accommodating. I remember when I was a kid… I’ll always get aguinaldo from her aside from what Papa Johnny gives me. She’ll also make me eat her feast even if she knows that I already ate in my grandparents’ house (my grandparents’ food is oilier than what they serve but that’s okay because they serve Batangas-style Kilawin). I could have been an impish brat when I was young but I never really remembered her losing her cool on me. As her house transformed through the years from a cramped, two-storied, green, wooden home to a large, marble-floored mansion, that’s very spacious and superbly clean, Mama Zeny always welcomed his nephews and nieces (eventually grandkids) with open arms.

She was 68… and she will be missed.

If you type “Banned Commercials” in Youtube, you will see a dozen of sexy ads that never had a long tenure in the small screen because it’s either vulgar or “insert random segment”-ist for some insane reason.

I think it’s a writer’s dream to have something provocative parading for the enjoyment of a bunch of people. But you know what, it’s equally-pleasing if people ban your ad because it’s too… you know… rated R.

I was given a task to conceptualize a gym membership poster. It was ironic for me because Fitness First branches inside the mall scare the fuck off me. I admit, I thought of decimating my one-big bulging pack but you know what… these rock-abbed guys need to look good because they have nothing to show besides that (Note: If you notice the "Aargh!!! Creative Constraints" strip, they weren't there when the ad first came out).

Yes, that’s what I say to myself when I ride the manual treadmill I bought recently to make my parents aware that I am indeed serious on taking away my bulge.

So I made a lot of headlines and I was happy that some of the provocative ones got the nod. Of course, there were also the not-so-provocative headlines because deep inside I know that there are people that would get pissed at it.

Yes, it did found its mark on some people. I was happy it found its way on circulation… even for a short period. Honestly? I was bracing myself on the reaction. Making fun of weight is such a touchy subject and adding this with raunchiness not meant to those that aren’t Gen-X and you get BOOM… recall!

Anyway, this is not the first time I got the recall buzzer. I did a plug about this reality dating show.

I think I pinched a nerve when I just whaled away on a commercial without telling the concept to my boss.

Game over!

While discussing a different subject, I stumbled on this thought (By the way, from the looks of the picture, it seems like Justin Bieber is the predecessor of Jejemons).

My friend Jorge (Jorjejeje in Jejemon talk), who is pretty much a purveyor of anything popular and putrid around the internet, has no idea who global sensation Justin Bieber is.

163 million people listened to his song on Youtube!

What the hell is he saying?

Do I believe him? Maybe he is just dissing me. Maybe the Raw Ass from Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines doesn’t really know why this kind of person exists in life. No, I am not a hater of the person… but I don’t condone singing really, really teeny-boppery crap.

Sure, I love the Hanson Brothers music now. I hate their first album though. The way they changed their music from “tweeny” to “mature” delighted. The third album was my favorite one. Anyway, as of this moment, I hate it when my Last Song Syndrome is this!

Jorge: Sino si Justin Bieber? (Who’s Bieber?)

The Sydman: You don't know Justin Bieber? Mapagpanggap! (Liar!)

Jorge: Ano yan? Bagong talent nyo? (Who’s he? Your new talent?)

Initially he thought of Justin Bieber as a new Fil-Foreigner teen star from the Philippines.

The Sydman: Ulol. Umaabot TV sa inyo! Alam mo yun! (Bastard. You know him. You have TV, right?)

Jorge: Wala akong TV kaya! (I don’t have TV!)

The Sydman: O sige hanapin mo sa net ang Justin Bieber “Baby, baby”. (Okay. Try searching Justin Bieber “Baby, baby” on the internet.)

Jorge: Teka… (Wait…)

As he searched on the net, he probably saw this pic.

Jorge: Ano to? Bagong child star? (What’s this? A new child star?)

The Sydman: Global sensation.

By this time, he’s probably listening to this guy.

Jorge: Puta! Ano to? Moffats 2.0? (Dammit, what’s this? Moffats 2.0??)

The Sydman: Yan ang Charice Pempengco ng Canada! (That’s the Charice Pempengco of Canada!)

Like Bieber, Charice Pempengco is an internet darling. While Raymond Usher discovered Bieber, Youtube saw Charice. Charice, a former local singing search contestant, wowed everyone to the point that she guested on popular shows like Oprah and Ellen. She also cameo-ed in the live action sequel of Alvin and the Chipmunks (Good Times Manila reported that Charice would play Picachu in the live action version of Pokemon but it seems like it is a ruse… haha).

Anyway, she had her own take on the Bieber song and you know this is better when she did Bieber’s as well as Ludacris’ part better.

Game over.

For every Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, there's a Taylor Hicks.

Lee Demyze won American Idol.

Good sign or bad sign?

Let’s face it – this season hasn’t been spectacular. In fact, I can see people tuning out of the show because in nine seasons, we’ve seen pretty much we expect. I hate to admit it, but the departure of Paula Abdul and the impending exodus of Simon Cowell hurt the show. Ellen DeGeneres was fun but she struggled finding a place in the panel. She criticized for being a judge despite having zero singing credibility. She did however maintained the contestant-friendly criticisms Paula once made famous which was what Kara DioGuardi lacked. Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest will be the only original foundations of the show. I don't see a future where these two to lock lips a la Simon-Paula so where will Idol get their "judgie goodness"?

What’s constant? The fans were right in choosing the winner of the season. People were relieved when they saw Crystal Bowersox and Lee Demyze reach the finals. Unlike last year when people threw a curve ball by putting Kris Allen on what should have been a Danny Gokey versus Adam Lambert showdown.

Bowersox not winning isn’t the end of the world. Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry gained fame even if they never reached the Final Two. Being a runner-up made a lot of Idols famous. Clay Aiken is more popular than Ruben Studdard. Hicks isn’t as seen as Katharine McPhee. David Cook could be doing well but David Archuleta is gaining monster fandom from the giggly screaming girls ages 8 to 17!

And yeah… there’s Adam Lambert getting awesome acclaim that is making Allen a little bit sucky.

Commercial-wise, Lee will eat Crystal not unless the market of angry female coffee shop rockers a la Alanis Morrisette gets a bit wider. Lee can go to a band route to become a la Rob Thomas or his bluesy voice could catapult him to a route a la John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen.

Nonetheless, expect these guys to rock out in the years to come. Lee has a tendency to get the market of David Cook but Crystal has the tendency to sweep Grammy awards. Bowersox can go country or Alanis rock. I hope she goes a la Alanis because country Idol-made singers are only popular in the US.

Newsflash… the world doesn’t know country music. The only country singers we know dabble to contemporary from time to time!

Bowersox is a much, much seasoned performer than Lee, who would likely struggle to gain an identity in the post-Idol era. As of this moment, Dewyze is just a good cover singer. Without the Idol name, it’s hard for these two to get their songs out in the open. Bowersox though belts out meaningful compositions as testament to her recent return to her hometown where she sang her original work. But like I said, the days of Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos, and those other woman rockers have somewhat faded and she needs to dig that genre back to mainstream liking.

Anyway, here’s Crystal and Lee with Joe Cocker at the American Idol finale.

