Too Naughty

If you type “Banned Commercials” in Youtube, you will see a dozen of sexy ads that never had a long tenure in the small screen because it’s either vulgar or “insert random segment”-ist for some insane reason.

I think it’s a writer’s dream to have something provocative parading for the enjoyment of a bunch of people. But you know what, it’s equally-pleasing if people ban your ad because it’s too… you know… rated R.

I was given a task to conceptualize a gym membership poster. It was ironic for me because Fitness First branches inside the mall scare the fuck off me. I admit, I thought of decimating my one-big bulging pack but you know what… these rock-abbed guys need to look good because they have nothing to show besides that (Note: If you notice the "Aargh!!! Creative Constraints" strip, they weren't there when the ad first came out).

Yes, that’s what I say to myself when I ride the manual treadmill I bought recently to make my parents aware that I am indeed serious on taking away my bulge.

So I made a lot of headlines and I was happy that some of the provocative ones got the nod. Of course, there were also the not-so-provocative headlines because deep inside I know that there are people that would get pissed at it.

Yes, it did found its mark on some people. I was happy it found its way on circulation… even for a short period. Honestly? I was bracing myself on the reaction. Making fun of weight is such a touchy subject and adding this with raunchiness not meant to those that aren’t Gen-X and you get BOOM… recall!

Anyway, this is not the first time I got the recall buzzer. I did a plug about this reality dating show.

I think I pinched a nerve when I just whaled away on a commercial without telling the concept to my boss.

Game over!


  1. i think some of the banned ads are just parodies.. =)

  2. ha! i forgot to mention that filipinos would definitely get a kick out of this article.

    sorry foreigners. :)

  3. ken i have to disagree.

    it really depends on what culture/religion/whatever are you talking to. I don't expect a random religious channel to feature an ad about women mud wrestling, right? :)

    although... I like to look at ads that are raunchy because there are ideas out there that's good enough to steal. hehehe! :)

  4. yeah.. some so-called banned ads are just spoofs and gags.

    Filipino TV still tries to be conservative.

  5. erwin i agree.

    although, i am happy that we haven't been disrespecting religious beliefs unlike other countries.