Lee and Crystal: The Aftermath

For every Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, there's a Taylor Hicks.

Lee Demyze won American Idol.

Good sign or bad sign?

Let’s face it – this season hasn’t been spectacular. In fact, I can see people tuning out of the show because in nine seasons, we’ve seen pretty much we expect. I hate to admit it, but the departure of Paula Abdul and the impending exodus of Simon Cowell hurt the show. Ellen DeGeneres was fun but she struggled finding a place in the panel. She criticized for being a judge despite having zero singing credibility. She did however maintained the contestant-friendly criticisms Paula once made famous which was what Kara DioGuardi lacked. Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest will be the only original foundations of the show. I don't see a future where these two to lock lips a la Simon-Paula so where will Idol get their "judgie goodness"?

What’s constant? The fans were right in choosing the winner of the season. People were relieved when they saw Crystal Bowersox and Lee Demyze reach the finals. Unlike last year when people threw a curve ball by putting Kris Allen on what should have been a Danny Gokey versus Adam Lambert showdown.

Bowersox not winning isn’t the end of the world. Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry gained fame even if they never reached the Final Two. Being a runner-up made a lot of Idols famous. Clay Aiken is more popular than Ruben Studdard. Hicks isn’t as seen as Katharine McPhee. David Cook could be doing well but David Archuleta is gaining monster fandom from the giggly screaming girls ages 8 to 17!

And yeah… there’s Adam Lambert getting awesome acclaim that is making Allen a little bit sucky.

Commercial-wise, Lee will eat Crystal not unless the market of angry female coffee shop rockers a la Alanis Morrisette gets a bit wider. Lee can go to a band route to become a la Rob Thomas or his bluesy voice could catapult him to a route a la John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen.

Nonetheless, expect these guys to rock out in the years to come. Lee has a tendency to get the market of David Cook but Crystal has the tendency to sweep Grammy awards. Bowersox can go country or Alanis rock. I hope she goes a la Alanis because country Idol-made singers are only popular in the US.

Newsflash… the world doesn’t know country music. The only country singers we know dabble to contemporary from time to time!

Bowersox is a much, much seasoned performer than Lee, who would likely struggle to gain an identity in the post-Idol era. As of this moment, Dewyze is just a good cover singer. Without the Idol name, it’s hard for these two to get their songs out in the open. Bowersox though belts out meaningful compositions as testament to her recent return to her hometown where she sang her original work. But like I said, the days of Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos, and those other woman rockers have somewhat faded and she needs to dig that genre back to mainstream liking.

Anyway, here’s Crystal and Lee with Joe Cocker at the American Idol finale.

Game over.


  1. I wish Crystal would win...

  2. perhaps...

    but the thing about lee was that he never went to the bottom three which means that he's a consistent fan pleaser.

    i bet most of KC's votes drifted to him and that could have possibly ruined crystal's chances.