Game over.
What’s the correct pronunciation of Sabre?

Game over!

Hey! Guess who got smarter again?


Just kidding (about the smart part). While my brain was giving out signals whose worth is nothing, I tried to open up the gauge by pressing my keyboard to You Tube. The tour “portaled” me to an awesome character named Ricky Gervais. Ricky of course, played David Brent in the UK version of The Office.

Dammit, that guy is cool. American audiences would find it hard to identify him but just like Simon Pegg, they are taking America by storm!

Remember how he made fun of everyone in the 2009 Emmy Awards?

Or when he pwned Steve Carell during the 2008 Emmys?

Anyway, during his run as David Brent, he did an awesome song called Freelove Freeway. This is why I like British programs… they do awesome things!

The song was so awesome that heavy metal rock band Sons of Butcher covered the song and mixed it with their awesomeness.

I will end this with Ricky Gervais talking to Sesame Street's Elmo! ONLY Ricky Gervais could ever say Necrophilia to Elmo!


Anyway, all hail Ricky Gervais! Brain-signal emulator!

Game over!

I feel like a tortured soul.

I hate it when this happens.

Damn you writer’s block.

Don’t mind me – I’m just doodling to put some sense in this day. A lot has happened and I’m pretty much tapping my thoughts for a decent idea. My brain is still in vacation mode and I heard developments that shocked the hell out of people (Phil Jackson, please tell there’s more on your bench that’s not Lamar Odom).

There are a lot of things that I need to address in my blog. For example, why the fuck have I not yet blogged about the most awesome vacation I had this summer? I wonder about that too. Job orders fill my desk and while they aren’t plenty… a hint of laziness and an uninspired work ethic makes it difficult for me to activate my senses.

Anyway, maybe I’ll get my cranium working before my shift as an “office employee” ends. While in the subject, here’s Daniel Bryan (or Bryan Danielson) giving one of the best promos lashed out by a WWE Superstar this year.

Game over.

Carlito said no when WWE ordered him to go to rehab.

Afterwards, WWE ordered him to join the “Future Endeavors Club”.

It appears that Carlito, a former Intercontinental, United States, and Tag Team Champion, is high on something. Certainly it’s not praises as his contract was terminated after saying “no” to attend a rehab facility. While yeah, the son of a legendary Caribbean wrestler violated the Wellness Program for the first time, but it’s not like we didn’t see this coming.

One major compliant on Carlito was his inability to get motivated on a consistent basis. Vince McMahon had often de-pushed him for being so lackluster. In the May 24 episode of Raw, the Colons (Carlito and Primo) should be the guys to lay waste on The Hart Dynasty. Instead, they were replaced by the twin spawns of Rikishi, who were managed by the daughter of Superfly Jimmy Snuka. When Carlito started in the WWE ring amidst the promos, the breezy music, a built-in attitude and a moveset that made him stand out, people noticed his star quality. “That’s not cool” is something associated very well to his persona. The backstabber is a great finisher while the apple spit is one of the most unnerving taunts in the company’s history. Let us remember that he started out getting the wins over John Cena. While this was the rapping Cena version, this was also the Cena version that was being launched to greatness. Perhaps this is the reason why Carlito feels he is left out – because it seems like people are passing him up as a washed-up patsy… which is shaping up to be his shtick.

WWE didn’t do anything wrong here. The company has been ravaged following the deaths of Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and their other former employees that should have known better but didn’t. Scott Hall, known to many as Razor Ramon, just recently was charged with DUI. Jeff Hardy is awaiting trial for his drug possession case while X-Pac is poised to go to some place uncool because of his actions.

Will he return to the WWE? This could probably happen. The only thing he needs to not do is join TNA and hurl insults at WWE. Eventually he’ll learn to appreciate his standing. He is an above-average talker with good offense when motivated. With Rey Mysterio opting to retire soon, the Latino representation of the “E” would depend on these young stars.

You spit in the face of people who don’t know how to be cool?

Try lying down, chewing an apple, and spitting it in the air.

This is the proper way to spit on your self.

Game over.

Parker Lewis isn’t like those Hannah Maguire or Lizzy Montana or what crap on TV that I mismatch names and surnames with because this show has drama, compassion…

And a principal that acts either like a bitch or a whore!

And in this first episode, the love interest is a very, VERY young Milla Jovovich!


When I was a young kid, I loved to watch Friday evening programming.

It all started when the old ABS-CBN and RPN networks deliberately air foreign programming to my delete. In the old ABS-CBN it started with The Ghostbusters, then it became the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then it had The Nanny, Murphy Brown, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Mad About You, among others.

In Channel 9, Fridays was fun because of My Secret Identity, Beakman’s World, The Simpsons, In Living Color, and this…

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was my Wonder Years before I knew the show and was my Malcolm In The Middle before I also knew the show.

The show is a forgotten treasure… until the internet revived it.

Game over!

Before Americans had these cinema houses, Pinoys had this first.

Just ask those grannies in a random Quiapo movie house. Where they’ll walk in on you, take out their dentures, and literally blow you away!

Thanks to Morphs for feeding this clip to me.

Game over.

Here’s the argument I’m posing…

Any dance step I can do… means it doesn’t matter.

So a video where a couple of girls are moving their hips means…

It’s a shitty dance step?

I managed to chat with my friend (lets hide her as Bruce Jobertson) and while typing she left for a sec. When she came back, she shoved this as a beautiful dance video by the Brown Eyed Girls.

After catching visuals, this was my reaction.

bruce jobertson: Tagal na yang video na yan. Matagal na rin akong adik.

The Sydman: Takte! Ito??? What happened to you????

bruce jobertson: Baket?!!!!

The Sydman: K-pop??? Takteng k-pop??????

bruce jobertson: Walang pakialamanan!!!!

The Sydman: Mahilig ako sa Korean cinema at series pero... K-POP!?!

bruce jobertson: Panoorin mo kasi dance step nila!!!!! Ulangyang mga kendeng yan... tumulo laway ko!

Please forgive me, K-Pop lovers. I know this is harsh and I am not against your music. It’s just that I once spent the duration of 10pm to 2am stabbing my brains for anything creative to sprout my cranium when as I hear a playlist of Korean music courtesy of my officemates. I don’t hate them, but my disdain for the genre maximized to a tune that every time I see a geek I want to laugh at, I always think of that person as a U-Kiss or a Super Junior member.

Returning to the video, is it wrong for me to hate this?

And honestly, do you think a 220-pound man can’t do this dance step.

Sure, I won’t do anything to give this step justice… but still… I CAN DO IT SO WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT IT!?!

Game over!
Is it wrong for people to laugh at how the subtitles don’t do the song justice?

Because I’ll understand it.

Game over!

I hate these corporate TV execs. All they think of is ratings. Ratings… ratings… ratings!

It makes me sick!

Luckily my work owns its competition… WOOHOO!!!

(This is me happy to count all of my bonuses!)

Here are five shows that I will really miss:

Flash Forward would cease to exist before June starts. I hate this move because the show looks to be promising. I’m surprised that this show folded in just one season. Hopefully all of the questions would be answered. I like the whole idea of the show.

