On June 30, Filipinos will set their sights in the Quirino Grandstand to witness Noynoy Aquino’s inauguration as the fifteenth president of the Republic.

The accidental head of state started his rise after his mom’s death and he had endure the hardships caused by his entry to the big stage – which is his inexperience, milking his parents’ legacy, and a little sister that loves to be in the spotlight.

Noynoy Aquino will be the first bachelor president of the Philippines. To show support, Kris Aquino separated from James Yap. Kris said this was two years in the making. Unlike other people, I don’t really hate Kris for being tactless and being a loudmouth. However, of all the days after her brother’s swearing in, why at the brink of June 30?

Let’s face it – inasmuch as Kris could be loving and caring on screen and off, does it suck that she has to tell 100 million Filipinos about her marital squabbles? Kris Aquino fell for a man who by this time, should be still going to beer gardens, strip joints, and… computer shops where he’ll go insane checking out his Facebook or ugh… Friendster page. This proves the disadvantage of the cougar setup – when the dream is gone, the nightmares follow.

I remember when Kris aired her troubles in TV Patrol live at the height of the Joey Marquez-Kris Aquino controversy. Kris shared to everyone how Tsong infected her with STD and how Tsong poked a gun on her face.

Kris should learn the virtue of silence, especially now that she’s one of the four “first ladies” of the republic (unless Noynoy proposes and marries the hot councilor chick). Katrina Halili is the bigger star compared to Maricar Reyes but Maricar managed to gain respect by allowing the scandal to breeze by.

And to think that compared to Maricar’s trifecta of MP4 and FLV files, Katrina’s face wasn’t really that visible. It’s hard for Maricar to even shrug of the visibility of her face (not to mention her flexibility) during the Hayden Kho tapes but people are quick to forget the events that unfold… not unless people remind it to other people.

I guess a random reporter, cameraman, or hell… someone with a camera in his phone would rather click and listen to Kris and James’ drama instead of Noynoy Aquino’s first speech as president.

Hopefully, their fighting will give way for the sake of the state.

Ninoy and Cory is smiling in heaven right now and hopefully they’ll remain proud of their son’s accomplishments until the end of his term.

Game over.

When you say Pinoy singer/songwriter, the first person that pops in your head is Ogie Alcasid.

And then… there’s Rey Valera.

Rey Valera has been the epitome of those ever-so-popular songs of the seventies and eighties… most of which have become movie titles, Sharon Cuneta revivals, and now soap opera soundtracks.

Then in 2008, Michael V spoofed him as the extremely wide-awake and neurotic crooner named Rey Bolero.

Here is the duo’s performance during Bubble Gang’s 13th anniversary.

Game over.
I had to pull out my previous videos because it didn’t have the “Sydrified” hotness feel.

(Thanks a lot, Geist!)

Anyway, since he’s right and I’m just lazy, here is this superb video I saw in Youtube to sub for my pulled works.

Game over.

Remember that Yoyoy Villame song about the 1994 Manila Film Festival?

It goes a little something like this:

“Take it, take it… Babajee…”

Her devious distinction also caused a certain long-chinned person to have stage name…

…Although it was more of a homage to Babalu than to Babajee.

Anyway, she was one of the faces that stuck when the Philippines hosted the 1994 Miss Universe beauty pageant. Amongst the popular beauties then were 1993 Miss Universe winner Dayanara Torres (Aga Muhlach’s ex), Philippines’ Charlene Gonzales (Aga Muhlach’s wife). 1994 Miss Universe winner Sushmita Sen, Australia’s Michelle Van Eimeren, and Belgium’ eye candy Cristelle Roelandts.

She’s the chick on the pic.

You must be VERY happy right now.

Anyway, like Michelle, Charlene, and Dayanara, former Miss Mauritius Viveka Babajee also tried her luck in making it big as a Philippine actress. Because of the popularity of the pageant, she became an instant celebrity. This was the time when beauty queens like Charlene, Michelle Aldana, Anjanette Abayari, Dindi Gallardo, Janine Barredo, and those other sexy hotties can become leading ladies… especially in action movies.

All of a sudden, she’s a viable person enough to present the prestigious Best Actor plum in the 1994 Manila Filmfest scandal. I can still remember how Gretchen Baretto looked extremely staggered when for some insane reason, Babajee forgot to understand the letters of the English alphabet.

When the scandal broke out and Lolit Solis, Gabby Concepcion, Ruffa Gutierrez, among others were placed in the hot seat, Babajee took the next plane out of Manila (Mayor Alfredo Lim wanted her to be tried alongside the others in this deceit case). Who knows if she did return to perhaps clear her name? But how could she – the camera was in the right spot as she tried to hide the envelope! When she flew out, the only news about her was the scandal, and the song that Yoyoy made…

That is, until now.

Her lifeless body was seen hanging below a ceiling fan. A suicide note was also spotted. Neighbors reported that they smelled gas or some ghoulish stench from her place which prompted them to call the police.

She moved from Mauritius to India where she became a popular actress-model. She had a condom ad and a Kama Sutra guide or something. Anyway she was part of Bollywood’s charm until depression ruined her.

She’ll probably take her act in the afterlife.

Maybe she could ask Yoyoy who’s also in the afterlife to give his novelty tune a “Bollywood” feel.

Game over.

Who ever thought that June was the perfect time to premiere Pinoy flicks in cinemas must be insane.

