Sausagefest 2k10: The Anawangin Preview

After a one year hiatus, the Sausagefest returns! We had gone to Lemery and San Juan, Batangas. We had gone to Zambales! We had gone to Antipolo!

Hell, we had gone to Laguna (although I don’t know if people wanted to remember our trip to Laguna)!

In a couple of hours I will be traveling to Anawangin Beach Cove.

Welcome to Sausagefest 2k10 (I "borrowed" the pic from the TNL site)!

Unlike past versions, the headcount isn’t loaded. The only thing I can say here is that I may or may not hate this. Aluwangin is some sort of “untapped” tropical getaway. People honestly think that no technology would even pass the place.

I like technology.

We will reside for more than 24 hours without a cottage, near a bonfire, where the scary part of trekking is stepping on a random person’s shit.


But here’s the thing – when we were in Zambales, we confined ourselves at a small cottage where some stationed their snores in unoccupied shelters. In San Juan, there are four people in one bed. Point is, the group has the ability to improvise regardless of how crappy the surroundings here.

I might try to trek the place since swimming isn’t my best skill. Running isn’t also one of my best skills so I hope I won’t be eaten by some insane beast.

To check out the purity of the landscape I will try to shit on the water… to merely test its pristine-ness.

Anyway, here is the research I scoured in the net regarding Aluwangin.


If your idea of a beach trip is chillin’ out by the beach in a hammock, singing around a campfire with a guitar and climbing beach cliffs to wait for the sunset then you should definitely go to Anawangin.

The Beach Cove

Anawangin is a cove in the town of San Antonio in Zambales. It is a beach that has an off-white sand and an evergreen forest cover near the shore (you’ll rarely see a coconut tree in Anawangin). Behind the forest is a small stream that flows out to the sea (During summer this stream dries up into a shallow pond). There are also two beach cliffs bounding the beach, which you can hike up and enjoy the view.

Getting There

Going to Anawangin will approximately take 6 hours. From Manila, you can drive or take a bus to San Antonio, Zambales. Upon arriving at San Antonio you can hire a boat at Pundaquit that will take you to Anawangin. It is advisable to leave Manila at night so it wouldn’t be hot while traveling.

Best Time To Go

The best time to go would be around February when the weather is not too hot and humid, and there are not as many people camping. Though we like the hippie vibe during the Summer months of April and May, the campsite is just too crowded.

What To Bring

There are no modern facilities in Anawangin; there are only a couple of toilets (without roofs) and water pumps as sources of running water. Bring lots of drinking water since drinking from the water pump is not safe, and the weather tends to be too hot at around 12 noon. Also bring your own food, there are no hotels and resorts that could prepare meals for you. For sleeping, you have to bring your own tent and pitch it under the forest cover where it is much cooler than by the shore.

What to do

Anawangin is definitely Boracay’s exact opposite in terms of development, but that doesn’t mean you’ll run out of stuff to do during your stay. Here are some suggested activities you could do aside from lying in a hammock by the beach:

1. Bonfire

Gather fallen twigs and light up a fire for warmth during the night. Bring a guitar so you can sing around the campfire. Just don’t forget to put it out when going to sleep.

2. Climbing

The beach is bound by two cliffs in the north and south. The northern cliff is higher and is not adviseable to trek in since it has loose rocks. The southern cliff is gentler and is easier to climb. You can get a great view of the beach at sunset (just don’t forget to bring flashlights so you could see your way down).

3. Trekking

Behind the evergreen forest is a stream (a dry riverbed in the summer) leading to a large hill. You can trek your way to this hill, just be cautious since there were reports that there are wild animals in this area.

4. Skimboarding

You could bring your skimboard to practice your moves. The beach is great for this activity since it has a fine sand and few rocks.

5. Ultimate Frisbee

Have your group play with you or better yet, invite other campers to join your group for a great game of frisbee.

You can arrange sidetrips with your boatman if you want to go island hopping. Nearby are Capones and Camara Islands. Capones Island is known for its centuries-old Spanish lighthouse while Camara Island is a rock climbing destination. Inform your boatman in advance and clear the details with him since there is no cellphone signal coverage in Anawangin.

So there you have it. No cellphone coverage, no gourmet dishes, yes to wild animals, no toilets, hotness guaranteed, and potential death from boredom.

If you see a ultra-white fat person beached to the shore, maybe you can get this author’s autograph!

Game over.


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