But in a way, the show at least would finish its run with little embarrassment.

I never saw Lost but I guessed the show jumped the shark when they got out of the island… lived outside the island… and returned to the island. Shit! What’s the point of returning? I don’t get it! I just don’t get it! Whatever made them re-entered the island is probably due to WRITER’S BLOCK!!!

I was shocked they pulled the plug on Melrose Place. They thought it would be a glorious re-ignition a la 90210 but the faceless femmes and the random boylets pretty much destroyed the allure of the kinkiest place in the heart of California. It could have helped if it was tied up like when the original took off from a 90210 push. Scrubs on the other hand should have flatlined as early as two years ago. Managing the show minus Zack Braff is stupid and while the “med school” thing attracted viewers, it sort of reminded me of watching “Joey”. Nip/Tuck finished its 100th episode with its reputation intact as lawsuit magnets.

Law And Order got cancelled. What? Don’t you think 20 seasons of crime-solving isn’t enough? Just like CSI, it spawned well. It was earlier reported that 24 will end its run and Jack Bauer will finally rest. Both shows are critically-acclaim and I expect Kiefer Sutherland to reap the show’s success for a very, very long period of time. ‘Til Death overstayed in the air after “the young couple” left the show. While the old couple’s daughter and hubby replaced the “youth” of the show, it seems like Brad Garrett needs Ray Romano more than ever. Dollhouse and Ghost Whisperer, two shows with pretty cute chicks, were cancelled. Dollhouse seemed like Dark Angel 2.0 while Ghost Whisperer is like Touched By An Angel… minus the outspoken Guardian Angel.

Ugly Betty? Blame this to the network for bouncing the program to the depths of confusing the audience. While it was one of the better shows that got canned, the fact that they stalled the Betty-Daniel story could be one the reasons behind the show’s end. The mystery the first season pulled was good… but the South American fans loved the show because of the romance… which the US version found it hard to put in early. It had fun and lovable characters though. Those fun and loving characters could probably join America Ferrera when the show hits the big screen.

Meanwhile, Numb3rs is a show that I’ll really miss. I like how geeks can hand out justice. I guess the show got lucky to have a six-year run. With shows like White Collar, CSI (Las Vegas, Miami, and New York), Bones, Psych, Criminal Minds, Law and Order (SVU and LA), NCIS (original and LA), and other crime fighting shows on TV, Numb3rs will not be missed.

But for geeks like me, it was fun for me to see a show solved by math and not by logic and science.

And finally, yes, Heroes was unceremoniously sent off to the Dead Zone. Was I surprised? Yes… but I knew sooner or later, this Mutant X spinoff (haha), would meet its doom. The fact is, the show was written by too many writers with too many ideas that they were so in love with their idea that they tried hard to put it in every FN episode. Yes, I tried to watch the show. Compare the first season to the… hmmm… second season, they failed to give their characters some sort of edge. They were still hiding and the attitude turns are confusing. This is why I am kind of happy Flash Forward is not returning. Flash Forward, just like Heroes and Lost, had a good concept. But the concept wasn’t followed well, and before you know it, we find ourselves with too many protagonists that couldn’t rest!

Yes, they should finish Heroes, but I can understand the reason behind the “no ending end”. Maybe people will clamor for its comeback? Maybe those fans that deserted the show will return to help the show exist again like what they did to Chuck?

Unfortunately the fans that deserted them would rather see it dead… funny how hard they fell to the ground? YATTA? Screw it, the Japanese guy must ready himself for all the funny, typecast roles he will about to play!

The land of opportunity is hard on success stories. That’s why we should be proud of the concepts for just making it to the small screen.

Still… it wouldn’t hurt if they would think on doing a better future to the stories.

Game over.

After a one year hiatus, the Sausagefest returns! We had gone to Lemery and San Juan, Batangas. We had gone to Zambales! We had gone to Antipolo!

Hell, we had gone to Laguna (although I don’t know if people wanted to remember our trip to Laguna)!

In a couple of hours I will be traveling to Anawangin Beach Cove.

Welcome to Sausagefest 2k10 (I "borrowed" the pic from the TNL site)!

Unlike past versions, the headcount isn’t loaded. The only thing I can say here is that I may or may not hate this. Aluwangin is some sort of “untapped” tropical getaway. People honestly think that no technology would even pass the place.

I like technology.

We will reside for more than 24 hours without a cottage, near a bonfire, where the scary part of trekking is stepping on a random person’s shit.


But here’s the thing – when we were in Zambales, we confined ourselves at a small cottage where some stationed their snores in unoccupied shelters. In San Juan, there are four people in one bed. Point is, the group has the ability to improvise regardless of how crappy the surroundings here.

I might try to trek the place since swimming isn’t my best skill. Running isn’t also one of my best skills so I hope I won’t be eaten by some insane beast.

To check out the purity of the landscape I will try to shit on the water… to merely test its pristine-ness.

Anyway, here is the research I scoured in the net regarding Aluwangin.


If your idea of a beach trip is chillin’ out by the beach in a hammock, singing around a campfire with a guitar and climbing beach cliffs to wait for the sunset then you should definitely go to Anawangin.

The Beach Cove

Anawangin is a cove in the town of San Antonio in Zambales. It is a beach that has an off-white sand and an evergreen forest cover near the shore (you’ll rarely see a coconut tree in Anawangin). Behind the forest is a small stream that flows out to the sea (During summer this stream dries up into a shallow pond). There are also two beach cliffs bounding the beach, which you can hike up and enjoy the view.

Getting There

Going to Anawangin will approximately take 6 hours. From Manila, you can drive or take a bus to San Antonio, Zambales. Upon arriving at San Antonio you can hire a boat at Pundaquit that will take you to Anawangin. It is advisable to leave Manila at night so it wouldn’t be hot while traveling.

Best Time To Go

The best time to go would be around February when the weather is not too hot and humid, and there are not as many people camping. Though we like the hippie vibe during the Summer months of April and May, the campsite is just too crowded.

What To Bring

There are no modern facilities in Anawangin; there are only a couple of toilets (without roofs) and water pumps as sources of running water. Bring lots of drinking water since drinking from the water pump is not safe, and the weather tends to be too hot at around 12 noon. Also bring your own food, there are no hotels and resorts that could prepare meals for you. For sleeping, you have to bring your own tent and pitch it under the forest cover where it is much cooler than by the shore.

What to do

Anawangin is definitely Boracay’s exact opposite in terms of development, but that doesn’t mean you’ll run out of stuff to do during your stay. Here are some suggested activities you could do aside from lying in a hammock by the beach:

1. Bonfire

Gather fallen twigs and light up a fire for warmth during the night. Bring a guitar so you can sing around the campfire. Just don’t forget to put it out when going to sleep.

2. Climbing

The beach is bound by two cliffs in the north and south. The northern cliff is higher and is not adviseable to trek in since it has loose rocks. The southern cliff is gentler and is easier to climb. You can get a great view of the beach at sunset (just don’t forget to bring flashlights so you could see your way down).