Can the love of a father and daughter withstand Kung-Fu, a bunch of moving toys, outlaws, renegades, a prince, a giant dog, four annoying socialites, and a girl torn between a vampire and a werewolf?

By the way, please women of all ages… just watch Twilight with your lady friends. My GF hates the movie but I pity those guys that will lose 100 manhood points for getting dragged helplessly to that spot... wait... to that 3D spot.

This day…

This day is something I wish to forget.

This is the wrong time for thinking too much.

I’m not going to write heavy things right now.

I want to.

But I’d rather not.

I can see the ratings dip right now.

Maybe to save it, I’ll say a random celebrity and put her pic beside it, and tag a lot of sentences to explain her awesomeness.

Hey, Charice Pempengco is something these days. After that Alvin in the Chipmunks cameo, she’ll have a recurring role in Season Two of Glee. Am I surprised? Yeah… actually, I am. There are a lot of Pinoys saying they are successful Hollywood stars but all they have are art films. Others are doing crappy roles and are hell-bent to resurrect their pledging careers.

Charice will follow the footsteps of Lou Diamond Philips, Tia Carrere, and Rob Schneider. Unlike these folks though, Charice is a Filipina that emerged out of the spotlight via the internet. This led to her appearances in Ellen, Oprah, and that Chipmunks squeak-well. I think she’ll do well in Glee.


Screw it.

I’m just going to think of a better and CUTER celebrity to talk about.

Have any of you noticed the KC Concepcion, Gabby Concepcion, and Jericho Rosales movie? I noticed that their film is now showing. I don’t know the premise of the movie, nor will I like or unlike the flick.

Oh wait… this just in. The flick is called I’ll Be There.

Lemme guess… it came from a hit song that’s being revived?

Like I said, I have nothing against the movie.

It’s just when my GF and I were about to watch The Karate Kid in Trinoma, I thought the film missed out on something that’s sacred.

Did anyone notice what this film is up against?

Yes, I thought the flick has a potential to draw more audiences had not it pitted itself with those Hollywood heavyweights. It never helped that KC has been on some sort of a hiatus in terms of drama. She’s doing hosting chores but people need to see her cry since that is her bread and butter. Anywho, the flick batched itself with big-budget films like The Killers, The A-Team, The Karate Kid, Toy Story 3, and Letters to Juliet.

Wait… I am forgetting something.

Oh I remember.

Remember when Sex in the City 1 was watched by many, many people? Unfortunately the sequel didn’t fare well in Metro Manila because of the big movies that debuted. And here’s the bad part – because before those flicks were Shrek 4, Prince of Persia, Marmaduke, and Robin Hood. Straight ahead come flicks like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Knight and Day, and that monster hit that would make girls and gays giggle with glee Twilight: Eclipse. In other words, I’ll be There will probably see itself getting watched via DVD, pirated DVD, or Cinema One. The best thing the flick could offer is by getting acclaim in other parts of the country and the world.

It could have worked better if the film had an established love team or a play date that started a months before these American summer films stormed the capital. And why is there a barrage of foreign films hitting our scene? Shouldn’t there be a branch to regulate the influx of foreign films to save our movie industry?

But maybe it’s just me but it would be so very wrong if the film tells the people that the film destroyed box-office records.

If this wasn’t their movie, I’ll probably see these celebs also watching the other flicks. But just like that saying goes… love your own.

Now that’s a better celebrity to pick out.

I feel totally relieved that I stopped myself for going to the Glee route.

Will this score a bucket-load of hits?

Game over.

The Boston-LA hatred that swept the world is now over.

But that doesn’t mean that sports stories would die with it!

Try to be a dear and visit http://www.armchairjocks.com/.

You can see my foreign sports stories on that site.

I’m still also contributing at http://www.hoops.blink.ph/ and you need to check that site out because in a week or so I will do the impossible and “love the majesty” of the Los Angeles Lakers.

(This is for recognizing my agreement with Chrisangelo that I will love the Lakers in one thread if and when they win the Finals against the Boston Celtics… in which they did. I just prolonged this agony because work is too powerful for me to not mind... as far excuses goes.)

Game over.

My friend Morpheus sent me a Youtube clip as to why prostitutes should have benefits.

And while yeah, they get freebies (hehehe), I believe if and when whoring becomes legal, they should have more. The risks their job exhibits are pretty whacked so that’s why they need to get compensation for their hard work.

Perhaps a dental plan?

This clip is basically a couple of chicks selling their bodies for money.

People should get a bite seeing this.

Game over.

Less than half… but still awesome.

Flag Counter says I only managed to get 634 page views yesterday.

Fine by me I guess. Even if I lost 60 percent of my readers two days ago, this is still the second-best output that my blog got.

Anyway, this post is a mere outlet for me to post this Southeast Asian product called Super Titi.

Game over.

I’m not that good in reviewing food because I don’t like spending on fine dining.

That’s why whenever Cindy and I date, I pay for the movies while she pays for the food.

No… it’s not a cheapskate move.

No. No. No.

Anyway, I now know how King Kong felt when choppers tried to disturb him by circling around and pissing him off.

This is not the first time I ate at Grilled Tomato Tomas Morato. Located at the heart of Quezon City’s bar scene, this Persian cuisine place is a well known eatery amongst party-goers and college students. My GF introduced me to the place and even if the food tastes bland most of the time, the place is fine in terms of budget and service.

