Can the TURKISH SUPERMAN defeat Chuck Norris?

We all had this worldwide inkling that no one can beat Chuck Norris.

The closest thing we have as weakness to good ol’ Chuck is pretty much a Philippine almost presidentiable that knew better and chose to bid for the seat somewhere around 2016.

* cough * CHIZ ESCUDERO * cough*

But then there’s always the Turkish Superman.


The Turkish Superman is not a person to mess with. While he looks like a good-looking zombie, the Turkish Superman can’t be holed by bullets! He also has no emotions and he likes to defeat bad guys using unorthodox ways to destroy his opponent.

Don’t think for a second that his powers can’t be negated by less powerful beings like the Indian Harry Potter.

But make no mistake, he will kick the hell out of people bent to ensue mayhem!

You decide if Chuck Norris should lose to the Turkish Superman.

In the meantime…



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