Mama Zeny's now in heaven.

The last thing I will remember about her was when she rolled her eyes and circled a finger around her ears… while she had dextrose and a tube inserted in her nose… as if she’s telling our Fil-Am cousin behind his back that he’s an idiot.

That made us laugh.

Well… she was indeed funny so that’s basically a given.

More than a week later, she’s now in heaven.

What was supposed to be a birthday celebration for my Fil-Am cousin last Sunday (May 30, 2010), transformed to a celebration of Mama Zeny’s life. Mama Zeny is my mom's oldest sister-in-law (she married my mother's eldest brother). For almost 40 years, she raised a husband, five kids, and a slew of grandchildren. I’ll always remember her wisecracks – her light-hearted, kidding nature – that makes me feel that she truly loves life. We love her because she was nice and very accommodating. I remember when I was a kid… I’ll always get aguinaldo from her aside from what Papa Johnny gives me. She’ll also make me eat her feast even if she knows that I already ate in my grandparents’ house (my grandparents’ food is oilier than what they serve but that’s okay because they serve Batangas-style Kilawin). I could have been an impish brat when I was young but I never really remembered her losing her cool on me. As her house transformed through the years from a cramped, two-storied, green, wooden home to a large, marble-floored mansion, that’s very spacious and superbly clean, Mama Zeny always welcomed his nephews and nieces (eventually grandkids) with open arms.

She was 68… and she will be missed.