UFC 113: The Review

I was helping my father do an errand that Sunday morning so when I remembered the fight, all I saw was Mike Goldberg’s rundown of events.

I did see the replay the day after.

By the way the reason I forgot to watch this live was because I didn’t hear the bell rang.

(crickets chirping)

See, if that reason didn’t work for me then how can that work on Paul Daley!!!

Anyway, the PPV had a lot of disappoints, low blows, and shockers. Five matches caught my interest me and luckily I wrote them down early because part of my brain got clogged from the overwhelming forcefeed of number caused by the national elections!

Game starts now!


Things get underway in Montreal and we start off with an American battling a Canuck! Canadian Patrick “The Predator” Cote has never lost a fight in Canadian soil. There’s always a first time for everything though. Cote had the match figured out but Alan “The Talent” Belcher was resilient enough to withstand Cote’s push. All of a sudden Cote found himself in a powerbomb-like position and Belcher nailed him with a jackknife-like bomb which led to Belcher cranking a choke hold on Cote. Cote thought the move was illegal but clearly that it wasn’t a dirty tactic.


I feel sad for Kimbo. A couple of years back, Slice looking like a grizzly bear scares the hell out of people. Now Slice looking like that just screams old, gruff man for me. Sure, he has power. The problem with Kimbo is that UFC fighters need to have a polish ground and stand up game which he lacks. If there is such a thing as UFC heavyweight tag team championship, I would pair Matt Metrione with Brock Lesnar. With most of the fun residing in the lower weight classes, Metrione’s demented killing machine persona is something to pounce upon. A former New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings linebacker, Metrione smiles while punishing his opponent (which is typical of him since I first saw him on The Ultimate Fighter). Those punishing leg kicks destroyed Slice! Eventually Kimbo crashed to the mat and Metrione killed him with a barrage of blows and holds. The only problem Metrione encountered was how to make Kimbo tap. One thing we can say about Kimbo is that he never tapped out. The bad thing about this is the fact that is this the Kimbo that we’ll always see in the UFC? Kimbo should train more because he’s just embarrassing himself.

When he was in EliteXC, he was the star. But an old and one-dimensional street fighter like Kimbo can’t really see himself becoming the best if he doesn’t take the time to improve on his game. Hell, maybe the 36-year-old KEVIN FERGUSON needs to up his game more if and when he tries to return to the octagon in the near future because as far Dana White is concerned Kimbo’s UFC stint is over.


It had blood and technique but since I don’t know these two, I wasn’t really keen of watching Jeremy Stevens and Sam Stout go to distance. I thought UFC hates Canadian fighters fighting in Canadian soil until I saw Stevens pausing mid-fight which caused Stout to go on an offensive. The body hook rattled Stevens but that doesn’t mean he’ll lose this fight. Postfight... Stevens cursed.

That’s cool.

And yeah, UFC hates Canadian fighters fighting in Canadian soil.


Any fighter that took part on the Ultimate Fighter 1 is my favourite which is why this guy could do no wrong for me (except when he fights Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez and Forrest Griffin). Since the start of the match, Kos managed to destroy Semtex’s bombs by slamming him to the ground repeatedly. While the match wasn’t really a pretty one, the color it gave was fascinating. Like Joe Rogan said, these two guys are anti-heroes and both despise the other with supreme gusto. Both fighters shunned the ref before he could even finish his sentence about Kos and Daley shaking hands. Koscheck was the dominant fighter though and that was evident throughout the match. Daley grew frustrated since Kos’ ground game is restricting him from inflicting heavy damage. When he escaped Koscheck’s ground hold, he kicked Kos while getting up. Like Eddie Guerrero during his wrestling matches, Kos feigned injury and sold the kick as if that made him grow a boob in the ear and the ref instantly deducted a point on Daley... which he later corrected after seeing the replay. Daley missed everything and Kos getting the opportunity to create something from Daley’s mistake was the trend throughout the match.

When the fight was over, I thought Daley was going to give Koscheck a hug and a good fight gesture but instead Semtex gave Kos a menacing punch that made the ref use his monstrous built to cramp Daley on the corner.

The left hook AFTER the fight was the best shot Daley scored...

Until the Kos pissed off the crowd.

Anyway Josh Koscheck will face Georges St. Pierre for his welterweight belt. While Kos has improved, I don’t think Kos would do the same thing with GSP since Rush is a more complete fighter than Daley, whose more of a standup fighter than a wrestler. Anyway, I’m looking forward on Kos versus GSP.

Paul Daley? The sucker punch caused him unemployment where he’ll likely talk smack with a PO-ed Kimbo.


I told everyone I know that Machida will lose against Mauricio. I recently saw the match and while I saw Machida looked good on the floor (haha), I was amazed at Shogun’s striking. Honestly I hated the commentating of this match because Rogan and Goldberg kept telling the audience that Machida just had surgery... which is like making the public brace the fact that this will be a short match (they did this also during Tito Ortiz’ grudge match against Forrest Griffin). Anyway, Machida looked injury-less as he punched, kicked, and slammed his way to try to win the match. Unfortunately Rua had a lot of pain dishing to Machida as well. The cranium clip near Machida’s ear walloped The Dragon’s chances enough to drop him and this is where Rua unleashed his fists. The ref didn’t want to call off the match but 10 punches later, the ref had to stop the match. Machida lost his first match in his MMA career and I think Lyoto is extremely pissed... especially with the way he’ll wake up feeling up that nasty-looking cut in his eye. It was unfortunate for Machida because he was the person winning that opening round. Perhaps getting the belt away from him is a good thing since his title bouts pretty much were fought for him not to lose than for him owning the competition. In short, chasing that belt will perhaps give him the swagger he seemed to lost.

Anyway, Shogun wins... but I don’t know if this rivalry will be over.

I was happy that UFC 113 had drama. I hope the GSP-Kos match would be awesome although I’m actually looking forward to seeing Quentin “Rampage” Jackson FN destroy Sugar Rashad Evans.

As I final heave, I found the top ten MMA welterweights as per Sterling Spiars (post-UFC 113)


I have yet to see a Hieron, Hornbuckle, or Shields fight but that’s probably my problem and not the ranking’s fault.

Jon Fitch is there? Holy crap welterweights! Stay away from this guy BECAUSE HE WILL EAT YOU!!!

Except for Rush.

Rush can tame Fitch.


But he’ll probably soften him up by speaking a ton of glorious French words that sound like fairies sprinkling their dust.

Yeah, I might be high right now.

Game over!


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