3. Trekking

Behind the evergreen forest is a stream (a dry riverbed in the summer) leading to a large hill. You can trek your way to this hill, just be cautious since there were reports that there are wild animals in this area.

4. Skimboarding

You could bring your skimboard to practice your moves. The beach is great for this activity since it has a fine sand and few rocks.

5. Ultimate Frisbee

Have your group play with you or better yet, invite other campers to join your group for a great game of frisbee.

You can arrange sidetrips with your boatman if you want to go island hopping. Nearby are Capones and Camara Islands. Capones Island is known for its centuries-old Spanish lighthouse while Camara Island is a rock climbing destination. Inform your boatman in advance and clear the details with him since there is no cellphone signal coverage in Anawangin.

So there you have it. No cellphone coverage, no gourmet dishes, yes to wild animals, no toilets, hotness guaranteed, and potential death from boredom.

If you see a ultra-white fat person beached to the shore, maybe you can get this author’s autograph!

Game over.

Yes I know… it’s too early to tell. Orlando’s bad juju could be countered to send a wicked Hex on the Green Team. The Suns could shine in the West to cancel the Lake Show’s dominance. But as of this moment, it looks like that epic battle between the Lakers and the Celtics would happen.


I am a huge fan of the Bird-Magic era and while Magic Johnson got the better of Larry Bird in terms of championships, I am a lean, mean, and green Boston Celtics fan. I like their history. While I hate the fact that Phil Jackson has surpassed Red Auerbach (Jackson claimed six rings when he was with my other favorite team, the Chicago Bulls), I know that the mere fact that these two teams would play one another would make this epic battle floor the ratings. A constellation of legends wore purple and gold during their lifetimes. Ditto for the team that sport green and white.

This should be fun!

I never thought I would say this but I’m now a Rajon Rondo fan. I always thought of him as the lucky guy that rode the coattails of Pierce, Allen, and Garnett to superstardom. Same goes for Kendrick Perkins… but I had more disdain for Rajon. When Stephon Marbury came to the team I really wanted him to play well so that Rajon could be dealt elsewhere. I had the same thought when Boston brought in Sam Cassell… and most recently, Nate Robinson.

But you know what? I was stupid for me to think Rajon Rondo sucks.

Check this out!

Sure, I am a very, VERY huge Kevin Garnett fan but Rondo is the glue that holds these egos from total chaos. Ragin’ Rondo is an offensive onslaught when needed but a top-calibre point guard on a daily basis. It seems like all the Celtics guards of the yesteryears are guiding him to do well! You can see flashes of Bob Cousy, Jo Jo White, Nate Archibald, Dennis Johnson, and KC Jones in his movements!

Sure, at this point anything could happen. Orlando swept Charlotte and Atlanta so you know that they have the goods while Phoenix dismantled San Antonio and Portland. But at this point, the Lakers and the Celtics are lording in their respective series and Games 3 and 4 would prove pivotal in determining the two teams that would clash in the finals.

And before we end this, here’s Shannon Brown performing one of the greatest missed dunks in NBA history.

Game over.

Long before AJ Styles was called “The Phenomenal One”, getting mentored in TNA by the legendary Ric Flair, Styles was a virtual nobody that wants to be a virtual somebody in the WWE.

His first shot to fame came against The Hurricane (Gregory Helms). The Hurricane was over then, he had solid promos with The Rock and his superhero character is a great way to bring comic relief. Styles’ mainstream recognition happened during the last days of WCW, where he teamed up with Air Paris to form Air Raid. When WWE bought WCW, he was left without a job and reverted back to the indies.

That was then.

Now AJ Styles is the pinnacle of TNA. He is often mentioned as the best wrestler in the US that’s not in the WWE (this is only because Bryan Danielson is now in WWE).

Hurricane dropped his gimmick to be become a serious character but he revived the gimmick when he became stale. Misdemeanour charges played a role in his release.

If they would be paired up again, Styles would easily destroy The Hurricane.

And on a final note, the finishing move Helms performed was called the Vertebreaker. This could be a great finisher if the person that would use this is 260lbs and above.

Game over.
Disco queen and 70-year-old French pinup model Amanda Lear got recent mainstream buzz when Attack of the Show featured her in their Around the Net segment.

Sure, she might misspelled “Ego” when she said I is for Ego, and she turned jejemon when she said U is for You Are My Everything… but come on, that’s just awesome.

Game over.

Look at that! I just scored my fourth 100+ page views!

I like having 100+ page views!

It gives me power…

For example, I’ll post this Youtube clip!

Why did I do that? BECAUSE I CAN!

Anyway, I will be trained to become my cousin’s biatch for a month or so. He thinks he’s Barney Stinson but I see him as Barney Rubble…

Or that purple dino that slurps instead of ravaging helpless peons.

My mom volunteered me to become his tour guide. Summer is a time for tripping to beaches (beaches for bitches) and I swore to my cousin that I’ll help him hunt chicks.

Yes! Since I’m currently incapacitated to search for love elsewhere because I love my CINDY, I will act like a pimp and try to sell my cousin to women with lowered expectations and with less than stellar principles.

It’s not like it’s a hard thing to do. My cousin is a Fil-Am… that should make girls drool on him.

Don’t worry because I intend to document his every move. Hopefully he’ll drag me to places that I think is cool… and at the same time take me to places where I can score for free.

Anyway, I saw my ex’s cousin. She’s somewhat popular… especially with little kids. She sang a few songs on a Broadway-type of level and it impressed the big boss (when I heard it I thought she should be part of a Diva-like show). He insisted that she should be put on our variety programs. You know what, that should be the case – singers need to be in singing programs instead of actors that could barely hit a note. After the program she handed out the network freebies and I introduced myself. It was a cool spot for me since I don’t like celebrities because some of them are snotty bastards (or bastardas).

While waiting for an expected YM message, ten people pinged me. All those names popping made me remember the days when I never turned off the computer for two whole months!

At around June 26, I’ll hopefully spend an overnight trip with Cindy. My office friends are thinking of surfing and while I’LL NEVER SWIM IN PLACES WHERE MY SHOULDERS WILL SUBMERGE, I’m just looking forward in taking a stroll out of the norm. I wanted this earlier because Cindy has been pissed off lately by stress and fatigue and a hint of relaxation should cure her problems. Hours ago, she sent an email about an inexpensive trek to the mouth of Mt. Pinatubo and that could be fun. The Corregidor trip was awesome and I am dreaming of the day where we’ll travel to Batanes, Palawan, Bohol or somewhere that we could nature-trip!

However the date of the trip is tentative because June screams rainy season and I don’t know how long this “dry spell” would endure. Also, I am bracing for a ton of work to embrace me. I don’t know how it will bite me… but it bites hard every time you don’t expect it.

Anyway, I’m off to Batangas where I’ll hopefully not dread traffic as I return to work the next day.

Game over.

McGyver would use a couple of strings to diffuse a bomb.

Miss Gruber would use a trampoline.

She has no idea how to use it.

Ever wondered how Playboy will pull off something beautiful yet not-too-graphic for people in the inter-web?

