May 18... Tuesday!

Look at that! I just scored my fourth 100+ page views!

I like having 100+ page views!

It gives me power…

For example, I’ll post this Youtube clip!

Why did I do that? BECAUSE I CAN!

Anyway, I will be trained to become my cousin’s biatch for a month or so. He thinks he’s Barney Stinson but I see him as Barney Rubble…

Or that purple dino that slurps instead of ravaging helpless peons.

My mom volunteered me to become his tour guide. Summer is a time for tripping to beaches (beaches for bitches) and I swore to my cousin that I’ll help him hunt chicks.

Yes! Since I’m currently incapacitated to search for love elsewhere because I love my CINDY, I will act like a pimp and try to sell my cousin to women with lowered expectations and with less than stellar principles.

It’s not like it’s a hard thing to do. My cousin is a Fil-Am… that should make girls drool on him.

Don’t worry because I intend to document his every move. Hopefully he’ll drag me to places that I think is cool… and at the same time take me to places where I can score for free.

Anyway, I saw my ex’s cousin. She’s somewhat popular… especially with little kids. She sang a few songs on a Broadway-type of level and it impressed the big boss (when I heard it I thought she should be part of a Diva-like show). He insisted that she should be put on our variety programs. You know what, that should be the case – singers need to be in singing programs instead of actors that could barely hit a note. After the program she handed out the network freebies and I introduced myself. It was a cool spot for me since I don’t like celebrities because some of them are snotty bastards (or bastardas).

While waiting for an expected YM message, ten people pinged me. All those names popping made me remember the days when I never turned off the computer for two whole months!

At around June 26, I’ll hopefully spend an overnight trip with Cindy. My office friends are thinking of surfing and while I’LL NEVER SWIM IN PLACES WHERE MY SHOULDERS WILL SUBMERGE, I’m just looking forward in taking a stroll out of the norm. I wanted this earlier because Cindy has been pissed off lately by stress and fatigue and a hint of relaxation should cure her problems. Hours ago, she sent an email about an inexpensive trek to the mouth of Mt. Pinatubo and that could be fun. The Corregidor trip was awesome and I am dreaming of the day where we’ll travel to Batanes, Palawan, Bohol or somewhere that we could nature-trip!

However the date of the trip is tentative because June screams rainy season and I don’t know how long this “dry spell” would endure. Also, I am bracing for a ton of work to embrace me. I don’t know how it will bite me… but it bites hard every time you don’t expect it.

Anyway, I’m off to Batangas where I’ll hopefully not dread traffic as I return to work the next day.

Game over.


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