I hate these corporate TV execs. All they think of is ratings. Ratings… ratings… ratings!

It makes me sick!

Luckily my work owns its competition… WOOHOO!!!

(This is me happy to count all of my bonuses!)

Here are five shows that I will really miss:

Flash Forward would cease to exist before June starts. I hate this move because the show looks to be promising. I’m surprised that this show folded in just one season. Hopefully all of the questions would be answered. I like the whole idea of the show.

But in a way, the show at least would finish its run with little embarrassment.

I never saw Lost but I guessed the show jumped the shark when they got out of the island… lived outside the island… and returned to the island. Shit! What’s the point of returning? I don’t get it! I just don’t get it! Whatever made them re-entered the island is probably due to WRITER’S BLOCK!!!

I was shocked they pulled the plug on Melrose Place. They thought it would be a glorious re-ignition a la 90210 but the faceless femmes and the random boylets pretty much destroyed the allure of the kinkiest place in the heart of California. It could have helped if it was tied up like when the original took off from a 90210 push. Scrubs on the other hand should have flatlined as early as two years ago. Managing the show minus Zack Braff is stupid and while the “med school” thing attracted viewers, it sort of reminded me of watching “Joey”. Nip/Tuck finished its 100th episode with its reputation intact as lawsuit magnets.

Law And Order got cancelled. What? Don’t you think 20 seasons of crime-solving isn’t enough? Just like CSI, it spawned well. It was earlier reported that 24 will end its run and Jack Bauer will finally rest. Both shows are critically-acclaim and I expect Kiefer Sutherland to reap the show’s success for a very, very long period of time. ‘Til Death overstayed in the air after “the young couple” left the show. While the old couple’s daughter and hubby replaced the “youth” of the show, it seems like Brad Garrett needs Ray Romano more than ever. Dollhouse and Ghost Whisperer, two shows with pretty cute chicks, were cancelled. Dollhouse seemed like Dark Angel 2.0 while Ghost Whisperer is like Touched By An Angel… minus the outspoken Guardian Angel.

Ugly Betty? Blame this to the network for bouncing the program to the depths of confusing the audience. While it was one of the better shows that got canned, the fact that they stalled the Betty-Daniel story could be one the reasons behind the show’s end. The mystery the first season pulled was good… but the South American fans loved the show because of the romance… which the US version found it hard to put in early. It had fun and lovable characters though. Those fun and loving characters could probably join America Ferrera when the show hits the big screen.

Meanwhile, Numb3rs is a show that I’ll really miss. I like how geeks can hand out justice. I guess the show got lucky to have a six-year run. With shows like White Collar, CSI (Las Vegas, Miami, and New York), Bones, Psych, Criminal Minds, Law and Order (SVU and LA), NCIS (original and LA), and other crime fighting shows on TV, Numb3rs will not be missed.

But for geeks like me, it was fun for me to see a show solved by math and not by logic and science.

And finally, yes, Heroes was unceremoniously sent off to the Dead Zone. Was I surprised? Yes… but I knew sooner or later, this Mutant X spinoff (haha), would meet its doom. The fact is, the show was written by too many writers with too many ideas that they were so in love with their idea that they tried hard to put it in every FN episode. Yes, I tried to watch the show. Compare the first season to the… hmmm… second season, they failed to give their characters some sort of edge. They were still hiding and the attitude turns are confusing. This is why I am kind of happy Flash Forward is not returning. Flash Forward, just like Heroes and Lost, had a good concept. But the concept wasn’t followed well, and before you know it, we find ourselves with too many protagonists that couldn’t rest!

Yes, they should finish Heroes, but I can understand the reason behind the “no ending end”. Maybe people will clamor for its comeback? Maybe those fans that deserted the show will return to help the show exist again like what they did to Chuck?

Unfortunately the fans that deserted them would rather see it dead… funny how hard they fell to the ground? YATTA? Screw it, the Japanese guy must ready himself for all the funny, typecast roles he will about to play!

The land of opportunity is hard on success stories. That’s why we should be proud of the concepts for just making it to the small screen.

Still… it wouldn’t hurt if they would think on doing a better future to the stories.

Game over.


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