Well because of Attack of the Show’s Around the Net, I found something awesome.

Besides, girls are known to do great things with regards to uncalled for objects.

Let your mind wander…

Game over.

He was born in Ohio, grew up in Ohio, studied in Ohio, learned basketball in Ohio, had first dibs on a woman’s boobies possibly in Ohio, and pretty much became a first round pick overall and a multi-awarded MVP in Ohio.

So will Lebron James do something else that’s not in Ohio?

NBA Insiders think that’s going to happen sooner than people think.

Lebron James will not win a NBA championship this season. My Boys in Boston demolished his dreams when they stop their chances in six games. Blame Rajon Rondo. Blame Kevin Garnett. Blame Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Doc Rivers, Danny Ainge, Big Baby Davis, Tony Allen, and Kendrick Perkins... hell, even blame Nate Robinson even if his first postseason appearance had “diminutive” importance (pun included).

When Lebron James was shooting his free throws, the Beantown fans were shouting “New York Knicks”. So does this make the Boston Commons as clairvoyants? After Game Six, LBJ could have taken his Cavs jersey off for the last time. I bet people would pay real money for that jersey... because that could be the last Cavs jersey the king would ever wear.

There are a lot of teams hoping to sign up Lebron James but aside from LBJ, there are a ton of greats that would also be testing the free agent market. Here are the other five players that could spell the difference on how the free agent market would look like:

It seems like Joe Johnson is the Hawks’ go-to-guy. Since his entry to the team, alongside a bit of newbies, the Hawks are zooming to the top. Unfortunately, Johnson’s lackluster playoff performance made their ouster mandatory. Coach Mike Woodson has been fired and people expect that the Hawks will have a bit of remodelling in their stable. One bad sight for Johnson is he isn’t that young and I bet the Hawks would rather pick up a big guy to help Josh Smith and Al Horford since they also have Jamal Crawford in their team.

The 2000’s version of Stockton-to-Malone has become Williams-to-Boozer. But just like the original duo, the current duo has yet to produce a championship. Boozer became a superstar when he moved out of Cleveland and if there’s a bigger offer out in the market he may snag it. However, the most logical choice for Booz is to stick with the Jazz. The needs another big man to go onboard and that could happen if they finally trade Andrei Kirilenko. Kirilenko could be a favourable swap for a Nene or a Chris Kaman. Actually, if he wants to win a championship, all he needs to do is pick up a pen and sign with the Spurs.

David Lee had a breakout 2008-09 season. By the end of that season, he’ll be a free agent. Unfortunately for Lee, he was a restricted free agent. Unfortunately for Lee, the Knicks weaselled out a wise-assed deal to keep Lee with a little amount of dough. This season, Lee just became an All-Star and he nailed career-high averages this season. It would be stupid for the Knicks to not keep him especially since they have a big amount of dough to spend on at least two All-Stars. Question is, Lee has yet to become a household name and when Bosh, Wade, and James knock on New York’s door, I expect Lee to spend his NBA career elsewhere. But on the plus side, you can’t mess out with Lee now. Interested parties could pretty much snag Lee for a very lucrative multi-year contract.

For Wade it’s simple: he wants to win. Ever since the championship core has been scattered, the Heat has had it hard to win a playoff series. Mike Beasley is not a capable rebounder and the revolving door of big men would possibly start again with Jermaine O’Neal faltering in that position. But The Flash wants to be in a winning team... and not in a RE-building team. Signing with the Heat anew won’t hurt, but his hometown in Chicago wants him to play for the squad. Wade will find himself wearing the colors his idol, Michael Jordan used to wear (which should matter because he’s the endorser of His Airness’ shoe). He will also find himself playing with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and a core that is a superstar away from soaring to greater heights.

I can’t see a team hunting for two scorers. If they are like New York where if they can re-sign David Lee, then by all means get Wade and James. However, there are a lot of squads that’s in dire need to shop for a talented big man that can score facing or not facing the basket. The Bulls could have used Bosh in their Cleveland series while Mike Woodson was fired because he cannot control Dwight Howard’s dominance in the paint. I believe that Bosh is the next important free agent behind Lebron James because team’s can resist a slasher… but never a slashing big man. Bosh also has voiced his intention to get pair up with a superstar. He is friends with Wade and where James plays would also be a strong indication on where he’ll head. I don’t think he’ll re-sign with Toronto because the Raps just can’t win. That the Knicks, Nets, Hornets, Bulls, Heat, Bobcats, Jazz, and Wizards could have something to eye in the weeks to come.

My officemate Isko said that according to ALL JORDAN FANATICS IN THE WORLD, Wade will sign with the Charlotte Bobcats.

My take: That remains to be seen but a bigger market should be the team he would be pulling for and I’d rather play for Chicago than Charlotte.

So what’s this got to do with Lebron?

Here are the five biggest teams en route to clinch the Lebron’s bandwagon.

Who’s that foreign dude checking out LBJ? Why, it’s a Russian billionaire of course! Ever since communism has slowly taken the boot out of the former USSR, a couple of rich people spawned from the Eastern bloc. The Nets will now be moving to a new home and with Yi Jianlian and Devin Harris basically the team’s stars, the Nets are set to horde big time talent. They can actually claim James. They are now moving to Brooklyn and anything near New York is a grand market. James can ask for a ginormous salary where he can own… A RUSSIAN ISLAND! Hell, he can also play for the CSKA team in Moscow if he cares too much on his conditioning! The move lies though if Lebron would seriously pimp himself to go to a critically weak team where he’ll have to contend of NOT playing in the playoffs for two years and getting persecuted by almost everybody. Admit it; there are a ton of people living in earth that would rather be sellouts. Maybe LBJ is one of those who think that.

Charlotte is not a big name team. I bet a Charlotte Bobcats jersey in the Philippines does not exist… unless he bites a bullet and wears it for himself. The team is ruled by His Airness, Michael Jordan and they are a big man away from making it big. The team lacks a star guard and a scoring big man but imagine the scoring power unleashed by Stephen Jackson, Gerald Wallace, and James? Perhaps politics could be a major problem for LBJ in this move. Why is he in Charlotte when Dwyane Wade is the guy wearing Jordan’s shoe? But I can’t see MJ getting pissed if James joins the team. The problem is, will James even dare thinking of Charlotte?

Remember the talk that the number 23 will be retired permanently? This is not the first time it has happened on the American scene. Jackie Robinson, the first Afro-American baseball player’s jersey number 42 will forever be unharmed by another person’s awesomeness because the number has been retired. So when this happens, what will happen to James’ 23? To avoid embarrassment, he could ditch Cleveland to Chicago. While the Bulls has been hunting on Wade, they can’t ignore James when he comes knocking in. James could star in the 3-spot which leaves Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, and Kirk Hinrich contending in the backcourt spots. James can’t use Jordan’s number there so he’ll have to settle for a different number before his debut. Chicago is also a big name city. While he can’t get the money he had if he’s talking with the Knicks, at least he has a ready-made selection of playoff-tested team mates.

