AJ Styles’ WWE tryout match

Long before AJ Styles was called “The Phenomenal One”, getting mentored in TNA by the legendary Ric Flair, Styles was a virtual nobody that wants to be a virtual somebody in the WWE.

His first shot to fame came against The Hurricane (Gregory Helms). The Hurricane was over then, he had solid promos with The Rock and his superhero character is a great way to bring comic relief. Styles’ mainstream recognition happened during the last days of WCW, where he teamed up with Air Paris to form Air Raid. When WWE bought WCW, he was left without a job and reverted back to the indies.

That was then.

Now AJ Styles is the pinnacle of TNA. He is often mentioned as the best wrestler in the US that’s not in the WWE (this is only because Bryan Danielson is now in WWE).

Hurricane dropped his gimmick to be become a serious character but he revived the gimmick when he became stale. Misdemeanour charges played a role in his release.

If they would be paired up again, Styles would easily destroy The Hurricane.

And on a final note, the finishing move Helms performed was called the Vertebreaker. This could be a great finisher if the person that would use this is 260lbs and above.

Game over.


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