But during that lunch, it was the complete opposite. To their excuse, Grilled Tomato was in the middle of renovation. Past establishments like Reyes Barbecue and that Cheesecake place have moved out, leaving the place to hog the spotlight.

The first thing we noticed when we entered GT was the place isn’t that cold. We still ordered anyway and when the GF was playing for the grub I decided to take a leak. The CR is cramped but it was tolerable. When I got out of the CR though, flies scattered the minute I stepped on a particular spot. I shocked me but we already ordered so we sat. We ordered Sarsi in can and bottled water. Maybe I’m used to eating in refined places but during the last time we ate there, the waitress gave us the drinks with glasses with ice. I had to call the attention of the waitress to give us glass wares. It took the waitress a long time to give us the glass wares so you can imagine how long it took them to give us the order. For an establishment I once loved for the service, they were subpar at this point. When our orders came, I forgot to ask for extra rice.

A real man should always entertain the idea to BUY EXTRA RICE even if he feels full.

Honestly, I was about too but then again, who could eat when flies roam your body. Yes, those damned insects roamed, touched, and annoyed what should have been a good food moment. I usually chew my food well because I need to defend the fact that I spent 150php for it.

I was like walking to Quiapo, looking for a jeep that would send me to Shaw Boulevard, but there are a lot of men circling you to either buy pirated DVD’s, porn DVD’s, or PIRATED PORN DVD’s! I finished my food amidst the distractions quite fast and swung my hands mindlessly to not make those flies go to my woman’s lunch. After she finished her chicken tikka (I had a beef kebab by the way), I pulled her out from that fly-infested establishment.

First of all, I am a fan of the place (although whenever we eat there, it seems like 90 percent of the time, rain happens) but something scared me from that scenario. Luckily my stomach didn’t get bum. I remembered a couple of years back when as we waited for our food, a mouse sneaked in to the kitchen.

Maybe that time alone should be an adequate reason for us to never return to GT.

And as we read the posters, I saw that they allow pets to roam their premises.

That’s another reason to never return to GT.

Game over.

I was at the dashboard of my Blogspot so I wasn’t really checking the results.

All I knew was that there were a couple of Angel Locsin fans in my blogsite.

I fear that they’ll mess up the site.

When I saw the ratings spike, my jaw just dropped.





The first thing I thought was whether or not there was a glitch. You see, the highest reader rating I ever had was 120 and wrote three articles to claim that. Yesterday I placed one video of me and my GF and that was a mere 30 minutes. I then checked out every stat counter I have in my site and it says otherwise. And then it proved true. I nailed one awesome hit-popping article.

My Blog Log reported that a little over 1,520 readers checked out the article. Flag Counter scored my work with 1,576 page views. Stat Counter had it with 608 page views and 1,427 VISITORS COMING IN NOW!



So is this the route that I want to go? Pimping showbiz stuffs to scour rating spikes?

Maybe I need to go to that route but maybe I should tweak it also.

The thing is, when I wrote about the Angel Locsin Folded and Hung billboard, I was merely pointing out how beautiful she was on the pic and how disappointed I was when the billboard was replaced. That’s it! I never tackled anything showbiz about it…

But still!

If there is one thing this “experiment” thought me, it’s the fact that Angel Locsin still rocks. Young people won’t say this out loud but with the way this “thing” erupted, I can safely say that she still rocks. Her recent FHM spread (it was pretty much from the Folded and Hung photo shoot) re-introduced her greatness amidst the negative feedback she has gotten.

Was it a while back when she was a tomboy chick that became a human hawk (?) that became a super heroine?

Maybe I’ll try to visit her Fuel Up bar to thank her for this ratings spike. And to top that, I just scored two VIP passes for the Manila Invitational Championships which will feature Team Pilipinas getting it on against the Jordan National Squad, Donguan Ball Club of China, Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters and the Barangay Ginebra Kings! Did I miss something like saying that Angel Locsin still rocks?

Game over.

Long before Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen, there was Dolphy and Babalu. I could have said Panchito... if he was part of this movie. Sadly Panchito died almost a year before this movie went public. At this point, it was Babalu who was taking the reins as Dolphy's sidekick.

This was one of their classic scenes.

Sadly I don’t remember the name of this movie but all I know is that Dick Israel, Agot Isidro, and Lito Lapid are also in this motion picture.

Oh wait… it’s Da Best in da West 2: Da Western Pulis Istori.

The film was a blockbuster hit in 1996.

It can be compared with Lethal Weapon with Lapid playing the kamikaze cop and Dolphy playing the elder statesman.

Game over.

Yes, this distracts motorists… but only in a good way.

I know change is inevitable but… what the hell???

The sanity-destroying traffic in the metro should piss people off. My dad is giving me a conscious effort to learn how to drive because we have two cars in tow and the old Honda City car could be mine if become good at it.

While it’s old, man it still works well. When I get my hands on it, I’ll spend cash to rejuvenate its paint job. I’ll install a new sound system and a better set of rims.

I have been a part-time student driver for ten years now and the only training I got daily is from playing Need for Speed.

My father SCOLDED me when instead of turning right I DRIFTED RIGHT!

But those people in Batangas sure loved that!

Anyway, whenever my family goes to Batangas, we always use the C-5 road. Traffic isn’t really cutthroat in that area and it cuts our time for a good thirty minutes. It also gives me a peak of this beautiful Folded and Hung billboard.