Yes, I am ranking the incumbent team second instead of first despite the fact that incumbents usually win. While incumbency gives you an edge because you know the player in question, this “familiarity” is a double-edged sword. There are rumors that if James stays with Cleveland, Mike Brown will be evicted from his spot. There is also a scenario Shaq and some of the Cavs would be booted out. Don’t worry because these demands were once did by Shaq when he bolted out of Orlando to join the Lakers with hopes to bolster his music and acting career (haha). And for Dan Gilbert, what could he even offer James. He gave LBJ a star-studded squad and since his entry he has been treated as royalty. James is said to be bringing in John Calipari as the new head coach and this seriously mean that he wants results. But as of this moment, LBJ wants to play in a big market squad and this could be beyond Cleveland’s domain. If James wants to be like this, they can always try to claim the next best star.

This is the perceived team to watch with regards to LBJ’s decisions. Remember when Isiah Thomas ran the show and instead of beefing up all positions, he basically just claimed every arrogant slasher and shooter during that time? Yes, this is the reason Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell were joined by a merry-go-round of talents like Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, Glen Rice, Larry Hughes, Tim Thomas, Penny Hardaway, Jamal Crawford, among others. In fairness, Houston and Sprewell didn’t see all of these guys during their tenure and who could blame them? This version of the Knicks never had a defensive specialist (Charles Oakley), a marquee big man (Patrick Ewing), a streaky shooter (John Starks), and a key performer off the bench (Anthony Mason). Now, this is their time to make use of the salary cap space they obtained and what better way to score such feat by beefing up their starting line. Mike D’Antoni is James’ assistant coach in Team USA and he’ll pretty much makle James useful in his scheme. But the difference maker is that New York can still claim another top-tier with the way their salary cap is in right now. While I doubt they can sign another player and still claim David Lee within “cheap” basis, I bet either Lee, Bosh, or Boozer might be enticed to join this squad.

However it all depends on how Lebron James would stir up the free agent market. Remember that these players are too good to lose and that could mean team owners scrambling to convince their marquees to stay with the squad.

For Cleveland fans, they have five more months to convince James to stay.

Will Lebron still be the hometown hero?

Or will he become the traitor they’ll boo once they see him play in their homecourt?

Game over.

It was 1985. Shawn Michaels started his rise to the top with the World Class Championship Wrestling, a Mid-South wrestling promotion. He was going to face Billy Jack Haynes and according to his book, Haynes told him that he will lose via a full nelson submission but also told Shawn to lose in style.

So he lost… after nailing a backflip on the top rope.

Funny why he should fear the Masterlock.

Game over.

Leaning on Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Rasheed Wallace, the Boston Celtics drew first blood in their best-of-7 series against the Orlando Magic.

Vince Carter’s first conference final was spoiled when Vinsanity played… but his team mates did not.

Ray Allen topscored Boston with 25 points while Pierce scored 22 for the Celts who also drew 13 points and two triples from Sheed. Carter scored 23 markers while Jameer Nelson had 20. Dwight Howard had 13 points, 12 rebounds, five blocks, and seven turnovers.

Game over.

It was a welcome surprise for me to channel surf last Sunday night because at least I get to see a part of Extreme Rules 2k10.

I am lovin’ Solar TV again.

Have I said that?

Sheamus destroying Hunter is brutal but we all know HHH was taking his time off to film a WWE-produced movie so I found no shock on this “injury”.

The CM Punk / Rey Mysterio match looked good. Whoever interfered in that match should get Mysterio’s ire when he gets revealed. I love how they are using CM Punk these days. Sure, it looks like a merger between Raven’s Flock and Stevie Richards’ Right to Censor, but Punk saving people and calling himself “The Messiah” is one of the hottest things to jeer in the WWE.

Sometimes, I want to see this kind of attitude on the UFC guys. Sure, tell me that they are real fighters without no trips on theatrics but wrestling started out as two guys battling it out without storylines. A couple of years later, look what happened?

I must admit Jack Swagger’s turn from midcard to WWE champion surprised a lot of people but finally the “E” found a person to replace Kurt Angle. Randy Orton’s face turn meanwhile looked very natural. He is still a “heel” at heart but people react differently on him because they know that he is now a full-pledged star. I believe this was the same route Stone Cold Steve Austin had when he went to the top of the WWE. The match wasn’t really pretty because while they reacted well when Orton did damage, they didn’t know how to react when Swagger was doing his arsenal. That would eventually change when people know his moveset. The RKO from nowhere post-match was a cool spot.

HHH returned to fight Sheamus but I hope WWE didn’t censor blood in their “PG” environment because kendo sticks and lead pipes hitting a person’s head without blood seems lacking.

The Chris Jericho-Edge match felt slow at first but it worked well at the end. The springboard Codebreaker left awesome and I love Jericho’s reactions. Edge won but should people be alarmed on how thin he got?

I miss Batista’s machine gun entrance. Why do wrestlers always come out on a spotlight every time they turn bad guy? John Cena’s offense has improved and Batista works well when he plays with a good worker. At least they have an opportunity to improve their Wrestlemania match via a gimmick match. Anyway, I remember when Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka fought their match in ECW: One Night Stand and this match felt like that. The crowd chants for Cena but they do that as well with Batista who is the bad guy in this match. Tables are torn in half, barricades are destroyed, kendo sticks, chairs, steel steps and everything that could leave a typical man in a pool of blood were used. The match ended with Cena wrapping duct tape on Batista in the ring post and since this is a “Last Man Standing” Match, Cena wins because Batista can’t stand. The end sucks because Cena could have taunted Batista and destroyed Batista with a barrage of foot stomps and perhaps a more brutal display of force like a chair shot, sledgehammer shot, and even a flaming bat shot on the head!

And I again, the lack of blood in this match makes me feel that there’s something missing in this match. But you can’t say that this match isn’t entertaining. The hotness of the crowd reaction virtually sums up the outcome.

Again, let me tell you on how I love Solar for putting this match on Free TV.

What’s next?

Game over.
Years before John Cena was the WWE poster boy and years before Bryan Danielson wrestled in NXT, they fought in WWE’s jobber show called Velocity.

Velocity featured the best action that you can’t see in Raw and Smackdown because the wrestling action is longer and this is basically the tryout area on whether or not a young star will flourish or bomb when he goes to the two main brands.

Here’s a rare find I saw in the internet.

Game over.
Justin Bieber is gay.

And you know people know it when they make this crap.

Game over.

This is not a bust list. Some players included in this list aren’t busts because they had their shares of triumph – whether team or individual. Unfortunately, there was a reason why these guys are drafted higher than other players.

Management thought they were good finds. Management thought they are marquee players. Management thought they will be the future of the franchise.

But then again… some things were never meant to be.

Again, disappointing is different from total bust, that’s why people shouldn’t get pissed on how high or low their favourites place here. This wasn’t created to beat down on your bets… I just made this because they still have the opportunity to check out of this list.

Although some of the players mentioned are in their 30’s.

Game starts now.


FIRST RULE – The players listed must be first round draft picks from the 2001 to 2006 period. I will give Sam Eman his chance to veer away from this list and I don’t want to put the busts of the 2000 Draft because they’ll likely eat all of the spots.

