Ricky Gervais Freelove Freeway!

Hey! Guess who got smarter again?


Just kidding (about the smart part). While my brain was giving out signals whose worth is nothing, I tried to open up the gauge by pressing my keyboard to You Tube. The tour “portaled” me to an awesome character named Ricky Gervais. Ricky of course, played David Brent in the UK version of The Office.

Dammit, that guy is cool. American audiences would find it hard to identify him but just like Simon Pegg, they are taking America by storm!

Remember how he made fun of everyone in the 2009 Emmy Awards?

Or when he pwned Steve Carell during the 2008 Emmys?

Anyway, during his run as David Brent, he did an awesome song called Freelove Freeway. This is why I like British programs… they do awesome things!

The song was so awesome that heavy metal rock band Sons of Butcher covered the song and mixed it with their awesomeness.

I will end this with Ricky Gervais talking to Sesame Street's Elmo! ONLY Ricky Gervais could ever say Necrophilia to Elmo!


Anyway, all hail Ricky Gervais! Brain-signal emulator!

Game over!


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