Yes world, this Folded and Hung billboard featuring the beautiful Angel Locsin was something motorists would love to see. It was eye-pleasing and it’s not that distasteful. It was photographed right and it had the look and feel of those legendary 50’s pin-up stars a la Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, and Jayne Mansfield.

I never has been a moment where I braced myself looking at a billboard since my 2006 Philippine Idol Sucat billboard came to exist. But then I went to Batangas a couple of weeks ago and something I saw bugged me.

Yes, this was night time and you can barely identify what you’re looking at in this angle. It also shocked me and made me curse with much of my parents’ hatred.

I remembered this today and decided to search for the Angel Locsin billboard replacement.


What the fucking crap!?!?

Well it’s not like I was looking at the Angel billboard all the time. It’s just… why replacing this billboard with this? NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE ANGEL BILLBOARD!

Okay, I guess the company had to be gender-friendly. It’s not like they’re pushing to have an FHM billboard version but a typical man doesn’t have a six-pack!

So am I saying Sam Milby is not a man?


Maybe women reading Cosmo… or YES or any LIWAYWAY magazine will find him yummy... but the last thing men need right now are girls going gaga on some giant-sized portrait of a pop icon and here they are WISHING AND PRAYING AND WISHING AND PRAYING WE NORMAL MEN HAVE THE BODY LIKE THE ONE HE HAS RIGHT NOW! If you think I’m jealous because he has washboard abs and I am a big tub of lard well SCREW YOU! DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY… OR CRY… BECAUSE THAT WOULD DEPRESS ME AND MAKE ME EAT MORE!

I just think that a topless man with one unbuttoned part of his pants visibly seen on a flyover is distracting.

But in a very bad way.

Think of it as if you’re seeing a dead cat flattened by tires directly on his belly in a random subdivision street.

Yes… that icky.

Luckily this is tame compared to the one that’s on the Bench shop in Trinoma where Jake Cuenca is in his briefs being held captive… but ENJOYING IT.


Game over.

Did you know that Manute Bol was perhaps the originator of the word “My Bad”?

Manute was also a revered practical joker. Charles Barkley’s rep as a bad man was kind of tarnished when word got out that he was often a victim of Manute Bol’s antics in Philly. He’s also untouchable in Golden State when he was playing with buddy Chris Mullin.

When he blocks shots, people would call it “Bol Tending”.

He was actually shooting three-pointers when he was playing for the Golden State Warriors. He is a career 22 percent free throw shooter.

In a game against the Orlando Magic, Bol blocked four consecutive shots in a single possession.

His best year was actually his rookie year when he averaged 5.0 blocks a game.

He played with Muggsy Bogues when Bogues was drafted by the Bullets in 1987. This was the only time where the tallest and the shortest player played side-by-side in a NBA season.

His name means “special blessing”.

Indeed he is, to those that know him and was touched by his awesome presence.

Game over.

I just got out from a basketball game.

Apparently, I’m back as coach for our department's basketball team.

This time though, I am more of that guy that substitutes people.

Last year’s team was slow and old but this year’s team has quickness and hustle. Sure, they are relatively small for my liking and I am still missing a big man, but I think they’ll do well this year. I came in midway the season and we won three of our three assignments.

My first game was nothing but lazy. The team finished the first quarter 27 to 13 and we finished the game with a 76 to 45 score and my starters played most of the odd quarters as the bench heavily contributed in the even quarters. From last year’s team, the energy unleashed that game was mind-numbing. Gang rebounding proved vital and the defense was dominating. This year’s uniform was also red and white which was a far cry from the green and white we had last year.

At least three players in the squad had five steals and perhaps everyone got a hand on the rebounds.

The biggest problem? Showboating. Scaring the enemy by shouting directly to his ears is NOT good defense.

But it was funny though.

In their defense, when the lead was super big, I watched on the sidelines during the last five minutes of action, with a camera in tow. Up until the semi-finals, my appearance would be sporadic due to other commitments. We are assured of a seat to the next level. Perhaps then I got to learn how to prepare for those gut-wrenching games. From the chemistry I saw, I can this team going to the top.

Game over.
Behind their beautiful eyes, flawless skin, and radiant presence is a devious and devilish vixen.

My boss went pic-hunting and found this still inside the internet.

This was when I had billboard (I was the guy pretending to be a singing doctor).

I was thin then. During those days, Gerald Anderson doesn’t have a billboard.

But I think during those days, Onemig Bondoc STILL had a billboard.


Hidden treasure?

Game over.

Moments after I wrote my Sydrified article…

Chrisangelo: Dude. You just reminded me of the bet.

I shouldn’t be putting things on the internet.

Chrisangelo: NOW WRITE!

He's like Flea... but with actual flea. Maybe I shouldn’t be putting things that Chris COULD SEE ON THE INTERNET!

The Sydman: What are you talking about par… shiiiiiit.
Chrisangelo: The bet! 15 articles dude! Get it going! I want one about the champions!

Why can’t Boston win?

Chrisangelo: Then about Kobe!

I’ve been good.

Chrisangelo: Then about Gasol!

I restrained myself when I needed to write something evil.

Chrisangelo: Then about Fish!


Chrisangelo: Then about Artest!


Chrisangelo: Then about Phil!


Chrisangelo: Yan lang.


The Sydman: Sigh. Yes Master.

Game over.

Chrisangelo: HAHAHAHAH!!! BOW DOWNNZZZ!!!!


