A Sydrified Public Service Announcement!

Ha! My pet blog just had its third 100+ page views in a span of a month!

Actually I had 109 page views. My career-high was 120. The first time I reached 100 was when I had 105 page views.

I am happy with this? I’m kind of happy…

But I neglected my other blog, which is Gwapology. I might re-launch this in the near future but I’m going to do it in my vernacular.

Anyway, there’s a button in the upper right corner of this blog where some of my experiences happened. You could click the picture so that you can see almost 30 articles of unusual crap.

By the way, because the Philippine presidential election is just around the corner, I will create a Sydrified coverage regarding the events that had and will transpire during the said date. You need to catch my in-depth analysis as well as my one-on-one interview with popular Facebook user, blogger, and Justin Bieber wannabe Jorge Cosgayon.

Yes, there will be a slight rebirth of Snapshots: Office Bromance for the sake of the elections!



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