Playoff Madness

Yes I know… it’s too early to tell. Orlando’s bad juju could be countered to send a wicked Hex on the Green Team. The Suns could shine in the West to cancel the Lake Show’s dominance. But as of this moment, it looks like that epic battle between the Lakers and the Celtics would happen.


I am a huge fan of the Bird-Magic era and while Magic Johnson got the better of Larry Bird in terms of championships, I am a lean, mean, and green Boston Celtics fan. I like their history. While I hate the fact that Phil Jackson has surpassed Red Auerbach (Jackson claimed six rings when he was with my other favorite team, the Chicago Bulls), I know that the mere fact that these two teams would play one another would make this epic battle floor the ratings. A constellation of legends wore purple and gold during their lifetimes. Ditto for the team that sport green and white.

This should be fun!

I never thought I would say this but I’m now a Rajon Rondo fan. I always thought of him as the lucky guy that rode the coattails of Pierce, Allen, and Garnett to superstardom. Same goes for Kendrick Perkins… but I had more disdain for Rajon. When Stephon Marbury came to the team I really wanted him to play well so that Rajon could be dealt elsewhere. I had the same thought when Boston brought in Sam Cassell… and most recently, Nate Robinson.

But you know what? I was stupid for me to think Rajon Rondo sucks.

Check this out!

Sure, I am a very, VERY huge Kevin Garnett fan but Rondo is the glue that holds these egos from total chaos. Ragin’ Rondo is an offensive onslaught when needed but a top-calibre point guard on a daily basis. It seems like all the Celtics guards of the yesteryears are guiding him to do well! You can see flashes of Bob Cousy, Jo Jo White, Nate Archibald, Dennis Johnson, and KC Jones in his movements!

Sure, at this point anything could happen. Orlando swept Charlotte and Atlanta so you know that they have the goods while Phoenix dismantled San Antonio and Portland. But at this point, the Lakers and the Celtics are lording in their respective series and Games 3 and 4 would prove pivotal in determining the two teams that would clash in the finals.

And before we end this, here’s Shannon Brown performing one of the greatest missed dunks in NBA history.

Game over.


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