I hate them right now.

But I have to thank them though.

It was a helluva series.

Yes, my Boston Celtics succumbed to the LA Lakers to miss their chance to win an eighteenth crown. Blame Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, and Lamar Odom for this.

I will not call them Baklakers after making such feat.

Kobe Bryant was heavily pestered throughout the game but he did manage to come up with 23 points and 15 rebounds despite making only 25 percent of his shots. Aside from Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis, no Celtic scored 50 percent and over in their FG percentage.

Funny how the Celtics won FG percentage, FT percentage, and 3-point field goal percentage but had 13 rebounds less which gave the Lakers 12 more shots! The Lakers edged the Celtics in offensive rebounds 23 to 8.

I made a bet with my online writing pal Chrisangelo where whoever loses will write 15 articles on how he adores the opposing team. As of this moment he has been putting a lot of Laker-love crap on Facebook. Obviously he loves the win so much.

I don’t.

I hope he forgets what we waged a couple of weeks back because I am not ready to write anything about the Lake Show.

But still you have to wonder if this was Cleveland or Orlando or Atlanta facing the Lakers. Sure, LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal will be thrust to the spotlight but their rivalry with Boston brought out nostalgia. The old NBA fans of the Bird and Magic era fused with the fans of the Kobe and Paul Pierce era to relive that storied rivalry anew.

An icebreaker? Perhaps next season?

That should be interesting.

Game over.

“Oh My God! That Artadi guy is sooo mayabang!!! Good thing na-technical sya.. Ndi nman sya kagalingan.. Akala mo kung sinong super magaling.."

You know there’s something wrong with San Miguel when stuff like this happens.

Broadsheets blurted Gabe Freeman’s drug use. Let’s make things clear – I am for legalized marijuana. I don’t know why… but Hawaiians think its great medicine. What I’m not “high” about is discipline. A basketball career doesn’t end when the game ends. You are a basketball player until your contract expires. Freeman must have thought that PBA don’t figure in random drug tests.

Sorry boy, but you picked the wrong time to get high.

The Beermen went from cloud nine to six feet under in a matter of weeks. After winning 10 of their first 11 games, San Miguel has lost four of their last five outings. During their last two games, Freeman had a “fever”. Well he’s hot alright… too hot that he could be headed back to the States.

By the way, I picked him as my import in PBFANTASY this week. Whoop-dee-do… I saw my chance to win my league go down the drain.

And then there’s Valerie Concepcion. You see as of last month, the item that’s Valerie Concepcion and Dondon Hontiveros isn’t really one. Face it, the only basketball-showbiz personality that mattered these days are the love team of James Yap and Kris Aquino (although I remembered years back when Lowell Briones dated B-movie queen Rita Magdalena). Anyway, during the June 6 game that pitted San Miguel against the B-MEG Llamados, Valerie was riled up when BMEG spitfire Paul Artadi taunted Freeman.

Could this taunt sparked Freeman’s weed need?

Anyway, Valerie tweeted the aforementioned message which sparked a lot of Artadi fans. For some insane reason, Artadi has a strong girly fanbase. I actually like Artadi when he plays like a blur, using his speed to score fast breaks and switching gears to unload his highly-improved long distance arsenal. However, I never knew that he took his UAAP fanbase with him when he arrived in the PBA.

Valerie apologized.

"Para matapos na ito.. Sorry sa mga na-offend sa comment ko.. But I believe that EVERYONE is entitled to his/her own opinion.. Case closed! ☺...Sa mga naasar coz nayabangan ako kay Artadi, kanya-kanyang opinion lng yan.. Respetuhan lng tyo.. ☺ Don't worry, we're friends off-court.. ☺"

Now San Miguel will have only two problems to worry about.

Their import situation will matter when their coaching situation worsens. Despite lording over their opponents not named Talk N Text, the Beermen is seen to be searching for a new breed of mentoring to replace Siot Tanquingcen. I was actually thinking that it’s Ginebra with Robert Jaworski representing the brand anew following that Manny Pacquiao Ginebra TVC. Last outing it seems like current San Sebastian coach Ato Agustin is getting auditioned for the job. From the looks of things I could be seeing current UST coach Pido Jarencio following suit.

Who knows, maybe Art dela Cruz, Juno Sauler, Koy Banal, and the other assistant coaches from the SMC teams will take shots before the SMC bigwigs proclaim a winner.

The loser of this situation – NOT Dondon Hontiveros. He’d be insane if he dumps Valerie.


Except when she becomes a whiner, a nagger, and a foul-mouthed jezebel.

Studies show that men hate this.

I wonder why women can’t see this.


The actual losers? The fans that could be dreading for a coaching change… import change… or a personnel change. For all we know, they could be trying to claim the other top players that haven’t been signed by a SMC team.

Anywho, I wonder if Gabe Freeman will play on their next game?

Maybe a new import? Paired with a new coach? With Valerie Concepcion still cheering them on?

I hope so.

Game over.

Will the Celtics go home victorious or will the Lakers celebrate at home?

Will the Big 4 get redemption or will Kobe get back-to-back Finals MVP awards?

You have to watch the game to find out how and this is the link to view it!


Game over.

I am not a fan Katy Perry songs.

I love them now.

It’s not because I am an awesome advocate of the Russell Brand awesomeness.

Maybe you need to open this article to figure it out.

I saw this lying in the web so I scooped it in to let others see her awesome video.

