Abracadabra? AARGH!!

Here’s the argument I’m posing…

Any dance step I can do… means it doesn’t matter.

So a video where a couple of girls are moving their hips means…

It’s a shitty dance step?

I managed to chat with my friend (lets hide her as Bruce Jobertson) and while typing she left for a sec. When she came back, she shoved this as a beautiful dance video by the Brown Eyed Girls.

After catching visuals, this was my reaction.

bruce jobertson: Tagal na yang video na yan. Matagal na rin akong adik.

The Sydman: Takte! Ito??? What happened to you????

bruce jobertson: Baket?!!!!

The Sydman: K-pop??? Takteng k-pop??????

bruce jobertson: Walang pakialamanan!!!!

The Sydman: Mahilig ako sa Korean cinema at series pero... K-POP!?!

bruce jobertson: Panoorin mo kasi dance step nila!!!!! Ulangyang mga kendeng yan... tumulo laway ko!

Please forgive me, K-Pop lovers. I know this is harsh and I am not against your music. It’s just that I once spent the duration of 10pm to 2am stabbing my brains for anything creative to sprout my cranium when as I hear a playlist of Korean music courtesy of my officemates. I don’t hate them, but my disdain for the genre maximized to a tune that every time I see a geek I want to laugh at, I always think of that person as a U-Kiss or a Super Junior member.

Returning to the video, is it wrong for me to hate this?

And honestly, do you think a 220-pound man can’t do this dance step.

Sure, I won’t do anything to give this step justice… but still… I CAN DO IT SO WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT IT!?!

Game over!


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