WWE Extreme Rules 2010: The Review

It was a welcome surprise for me to channel surf last Sunday night because at least I get to see a part of Extreme Rules 2k10.

I am lovin’ Solar TV again.

Have I said that?

Sheamus destroying Hunter is brutal but we all know HHH was taking his time off to film a WWE-produced movie so I found no shock on this “injury”.

The CM Punk / Rey Mysterio match looked good. Whoever interfered in that match should get Mysterio’s ire when he gets revealed. I love how they are using CM Punk these days. Sure, it looks like a merger between Raven’s Flock and Stevie Richards’ Right to Censor, but Punk saving people and calling himself “The Messiah” is one of the hottest things to jeer in the WWE.

Sometimes, I want to see this kind of attitude on the UFC guys. Sure, tell me that they are real fighters without no trips on theatrics but wrestling started out as two guys battling it out without storylines. A couple of years later, look what happened?

I must admit Jack Swagger’s turn from midcard to WWE champion surprised a lot of people but finally the “E” found a person to replace Kurt Angle. Randy Orton’s face turn meanwhile looked very natural. He is still a “heel” at heart but people react differently on him because they know that he is now a full-pledged star. I believe this was the same route Stone Cold Steve Austin had when he went to the top of the WWE. The match wasn’t really pretty because while they reacted well when Orton did damage, they didn’t know how to react when Swagger was doing his arsenal. That would eventually change when people know his moveset. The RKO from nowhere post-match was a cool spot.

HHH returned to fight Sheamus but I hope WWE didn’t censor blood in their “PG” environment because kendo sticks and lead pipes hitting a person’s head without blood seems lacking.

The Chris Jericho-Edge match felt slow at first but it worked well at the end. The springboard Codebreaker left awesome and I love Jericho’s reactions. Edge won but should people be alarmed on how thin he got?

I miss Batista’s machine gun entrance. Why do wrestlers always come out on a spotlight every time they turn bad guy? John Cena’s offense has improved and Batista works well when he plays with a good worker. At least they have an opportunity to improve their Wrestlemania match via a gimmick match. Anyway, I remember when Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka fought their match in ECW: One Night Stand and this match felt like that. The crowd chants for Cena but they do that as well with Batista who is the bad guy in this match. Tables are torn in half, barricades are destroyed, kendo sticks, chairs, steel steps and everything that could leave a typical man in a pool of blood were used. The match ended with Cena wrapping duct tape on Batista in the ring post and since this is a “Last Man Standing” Match, Cena wins because Batista can’t stand. The end sucks because Cena could have taunted Batista and destroyed Batista with a barrage of foot stomps and perhaps a more brutal display of force like a chair shot, sledgehammer shot, and even a flaming bat shot on the head!

And I again, the lack of blood in this match makes me feel that there’s something missing in this match. But you can’t say that this match isn’t entertaining. The hotness of the crowd reaction virtually sums up the outcome.

Again, let me tell you on how I love Solar for putting this match on Free TV.

What’s next?

Game over.


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