It reminds of those Aqua MTV’s… but at least this is not that annoying (I like Barbie Girl and Dr. Jones though). Katy Perry is hot and add the legendary Snoop Dogg in the mix, this video is a joyous supply of glee for everyone.

However, it came to my attention that this video is getting censored or something. Why? I don’t get it. I remember those Madonna, Britney, and Mariah videos and while this is over-the-top, the sexuality it unleashed is through the awesome concept of the director. If you like to see skin, then the Shakira “She-Wolf” should be in this area as well.

I can get that there should be minor kinks in this video to make it kid-friendly but rubbing it away from cyberspace shouldn’t be the answer.

I personally think people of all walks would enjoy this.

Just saying.

Game over.

I never thought I’d hate Rainn Wilson.

I loved him in The Office… but he said this on Twitter.

“It was fun watching the Lakers play that very talented & delightful High School basketball team tonight.”

I hope that the Lakers wouldn’t win against that very talented and delightful high school basketball team on Game 7 of their championship series.

Game over.

Remember Les Grossman – that foul-mouthed, money-driven film executive from Tropic Thunder?

Well, Tom Cruise reprises that role for the 2010 staging of the MTV Movie Awards and I’ll tell you… he pwned people!

Here is Les Grossman with Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

Here is Les Grossman with Twilight star Taylor Lautner.

Then here’s Les Grossman owning Tom Cruise in the set of Risky Business.

Let me end this “article” (haha) with Les Grossman with DORA THE EXPLORER.

Game over.

Here are a bunch of 2010 MTV Movie Awards commercials.

The Bieber thing was awesome (I never thought I would say that).

Plus get to know this year’s host, Aziz Ansari.

Thanks to my officemate Manuel for hooking me to these stuffs!

It saved me from a lot of writing and thinking!


Anyway, here is a spot with Kirsten Bell, Sarah Silverman, P-Diddy, and Zac Efron.

Then here’s Aziz with Zac and Sarah.

Then here’s Aziz with Kirsten Bell.




A rabbit peed near my keyboard.

Yes… an actual rabbit with pointy ears and stuff.

Raise your hands if this has ever happened to you… ever.

But why am I still grinning?

I changed my website’s look! While it could pose problems if checked out using a low-tech internet explorer, I like to think of this as a temporary setback to the hotness it would exude.

By the way – with the elections over and Noynoy Aquino winning the presidential race via landslide – I would like to thank Manny Villar for his valiant effort. Despite Noynoy’s destiny, he tried hard to change the stars and use it to his favor.

I like how he used his money to purchase commercial airtime. A TVC’s rate is nothing to laugh at. A primetime spot could be worth almost half a million. Manny Villar has reportedly spent over four billion pesos in his attempt to win the people. Here is one of his ever-so-famous ads.

If Manny Villar can’t win the elections, surely his commercials can win an Araw Award. An Araw Award is given to an attention-grabbing TVC. It can be dramatic, comedy, inspiring, and even political. Surely he can score a win if he puts one of his plugs in the race.

Sure, there are still a lot of people hating him.

But you can’t forget the fact that the 2010 presidential race became more entertaining because of his commercials.

Look – if I voted – I’d probably choose Noynoy Aquino. So what’s with my love for this guy?

Well maybe because of those political ads, the company I work for got major cash flow and gave us bonuses?

This is why I am thankful to every politician that had a TV ad.

By the way, no thanks to Jamby.

All that money and she handed out merely fashionable wristbands?

No wonder a disqualified contender got more votes than her.

Game over.

I was searching the web for a picture of Maria Villalobos.

One of the not-so-many images that popped the results list was this.

Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton will defend her WBO Superbantamweight crown against Maria Villalobos. My team was tasked to do the necessary promotion for people to see the TV version of the fight. Julaton is coming off a loss against current WBA superbantamweight champion Lisa Brown and The Hurricane wants another crack to combine that WBA belt with her WBO and IBO superbantamweight titles. She can do it and she has the tools to prove it. She has famed trainer Freddie Roach now on her side and Villalobos could probably become Julaton's chew toy as she waits for her impending rematch with Bad News Brown.

If only the attention given to women boxers are those resembling like men boxers then looking for girl boxer images won’t be this hard.

You see, unlike Julaton, her opponents have less to zero visibility inside cyberspace.

Maybe if you have a picture of this Mexican boxing wonder, you can give me a link because if seeing this on Google’s front page would mean anything, it just meant that I’m NOT going to use any photos for my plug (For those asking, this is Joel McHale doing something words can't fathom

Game over.

Legit or not?

WWE had a spectacular Raw finish last June 8.

Daniel Bryan looked very scary and dangerous while choking out Raw ring announcer Justin Roberts that WWE management fired him.

This fucking sucks! I bet the fans hate WWE right now! Internet fans are disgusted with the way their “boy” was unjustly treated! It seems like there was a certain “power” that wanted Bryan out because his actions were too violent.

WWE is trying to limit violence. The PG Era happened when Linda McMahon, Vince McMahon’s wife is planning to run for Senate. For a company that allows limousines to explode, crucifixion, and necrophilia… how are these acts not appropriate than what Daniel Bryan did to Justin Roberts’ neck tie choke?

