Fact: Rural People are immuned to Bieber-mania

While discussing a different subject, I stumbled on this thought (By the way, from the looks of the picture, it seems like Justin Bieber is the predecessor of Jejemons).

My friend Jorge (Jorjejeje in Jejemon talk), who is pretty much a purveyor of anything popular and putrid around the internet, has no idea who global sensation Justin Bieber is.

163 million people listened to his song on Youtube!

What the hell is he saying?

Do I believe him? Maybe he is just dissing me. Maybe the Raw Ass from Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines doesn’t really know why this kind of person exists in life. No, I am not a hater of the person… but I don’t condone singing really, really teeny-boppery crap.

Sure, I love the Hanson Brothers music now. I hate their first album though. The way they changed their music from “tweeny” to “mature” delighted. The third album was my favorite one. Anyway, as of this moment, I hate it when my Last Song Syndrome is this!

Jorge: Sino si Justin Bieber? (Who’s Bieber?)

The Sydman: You don't know Justin Bieber? Mapagpanggap! (Liar!)

Jorge: Ano yan? Bagong talent nyo? (Who’s he? Your new talent?)

Initially he thought of Justin Bieber as a new Fil-Foreigner teen star from the Philippines.

The Sydman: Ulol. Umaabot TV sa inyo! Alam mo yun! (Bastard. You know him. You have TV, right?)

Jorge: Wala akong TV kaya! (I don’t have TV!)

The Sydman: O sige hanapin mo sa net ang Justin Bieber “Baby, baby”. (Okay. Try searching Justin Bieber “Baby, baby” on the internet.)

Jorge: Teka… (Wait…)

As he searched on the net, he probably saw this pic.

Jorge: Ano to? Bagong child star? (What’s this? A new child star?)

The Sydman: Global sensation.

By this time, he’s probably listening to this guy.

Jorge: Puta! Ano to? Moffats 2.0? (Dammit, what’s this? Moffats 2.0??)

The Sydman: Yan ang Charice Pempengco ng Canada! (That’s the Charice Pempengco of Canada!)

Like Bieber, Charice Pempengco is an internet darling. While Raymond Usher discovered Bieber, Youtube saw Charice. Charice, a former local singing search contestant, wowed everyone to the point that she guested on popular shows like Oprah and Ellen. She also cameo-ed in the live action sequel of Alvin and the Chipmunks (Good Times Manila reported that Charice would play Picachu in the live action version of Pokemon but it seems like it is a ruse… haha).

Anyway, she had her own take on the Bieber song and you know this is better when she did Bieber’s as well as Ludacris’ part better.

Game over.


  1. I think there's nothing wrong with that person not knowing Justin Bieber. May mga gano'ng tao talaga, hindi sa hindi sila "in." But then again...:)

  2. ay alam na niya ngayon.

    ringtone na niya ang baby.

    siguro mga last week lang. :)