Flash Forward: Splashing forward?

For two minutes and seventeen seconds, the world slept. Buildings were littered by unconscious people, everyone could only utter a deafening hush, and for the first time, time zones didn’t seem to matter.

However, transportations crashed in all parts of the world because there was no one to control them! Institutions that needed non-stop supervisions faltered. In short in that span of time, an estimate of 20 million lives never woke up.

That is why the FBI was tasked to uncover the mystery.

First up, I like the concept of people relying on their dreams to prepare for their futures. I am not a fan of sci-fi being used to promote the glossiness of the flick (in this case, show) but I love it when they use the idea of science fiction as a tool to bolster an idea. Quantum Leap was a good concept and in a way, Sliders was too (until the original characters died). Flash Forward made the world get real clairvoyance that gives the characters a mission, and the same time they are poised to prove false of these “visions”.

In terms of characters, I still need to get used on the fact that Joseph Fiennes is an action hero. Why I saw him play that role in period war movies, I can’t help but shout “miscast” when I first saw not wear mangy army chops or a Shakespearean gear. John Cho is another actor I initially thought was wrong in his character. While Cho’s guest starring appearances made his acting versatile, I can’t seem but remember him as the MILF guy in American Pie and the overly-serious Chinese guy in the epic Harold and Kumar flicks. Plus his name is Dmitri. How the holy fuck can you pull off a Korean guy named Dmitri? They probably answer this by giving the viewers an epic tale. Anyway, midway the first season, I warmed up on Fiennes and Cho. Cho’s character might be odd, but at least his bad boy, reckless persona isn’t off sync in the way he acts. Fiennes on the other hand, gives a whole new meaning of the word “action hero” by showing off intense human emotion that you just don’t see when Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, and Jean-Claude Van Damme goes for that slo-motion attack poise to end all the hardships he can endure.

It is believable because he built it up well for the sake of the audience rather to make himself look cool.

Sonia Walger is hot too. She reminded of that girl doctor for ER. Too bad ER was only interesting when George Clooney was in the show... and that was pretty much the first two or three seasons of the show! But I’m going to give bias to Jack Davenport. Davenport plays the guy with the connection to the enemy who seems to be the guy responsible for destroying Fiennes’ marriage. Fans would remember Davenport for his portrayal of Steve in the massively-popular UK sitcom Coupling. He is the second star of that show to score a hit series. Gina Bellman, who played Jane in Coupling, currently plays a “good” con artist in the Timothy Hutton-starred Leverage.

I have to admit, making this series long should be a hard task. Fans can hate the series for prolonging the reality of the flash forwards and fans should hate the series for hurrying up the reality of the flash forwards (this would probably make the series stagnant and predictable). In terms of the first season though, the show is showing promise. Hopefully they can pull a good second season and veer away from the hellhole shows like Heroes and Lost placed their selves into.

Game over.


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