Besides… they aren’t PBL or MBA marquee players to begin with. They are just a couple of guys that were picked higher because most of the guys are playing in the MBA.


Change that.

The 2000 batch will be included in the list because of the previous statements mentioned.

SECOND RULE – People should think that these guys are marquee stars. Marc Victoria was the second pick overall in the 2000 draft but you won’t see his name on the list because no one really thought he’ll be a successful pro baller.

THIRD RULE – The higher their rank, the higher they’ll place in this list. Getting picked tenth, eleventh, or twelfth means the coaches and the management thought that they aren’t big time players.


11) DENVER LOPEZ (The sixth overall pick of the 2004 Draft by Red Bull)
12) BILLY MAMARIL (The sixth overall pick of the 2004 Draft by Purefoods)
13) OMANZIE RODRIGUEZ (The third overall pick of the 2002 Draft by Sta. Lucia)
14) DINO ALDAGUER (The third overall pick of the 2000 Draft by Purefoods)
15) GILBERT DEMAPE (The fourth overall pick of the 2001 Draft by Mobiline)
16) MARK ISIP (The sixth overall pick of the 2006 Draft by Sta. Lucia)
17) GABBY ESPINAS (The fifth overall pick of the 2005 Draft by San Miguel)
18) MIGS NOBLE (The sixth overall pick of the 2002 Draft by Alaska)
19) FRANCIS ADRIANO (The sixth overall pick of the 2001 Draft by Sta. Lucia)
20) MIKE HOLPER (The seventh overall pick of the 2005 Draft by Ginebra)

Anyway, game starts now!

10 BRANDON CABLAY – Another quality player from the 2003 Draft, this Vanguard star was said to be the second coming of Mark Caguioa. He has the leaping ability that The Spark lacks (although Caguioa had better range) and he looked like a star from the get-go. He was selected as the fifth pick of the 2003 Draft by Alaska… which shockingly gave up Kenneth Duremdes… which made fans think that Cablay must really be THAT special! While he proved to be a playmaker than a scorer, one thing to frown upon in his entry was Alaska’s eventual championship drought. Cablay’s game slowly declined when he was traded to San Miguel for Nic Belasco in 2006. He was then traded to Purefoods were injuries and the abundance of talent made his appearances sporadic. I believe if Cablay didn’t leave Alaska, he would have been a great combo for Willie Miller. While Cablay did play with Miller in his second stint as an Ace, “Sky High Cablay” wasn’t as good like he was then.

9 JONDAN SALVADOR – Like Billy Mamaril and Peter June Simon, this former UST Team B player and St. Benilde Blazer was part of the Davao Eagles’ third MBA season. After becoming a PBL star following his stint with the Montana Jewels, Salvador turned pro as the fourth selection of the Purefoods Chunkee Giants in the 2005 Draft. With his stellar play that season, insiders called him the reincarnation of Alvin Patrimonio’s post up version (since he ended his career as a three-point shooting small forward) a distinction once said to former UST star Richard Yee. Since then Purefoods, now BMEG had seen their share of bigger and better big men that slowly took over Jondan’s position. He now plays in limited minutes via erratic appearances and hopefully he’ll do a Richard Yee and move away from Purefoods and into a team that would give him playing time. The fact that he is still in his prime makes him a good player to sign.

8 CHRISTIAN CALAGUIO – The guy is a winner in every league he plays for. He won a NCAA title with Letran, a PBL plum with Chowking, a MBA crown via the San Juan Knights, and obviously his stint with the San Miguel Beermen should merit a couple of championships. However, it’s the individual accolades that missed him. Debuting in the MBA during the league’s second season, “Hot Hands” was a revered scorer and a feared shooter. He looks as if he is the younger version of Jojo Lastimosa. When San Juan folded he jumped ship and was picked fourth in the 2002 PBA Draft by Shell. For a couple of seasons, he was the Turbo Chargers’ main man. However when Shell took a leave from the PBA, he ended up playing for San Miguel. At first he was an option off the bench but eventually he faded out of spotlight. He became a shadow of his old self and he is an example of how players choose economic stability over a Hall of Fame career.

7 EDDIE LAURE – He is a high-flyer, an inside-outside combo, a good defender and has the ability to create his own shot. Laure was the face of the Batangas Blades during its MBA stint. He eventually won a MVP trophy when LBC-Batangas won the national crown. In the 2003 Draft, he was picked third by Shell. He had great numbers up until his injury. This injury proved to be costly for his career. He was sent to Purefoods when he got injured and he spent watching games behind the team’s bench. He was then shipped to Alaska where he played backup. Sure, he had career rejuvenation following his current stint with the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, but the promise seen in Laure’s career has obviously faded. Had he been the go-to-guy which he was capable of becoming, his future may have told a different story.

6 JOHN ARIGO – Arigo planed with so much hype. A product of the University of North Florida, he told the media that he played a lot like Reggie Miller. When Red Bull selected Willie Miller in the 2001 Draft, he was pissed because he wanted to be the top pick. His frustrations continued to enrage when he dropped to the fifth spot with Alaska on the clock. With the Aces, he was used alongside Kenneth Duremdes to fuel the Aces’ offensive charge. When Duremdes left the Aces, his weaknesses were exposed. Sure he was a dominating scorer but he lacks defense. He is not gunshy and he will take the much-needed basket down the stretch but during his stint, Alaska failed to claim a crown. For this reason he was sent to the Coca-Cola Tigers and Arriba Arigo wasn’t really keen on this move. He continued to be a scoring machine until injuries limited his appearances. When he was prepared to return to his normal game, he found out that his spot has been taken over by surprise package rookie Ronjay Buenafe. His lack of defense caused him to be ceded to Barako where instead of owning a bunch of lowly teammates, he struggled to compile the points. He prematurely ended his nine-year career when he was cut by Coke when he chose to attend the Coke camp to completely ditch the Barako camp. Arigo is as flamboyant as Caguioa but is more of a headcase in terms of taming. Unfortunately for him, he has the charisma to hate and he can’t lead a team to a championship.

5 MIKE HRABAK – Willie Miller’s top pick status almost never happened when this guy showed up. Hrabak was a 6’8 behemoth that could be a threat against guys like Asi Taulava, Andy Seigle, and Eric Menk. Red Bull, Shell, and Ginebra had to choose between Miller, Hrabak, Gilbert Demape, Arigo, or Mark Caguioa. Eventually Red Bull picked Miller and Shell thought they had it good when they got Hrabak as the second pick overall. Turns out, Hrabak was a less mobile three-point shooter that barely had an inside game. Fans frown at Hrabak and as the weeks go by, we see less and less of him. Eventually he was with the Purefoods Chunkee Giants but injuries unfortunately saddled him. He resurfaced as a free agent at Red Bull Barako where he would gain recognition as a monster shot blocker and a deadshot shooter. The thought of his height pretty much made everyone consider the notion that Hrabak was like Asi Taulava and for years they used him in that position because they thought he was merely “adjusting” to the local game. Red Bull gave everyone the proper insight on the proper way to book his services.

