Mayweather versus Mosley: The Aftermath

The fight was interesting.

I just don’t why.

(This article should have been put up as early as an hour after the Mayweather-Mosley fight ended on GMA… which was about 2:00pm but when I tried to upload it, technical problems ensued. I added a bunch of words to further make the article current.)

Maybe it’s because of the post-fight words Floyd Mayweather Jr. will mouth. Maybe it’s because of Shane Mosley’s attempt to trash talk Money... only to meet a gruelling straight to the face.

Maybe it’s because we just saw what to expect from Mayweather when he eventually faces Manny Pacquiao.

Mosley looked like 20-year-old when he started the match. He looked aggressive and he made Mayweather lounge to his turtle-shell stance. However, when Money got rocked in the second round, he administered pain. Mayweather used his blinding speed to shame Sugar Shane. The way he switched from offense to defense in the fight was shocking. The “L” defense where his defensive stance looked like former New York Knicks’ star Larry Johnson’s taunt after scoring a three-point shot proved to be an amazing arsenal. Mosley got older and older as the rounds wear on.

When it was all said and done, Mayweather had two judges score 119 to 109 in his favor and had a judge score 118 to 110... also in his favor.

Sugar Shane found himself in a tight spot. He tried to incite riot in the eighth round (?) by trying to insult Mayweather but I thought it was dumb for Shane Mosley to not be active enough to protect himself while trash talking. I found it funny when Mayweather punched Mosley while talking that rocked Mosley and afterwards Mayweather was trash talking Mosley... but with his defensive stance intact. I never saw Floyd get nervous in the fight. You can see his Olympic-style way of putting his opponents down worked for him. In the Olympics, the best way to score wins is by properly fusing your offense with your defense. Boxing is a scoring system and knocking your opponent out is a cute way of being dominant and opposing! Come the sixth round, Mosley became an old man attempting to hunt for his former luster... that unfortunately he never got back. The good news though is Mosley can still fight the other welterweights out there. The bad news is he’ll still have a hard time selling those sacred PPV buys! Maybe Pacquiao would try to feed on him… although at this point, fight fans are clamouring for Pacman to face the winner of the Floyd-Shane match… and not its loser.

Local fight fans were forced to hear Chino Trinidad doing good play-by-play with Quinito Henson on his side. This is one of those fights that I hoped Brian Viloria was available to commentate. The Hawaiian Punch sounds like a baby version of Alex Compton but at least his quivers have gone less since he first “tried” to commentate on a fight. Anyway for one thing, Chino Trinidad didn’t annoy me as much. Actually, I haven’t been annoyed with Chino Trinidad for a while now. He is animated and he calls the fights with less critique. I feel Chino wasn’t that biased and was more observant of Floyd’s antics as if to brace the people of his arsenal if and when the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight will be staged. Quinito on the other hand, was very, VERY pro-Pacquiao to the point that the annotating suffered. There were punches that weren’t called, there were repetitive facts, and there were biased comments.

Sure, Money can’t knock Mosley... and Juan Manuel Marquez out but you can’t argue that in the eyes of the judges, he was the one to watch. Watching MMA taught me that referee stoppages are mere bonuses. Next week, I’ll check out Shogun Rua versus Lyoto Machida. I will not expect a stoppage in this fight and instead I will look forward on the tactics they will commence.

Henson also wrote superbly-biased articles in his Philippine Star column… even to the point of giving Top Ten reasons why Money won’t prevail on the Pacman. I never complained about him constantly talking with Karl Malone’s ex-wife’s family and we rallied behind him when he said Jack Nicholson was a snob but please tell me… is he in Pacman’s payroll? We are Filipinos… that alone is enough to make us hate Floyd Mayweather! But why push it even further; such narrative battery makes me feel sorry for Pretty Boy because even if he performed a near-perfect bout, he can’t still buy love from Mr. Henson.

Anyway at the end of the day, people will look at this sparring session and conclude how brilliant Mayweather was here. You also need to check out the Money’s bulked body that he concocted because that IS a defensive body (if there is such a thing as a defensive body). Clottey looks like a log but Mayweather looks like a log that’s thrice as strong and flexible. Not to worry people because Pacquiao is built to kill offensively especially with the way the side of his body is shaped like wings. Maybe Pacquiao could have that frame especially since he is a fitness freak. Hopefully Pacman could use his offense wisely because if Money’s jabs are what like what I saw it were, then Pacquiao could be in for the treat. Josh Clottey had jabs connecting to Pacquiao’s face that made his face swell. This is why Floyd called Manny one-dimensional. That L-shaped stance is Floyd’s biggest gadget to expose what he said on Pacquiao.

I agree with Freddie Roach that Money needed a couple of fights to cure his ring rusts. I will also advise that to Pacquiao if he was in that situation. Floyd is a very smart and wily fighter. He is not easily baited. At the end of the fight, he says he’s ready to face Pacquiao only if the blood tests happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayweather scratch that condition altogether. As of this moment, I believe that there is a reason for people to get weary of Mayweather. Marquez was a good meat... but it seems too ambitious to brag about a fighter that had to climb a weight class to fight Floyd (aside from the fact that Floyd entered the dance overweight and Marquez has been defeated by Pacquiao). Mosley is a great meat to flaunt around Manny because Pacquiao himself predicted that Mosley will defeat Floyd.

Both fighters are coming from unanimous decision matches. I can’t say they are entertaining, but at least these fights showed their dominance. I believe after the elections, Pacquiao should consider fighting Mayweather. Unfortunately, someone needs to push him to take the bait as when the GMA news team tried to contact him moments after the fight, all his handlers said to them was Pacquiao has been sound asleep.

Like what Chino Trinidad is saying, VOTE PACQUIAO VERSUS MAYWEATHER IN 2010!

Game over!

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  1. Sino si Shogun Roa? Anak ni Boots Anson-Roa?

    At sino ang nagtu-"turtle-shell stance"? Si Joshua Clottey, oo. Pero si Mayweather?