A lesson from the US that Pinoy politicians should understand.

Since this is the Philippine election season, this seems appropriate.

Let me tell you about a story that could pretty much be almost the same story when the Philippine presidential race hits this May 10!

Are you ready?

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John McCain is about to fight Barack Obama for the US Presidency.

The problem is, the old guy shtick has been long used by Ronald Reagan. McCain’s Republicans are in dire straits following outgoing Prez George W. Bush’s stand on Iraq. As we all know, that stand brought a lot of shit for Bush and quickly made him a laughing stock (no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq… so where are they hiding?).

McCain edged the other Republicans to gain the Prez seat. Unfortunately he looks too normal. At the Democrat’s side token candidates Obama and Hillary Clinton are fighting for the top spot. One is a black guy and the other is a woman… two new things to introduce to America. Eventually Barack won and McCain had to have something new to his campaign.

Enter Sarah Palin.

Palin had two very distinct qualities. First of all, she’s a woman. Second of all, she’s from Alaska. John McCain’s people thought that by bringing Palin to the mix, he’ll get some sort of edge. That could be good because Palin looked like a happy, outgoing personality that the female movement would sink their teeth into. In an age of Desperate Housewives, Palin could be the pill to solve Obama’s monstrous lead.

Unfortunately she had to become a ditz.

While Obama then and still has yet to do the big things to wow people, he was indeed an unbelievable talker. People rallied to support him. Whenever he spoke, fans marvel at his composure. McCain was smart and intelligent but he’s the typical generic, geriatric politician so if the Palin experiment works, then he’ll have a fighting chance. However, no one saw that Palin is easily a small fry in the big city. She struggled with her words early and it was evident that she’s easily rattled. Palin was an averaged talker that often finds her self using the wrong phrases to speak her mind or telling the wrong answers to simple questions.

Eventually the media got to the mix and the Republicans found out that Palin was a great find… for comic relief. Those Tina Fey impersonations really sucked the life of Palin’s exposure and Palin’s unwed daughter’s pregnancy didn’t help at all. A normal person could bear this but the governor from the far side of America would have a hard time dealing with all these pressures. The pregnancy thing was normal but the outpour of negativity was overly brutal.

In the end, Palin tried to be serious which made her cautious with her words to the point of looking weak. Because of McCain’s dependence on Palin, his campaign had a lot of buzz. Unfortunately, Obama was that strong to begin with so the buzz he got was more than he could bargain.

So what’s this story have to do with the current setting of Philippine politics?

I dunno.

Maybe it’s just me trying to combine a bunch of words so that the article would have sense?

Game over.


  1. Ronald Reagan never used the "old guy shtick." He played the role of Hollywood leading man, a strategy that ante-dates Erap's use of his celebrity status.

    John McCain represented White America, the stereotypical patriarch who looked like he rubbed elbows with the founding fathers.

    Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton were not "token candidates" as you say. They were at the forefront of the Democrats' list of presidential candidates. Either way, they were about to make US history--either America was going to get its first woman president or its first "black" president in the White House.

    Sarah Palin was THE token woman candidate fielded by the Republicans. And while Tina Fey's impersonations turned the Republican candidate into a worldwide laughing stock, it was Palin's interviews with the likes of Katie Couric that generated the most raucous guffaws.

    Former President George W. Bush was not in dire straits NOT ONLY because of the Iraq issue. The problem was--not inheriting the intelligence of his father--George Jr. was as funny as Palin.

    Get your facts straight. This post is so "gay."

  2. haha, i want to fight you but since i don't know you... you might be either an imaginary friend or a really strange stalker.

    for a big talker, you have no balls to say your name.

    Sad. :(

    but anyway...

    why shouldn't i say obama and hillary are token candidates. when was the last time an afro-american and a woman ever won presidency?

    and was daddy bush smart?

    ha... maybe you thought my site was a porn site that's why you're overly pissed.

  3. You have balls, alright. And they're the size of watermelons! Man, those are badly herniated testicles. But where's your dick?

    The token thing. You've pretty much answered your own question.

    Daddy Bush was once the intelligence chief. And no matter what these wise-cracking comedians say about their intelligence agency, it takes intelligence to run the CIA.

    And I'm not overly pissed. I just want to piss on your site. Hahaha!