Hapie Bherdhiey Enay!

Back in the early days of post-Japan Philippines, my mom was born.

She was born on 1950 but her birth certificate states 1951. The Philippines wasn't that organized then.

But definitely, her date of birth is May 12.

I was planning to do something nice for her. The great thing about her birthday is that it falls near or on Mother’s Day so her birthday celebration is also her Mother’s Day celebration.

I was planning to give her a great feast that May 9. Fact is my parents aren’t that picky when it comes to food. They prefer quantity over quality which is why we have the ability to enjoy dinners feasted inside measly fast food joints. Perhaps the most spendthrift food trip came when I graduated from college… or my sister from graduating college… or my sister graduating from nursing college when my parents forced her to study again…

Basically, he spend our expensive “food trips” at a random Max’s Restaurant… before and AFTER the “Sarap to the Bones” era (Max's hasn't been producing their chicken well since they became kind of fastfoodish).

After attending mass, I was mentioning different avenues to pig out. Ever since Cindy became my girlfriend, I eventually learned the art of fine dining. My pre-Cindy dinner dates basically had me treating a random girl to a fast food feast. I would sweet talk a girl near a couple of students doing research for their thesis! Now it’s my turn to share what I learned to my parents. Right off the bat I offered an Italian dinner. Then I went on about Asian cuisines, European fine dining, Taco Bell, and even a steak dinner even if my parents hate to go overboard on meat!

Guess where we ended up?

Yup… we ate at Max’s.

Mom thought Tomas Morato was too far and she thought of picking up groceries in Ever Commonwealth.

We still enjoyed it.

My Dad’s birthday is on June 6 and I got to find a way to get them out of Max’s.

Too bad he’s too much of a fan for Chowking’s Chopsuey.


Game Over!


  1. woots nice cake! happy birthday to your mum! =)

  2. i know. that's a cool cake! that's why when i saw in the internet, i used it! :)