This is not the first time WWE had this problem. Remember Muhammad Hassan, the Arab-American wrestler that’s preaching that Americans are discriminating him right now because of Arab heritage? He was part of the roster during post-9/11 and his character was based on the Arabs that were born and raised in the US but is categorize as terrorists because of the color of their skin. In his feud with the Undertaker, five men appeared to the ring and choked the Undertaker with a wire.

While this was airing (Smackdown is not live but is taped), the London Bombings occurred. TV execs hated the visual and ordered Hassan’s character to be killed off. Hassan was eventually released.

The neck tie choke happened years after Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide and Bryan never read the fine print that choking is still prohibited. NXT survived as ECW’s replacement partly because of Bryan’s involvement.

But the question revolving around the wrestling world is whether or not this firing is real or fake.

While Bryan’s firing was acknowledged in wwe.com, their corporate website has yet to recognize this. So fans of Bryan could still have faith that Bryan is still employed. TNA, that other wrestling company, has been using their website to false feed news to its readers for the longest time.

Fact remains though – will Daniel Bryan see WWE television again?

Game over.
Last June 12, my uncle, cousins, and godkids visited our house.

This video is dedicated to the kids that annoyingly knocked non-stop when I was bathing.


Is chasing kids around with a soiled brief a crime?

Game over.
Let’s just say this “romance” is so wrong in so many levels.

You dig?

Game over.
Love it when a couple of rich kids have nothing to do but to spend their money to create an ad for some make-believe movie.

It makes me have needs.

Game over.

Lucky you if I’m talking about Marianas Trench... that big gaping hole filled with water in the Pacific.

This version is just me ranting on how some people need to buy a belt!

I was wandering a few moments ago when I saw a friend. We talked and little did I know that I was SPOTTING A HUGE GAPING BLACK HOLE ADJACENT TO WHERE WE SIT!

Am I that happy to see an ass?

Am I happy to see fat homo’s ass!?!?

Oh wait… he’s not a homo… SHE’S JUST A WOMAN THAT LOOKS LIKE A GAY MAN!!!

Yes, we call buttcracks (my office friends) because some people don’t know it and some people hate to understand things that require thinking.

I honestly don’t think this is peeping… although well, it’s pretty much like that. I just think that some people are forgetting the importance of wearing a belt. I don’t tuck my shirt in and I wear big t-shirts to protect my self in exposing my buttcracks but dammit, I still wear a belt because I know that my fat ass has the possibility to expose itself the moment I reach under something or I merely sit in a non-erect manner. It’s like those hot girls that get pissed when some heinous prick adores their bottom to the point. This is easy. Showing off means telling people to look at them! If you don’t others to look at your boobs, resist wearing plunging necklines! If you have people thinking of dropping dimes on your ass, WEAR A BELT.

I know for a fact that most chicks like to show off but ugly fat guys and big-boned old ladies should be restrained from doing such.

But really, I don’t care. Either wear something big or wear a belt.

That’s where shit comes out you know.

Dammit, just by a belt.

Finally there is a new boss in town.

For the first time in nine years, this boss doesn’t have a vagina.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will abdicate her throne come June 12 as this will be the time Noynoy Aquino steps in as the NEW President of the Philippines. He was just proclaimed mere hours ago. Noynoy will be the man that will follow Ninoy and Cory Aquino’s footsteps while Jejomar Binay would try to make the vice prez post respectable once more.

Better get used to all the jokes about Noynoy’s hair, smoking, mental condition, capability, playstation, GARRULOUS LITTLE SISTER, and every crap that would be thrown at him in his six years of “bliss”. I will be rooting for him to succeed but I might say a little about his incompetence if the first two years of his government result to coup d'├ętats.

By the way, the last thing he should do is insert random entertainers to government posts. I can’t stand rumors surrounding Noynoy’s attempt to lure Boy Abunda, Dingdong Dantes, the kid named "Santino" and other showbiz stars to the Optical Media Board and the MTRCB. If this is true, then how will people take his government seriously?

If the last two administrations brought us instability, Noynoy needs to learn from these “mistakes”. I thought Joseph Estrada did an average job as president. He came to the scene amidst the economic crisis that laid waste on the whole Southeast Asia. However, the biggest debacle of this brandy-drinking head of state is his inability to choose loyal supporters. Not only did it kill his stature, it also factored to him getting the boot out of Malacanang. In the case of Gloria Arroyo, her spawns and the one that fathered her spawns were her biggest thorns. Sure, she had the EDSA tres, the Hello Garci tape, the Jose Pidal scandal, the ZTE, and all the other scandals her government engulfed. The fact that she still managed to keep her job means she has staying power. But this could have been easier to swallow if she didn’t have an “mini-Erap clone” as a husband. Her marriage was in question during her tenure and his kids aren’t any help as well.

Mikee Arroyo’s interview by Arnold Clavio just made the rest of the spawns a tad laughable.

So for Noynoy, his FAMILY and FRIENDS should be in check.

If you need to do a secret battle plan, do the right thing and NOT TELL IT TO KRIS!

I have a good feeling that Noynoy will do a remarkable job but as soon as he starts his government, the better the chances he’ll make the Aquino legacy proud.

Game over.

I wished I saw this on Free TV but I didn’t.

This was when the awesomeness of the Attitude Era DESTROYED the WWE PG era!

Here’s the thing, WWE just launched a show that is basically a fabricated version of The Ultimate Fighter. The show had pro mentoring the rookies but when it ended, I thought that these rookies will probably be enhancement talents or forgotten sports entertainers.