4 PAOLO MENDOZA – He scored a record 69 points while playing for the UPIS (the record has since been erased). He averaged 40 points in the UAAP. Clearly, Paolo Mendoza was a scoring machine. It was no myth that everyday he comes early to practice to shoot 300 triples. Sta. Lucia, the team with the first choice, smartly used this pick to obtain the best pick available. However, the Realtors made a stupid move to make Mendoza a point guard. While Mendoza was small at 5’11, Joseph Yeo, Mike Cortez (at SMB), Mark Caguioa, and Willie Miller are examples of players that can break into the SG position even if they are undersized. Mendoza was required to learn orchestration and defense – and this eventually destroyed his confidence to look for his own shot. With the way his deadshot arm worked in the amateurs, he could have been the next Allan Caidic. Instead, he’s barely the next Al Solis! He is still with Sta. Lucia – which I felt was a team he should have left a long, LONG time ago. What worse is that history could repeat itself with the entry of Chris Tiu and JV Casio after their stint with the RP Team.

3 RICH ALVAREZ – The guy was a Fil-Am from Ateneo. He was once a campus crush that has a celebrity girlfriend. He owned two MVP awards and was dimmed ready to play pro ball. So what happened? First of all, I see Alvarez being the top choice as a hit or miss thing. He is not an explosive scorer even in college and is more of a Nic Belasco/ Freddie Abuda-type of player than James Yap, who is basically a scoring machine. When he became the first pick overall in the 2004 Draft by Shell, it seems like his career was driven to go to the wrong direction. Who could ever forget his distinction as the only first pick overall to NEVER play in his team’s first game? Late coach John Moran was locked in a system that Alvarez has yet to know which is why he missed the game. Moran returned to the US and Alvarez got to play major minutes under Leo Austria. Then when Shell disbanded, he was sent to Alaska alongside Tony dela Cruz. He was then traded to Red Bull but he was out for a season because of an injury. He returned to the lineup but his hiatus caused him to no longer be a star player. He bounced to Purefoods, then Ginebra, and now Air21 but it seems he can’t get a good break. Alvarez has the body of Dennis Rodman. I think he is ready for that scavenger-type of role but he needs to play for a team that would use him properly.

2 YANCY DE OCAMPO - He was a big-time performer during his St. Francis days. With Al Vergara constantly feeding him the ball, he, his brother Ranidel de Ocampo, Vergara, Eric Canlas, and Ervin Sotto piloted the Doves to big-time heights. Their play even rivalled the top schools from the UAAP and the NCAA. As a Welcoat Paint Master, scoring and rebounding was pretty much academic since his 6’9 frame makes it easy for him to score those inside and outside shots. While he wasn’t a ferocious scorer, he is an eruption waiting to happen. American scouts in their pursuit to discover the next Yao Ming, wanted to claim his services via the small-time American league, the USBL. He chose to play and become FedEx’ top pick in the 2002 Draft.

So what happened? This is where I hate Talk N Text and Air21 (or the Pangilinan and Lina franchises). Since Air21 basically gives away their best picks to the Texters, this “alliance” of sorts made Yancy’s PBA career an ongoing hell. In Air21, he plays like a star – getting big minutes and getting a lot of action for the Express. However, when he surfaces as a Tropang Texter, he plays sporadically and is merely needed for rebounds or as a relief for their starters. He is now in Ginebra, a team that gets most of their points from their backcourt. The best chance for him to succeed is by getting a good deal from a team not owned by SMC and PLDT.

1 ROMEL ADDUCULThe General is a force in the paint. In every major league he played for prior to the PBA, he was a MVP. He was the MVP and part of the five-peat San Sebastian Stags. He was a 2-time champ and MVP in the MBA. As part of the Manila Metrostars, he helped the team obtain a local hoop-best 22 straight wins en route to the championship. And while he never won as a Chowking player, he won a MVP plum when he took Welcoat to the PBL championship. He was a two-time ABC All-Star (now FIBA-Asia). In the 2003 Draft, he was picked second by Ginebra. Alaska, who owned the top rights, chose DLSU guard Mike Cortez as their top pick. Adducul was poised to be in a squad where he’ll join Mark Caguioa, Eric Menk, Jayjay Helterbrand, and Jun Limpot as its starting five.

What if Romel Adducul went straight to the PBA? That is the question in everyone’s minds. In the 1998 Draft, he could have chosen to go directly to the PBA where he’ll probably battle against Danny Ildefonso for that year’s top pick. While Adducul had a phenomenal MBA career, people dismiss it as a big dog lording over small dogs. Ildefonso, who also signed a contract to play in the MBA but eventually had a change of heart, became the top pick and went on to have two MVP seasons. In August 6, 2000, Addudul had his first taste of the PBA when he became part of the ABC All-Star squad that was set to battle the PBA All-Stars. He appeared during halftime after finishing his MBA game (Manila versus Pasig). The fans cheered whenever they see Adducul’s shots getting foiled by Asi Taulava, Eric Menk, and most of the PBA stars. When he was picked by Ginebra, he was never really the team’s first option in offense. Alaska, a team that until Sonny Thoss’ improvement was in desperate need to have a big man could have used Adducul more than Cortez. Sure, Alaska needed a point guard but they had the tenth pick of the 2003 Draft and they exchanged that to TNT for Don Camaso and that draft pick turned into PG superstar Jimmy Alapag! In Ginebra, Adducul was exposed as a mere rebounding demon that had a hard time making foul shots. When Rudy Hatfield, Rafi Reavis, and Billy Mamaril went to Ginebra, his playing time was cut. He became disgruntled and was eager as hell to be traded. He was traded eventually… to talent-laden San Miguel where his services were more of cheerleading than anything. Then he was part of a jaw-dropping trade that sent Adducul to Red Bull for Enrico Villanueva. Adducul however, was quickly sent to Purefoods for… Don Camaso. With this trade rose speculations that the PBA was SMC’s bitch and haters (alongside the declining of ratings) increased. Adducul though would play well for the Giants until he was diagnosed with cancer. After dealing with cancer, he returned to the lineup with a great ovation. However, his appearances are limited – even more limited than when he was with San Miguel.

Perhaps the best way to see the final surge of Adducul’s career is a via a trade to Sta. Lucia, Air21, or Barako but this is assuming that he still has 80 percent of his “better” version. There were a lot of people that would have believed that Adducul is a player that shouldn’t have gone to the MBA. While he did enjoy five great years in MetroBall, had he used those years to establish his game in the PBA, things could have been more different.

Samigue Eman (second pick), Doug Kramer (fifth pick) and Ken Bono (sixth pick) are candidates for the disappointing list from the 2007 Draft while Rob Reyes (fourth pick) and Mark Borboran (headline the 2008 Draft.

While this seems too early since they haven’t been in the league for more than a year, Chris Ross, Jervy Cruz, Mike Burtscher, Ogie Menor, and Chris Timberlake are candidates to make the list.

Will the mentioned names level up their games?

Will there be other names even more disappointing than those mentioned?

What great names will go on that list?

Game over.