2010 Elections: The Aftermath

The results are surprisingly fast, I haven’t heard allegations of election fraud, and I think everyone is contented on the debut of the automated elections.

But can I say this election was successful?

First of all, I am not surprised that Herbert Bautista is hurling landslide numbers on Mike Defensor. QC people believe it’s time for Bistek to lord upon the City of Stars. Sure, he is an actor... but when was the last time Herbert did something significant on TV? He has faithfully served under the tutelage of Sonny Belmonte (Mel Mathay trashed him instead of grooming him when they fought in the late 90's) and it shows in the recent, current, and incoming projects they designed for the city. They actually transformed the QC Circle into a fun place for not-so-rich people, the sidewalks look cooler, and during his tenure as Vice Mayor, Cubao looked like a safer and a more pleasant place to check out. City revenues looked to skyrocket with the additions of Trinoma battling the new look SM North, Technohub, and the continuous economic splurge hoped in the sectors of Libis, Novaliches, and Cubao.

Plus Timog and Tomas Morato are great streets to wine, dine, kick back and lay back.

I hate to tell it though but my Manila bet Lito Atienza is a distant second to incumbent mayor Alfredo Lim.

This means the return of Baywalk won’t happen. I can’t say that Manila got safer but I’m sure convinced that the night life it once boasts is now extinct.

How sad.

Anyway, are you shocked at the results? I wasn’t. I was bent that “Noybi” will rule the race. I expected the VP race to be tight but I didn’t think that only two names will matter in that race. Poor Mar Roxas had to go back to the job he hates so much… if only he didn’t made his wedding as one ginormous PR campaign. Sure, Korina Sanchez stayed away from the troubled world of campaigning but really, the damage has been done.

When my friend Jorge Cosgayon made THIS SITE, we were joking about Chiz Escudero’s ability to move immovable things. But who could ever predict that with one menacing blow on the brink of crunch time, the comfortable lead Mar put up would crumble?

Noynoy Aquino getting a monster lead isn’t shocking. However I was right (even if I didn't mean it) in putting Joseph Estrada ahead of Manny Villar. What happened to Villar is such a stunner. Erap getting a 3-million point lead ahead of Villar is brutal. Imagine if Cory Aquino passed away after the elections… would that mean that Joseph Estrada would lead the Philippines anew? Also, Richard Gordon getting low votes puzzles me. This is a lesson for future candidates – THE STUDENT AND YUPPIE VOTES ARE USELESS COMPARED TO THE MASS VOTES! Is it me or are the public sick and tired of intelligent politicians? I am also shocked at how low Jamby Madrigal got. She is a senator for crying out loud! Lucky for Jamby she’ll still be a senator but how will this affect her 2013 senatorial dreams? Also, how will this affect the other candidates like Villar, Roxas, Fernando, Gordon, Legarda, Estrada, and etcetera? Some of these guys would return to the Senate but I bet my balls that Erap’s political ambitions would lay rest after this. I hope Noynoy would use Gordon and Fernando because they know what they are doing. Actually I can also go for Nic Perlas. Perlas finished strong in the race even if he was almost booted out of the race because he was perceived as a nuisance candidate. The guy had little below-the-line ads to unleash and yet he managed to topple a senator (in Jamby’s defense, she acted more of a nuisance candidate than a senator during the campaign). The guy has international connections and he’ll prove to be a good choice to lead DENR, DOA, and even those Eco-friendly commissions dimmed to please the United Nations.

But hey, there is still one question left in the offing and that’s CGMA. Gloria Arroyo got a massive number of votes to clinch the congresswoman position in her Pampanga turf. Noynoy should be wary of Gloria because PGMA’s CGMA could be temporary – as she could be a SGMA in a month’s time… which means SPEAKER GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO can still unleash her power in the national level. Villar suffered big when all attempts of him to distance himself from Arroyo proved futile. Gibo Teodoro’s presidency was D.O.A. when he aligned himself with the administration. He should know firsthand that the Filipino people have this habit of forming around that big statue near Robinson’s Galleria where they plead for a person to oust himself from power. Gloria was too stubborn and too pig-headed to step down from her posts but Noynoy looks as if he’s easily swayed and if goes on an Erap route (too trusting on his sorties), expect a lot of problems for the guy that could tarnish the respect the public gave to his parents.

Yes, the election was successful if you look at the lightning-quick results. Now they need to check on the kinks. Manny Pacquiao has yet to find about his standing in the Saranggani race because the votes cast for him has yet to be counted. Those PCOS machines might have some sort of leeway now but the breathing space expires in 2013. Heat has been the problem and while we can’t solve this, a systematic way to quicken the voting process must be instilled.

So will all the winners rejoice and the losers just admit defeat? Oh wait... they are already doing that. Probably because they don't know shit how to cheat on this new contraption?

Game over.


  1. Euerka? "The student and yuppie votes are useless compared to the mass votes!" Mr. "Sports Copywriter", di ba sa TV station ka nagtratrabaho? Sino ba ang nagpapa-rate ng mga programa n,yo? Mga estudyante? Mga yuppie? Game over.

  2. Quiquinito PecpecsonMay 12, 2010 at 11:02 AM

    In the tradition of Joe Cantada, comes this Sydiom: "on the brink of crunch time". Doesn't this remind you of "cardiac game."

  3. naman e. sige na nga...

    mr bong: tell that to roco (although you have to contact a medium to get through), gordon, and gibo. Tell this to them personally. the youth vote (18 to 35) basically consists of those who'd rather watch cable or US series DVD's than watch the local channels.

    So this comment is more of telling them to watch panday kids, the last prince, agua, and that angelica panganiban show instead of watching CSI, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock and that stupid Heroes show.

    I agree but how can you possibly tell this age gap to act all "jolog-gy"?

    And I already stole that catchphrase from a random NES game so get your own!