Boy was I wrong!

Remember when the WWE botched the heavily awaited WWE versus WCW storyline? The addition of ECW proved well but the problem was the writers and the stars never went hand in hand.

The Invasion was one of the most disappointing storylines in pro wrestling history.

Note: get the better video by browsing to Youtube.

But then WWE used another WCW storyline and bettered it! Billy Kidman and his new blood tried to uproot Hulk Hogan and the rest of the old stars. The sad part here is that the top older stars didn’t want to lose to the young generation which prompted this story to bomb.

Now the NXT rookies are going after the established main eventers to pursue their seat in wrestling history.

I hope this works and I hope this evolves into a better storyline than people would imagine.

Maybe they should take out the guest hosts?

Game over.

People are asking me.

Syd, what can I do to enjoy a beautiful Wednesday morning (Manila time)?

Well, the only sane thing that I can think of is hey… watch the NBA Finals Game 3 match between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers live stream on this site!


I assure you, the link is solid as hell and you can see a beautiful view on a bunch of ballers putting a ball to some kind of basket that can’t contain the ball.

And if you want to download a copy and see that yellow team win some game, click THIS GAME ONE LINK!

But if you want to download a copy and see THE BEST NBA TEAM EVER WIN THE SECOND GAME, HOW CAN YOU RESIST??? CLICK THIS SITE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Game 3 is this Wednesday.

Game on.

This was a viral video produced by Samsung to exploit the magic of their TV technology.

They used different art characters to make the crowd indulge on their brand.

But were you wowed by this?

Watch it to find out.

By the way, my favorite part in this clip was the Vitruvian Man (yes, he is called as such).

That guy has so many hands!

Oops. It sucks when someone spoils something that you need to check out that spot with utmost observance.

Game over.

It took me a while to write this review.

Hey! My 450th article should have been finished a month ago!

Several factors stopped me from starting this early. First on my list is my inability to get into the mood of writing it.

The other reason is simply to make my brain process something I saw a month ago with elaborate details.

This is like some sort of Jedi mind trick so just sit back and start the ride.

The Story: Tony Stark is having health issues. The government is riding his ass because they think the Iron Man costume is a threat to America. Stark disagrees but people think otherwise… when he mixes his bratty rich kid behaviour and his cockiness that makes everyone hate him. Unknown to him, there is a madman plotting against him from the far side of the planet. The madman tried to destroy Stark by making him pay inside a racing oval. Then with the help of some jealous nerd, he funds the madman’s plan to kill Iron Man.

What I Liked: Have I mentioned that Robert Downey Jr. is an acting demigod? It is always fun to see him act and there’s no secret that he gave life to Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow also dished out a respectable performance. On the first movie, she’s like Stark’s living version of Rosey (the robot maid from the Jetsons) but now she’s been given these wonderful dilemmas to make her stint non-boring. I had trouble looking at Scarlett Johansson because she’s absurdly hot! It seems like this version is a much relaxed version of the first. It’s a generally favourable pic for me… if you discount that it had a freakishly magnificent predecessor. Still, Downey, Paltrow, Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke, Samuel L. Jackson, Johansson, Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, Olivia Munn, and even Paul Bettany’s voice (as the digital butler named JARVIS)pulled in solid performances and that should get people hyped on the third instalment.

I like how Stark isn’t a serious billionaire superhero a la Bruce Wayne and flaunts his gifts like he’s FN untouchable. His mannerisms when drunk and uncontrollable remind me of an overconfident rock star.

What I Hated: Is it just me? Maybe it bothers me that perhaps they'll push for a Stark-Pepper wedding in Iron Man 3 because they revealed their romance prematurely (I think they could have done this at the end of Iron 3) but that's not it. There is something else. I have nothing against the movie really but… is it just me? I like Don Cheadle… and I really mean this but… him playing the War Machine is just… just wrong. I have no problems in the way he acted on the movie but… he’s just wrong. You see Terrence Howard was a towering army man that didn’t care shit of Downey’s character. Getting a smaller man to replace Howard was bad because it actually made a difference. Plus with the roles that Cheadle played… they were all worldly and not bad ass. Howard looks like a guy with marine tendencies. Whenever I see Cheadle I cringe. Stark can’t really be threatened by this guy… Don Cheadle… looks nice… too nice…

Anyway maybe it’s just me.

As if the whole world thinks that replacing Terrence Howard for Don Cheadle was a bad idea.

And by the way… Sam Jackson offering advices to Downey… it’s like watching a live action version of South Park where Downey is Stan and Samuel L is Chef.

Wouldn’t it rule if Samuel busts some Shaft-like move?

The Verdict: I saw the movie in 2d (a better version that’s lower than 3d) and I loved the visual treat. The visual treats though did not dampen the story’s integrity.

Yes… I will brace myself for the next edition and hopefully my eyes will adjust in seeing a 5’9 Cheadle replacing the 6’2 Howard.

Game over.

What happens if you lied in a world where lying was unheard of?

How will you use it? Will you use it for good or will you exploit for evil?


The Story: Modern-day Earth... but with a few kinks. Here, there is no such thing as “lying”. People saw life a la Gattaca... only minus the leotards, a brainwasher, and murders. Then came a guy who is a loser who just got evicted and is about to lose his apartment. In a moment of weakness, he stumbles on “lying”.

And the rest was history.

What I Liked: I am a fan of Ricky Gervais. While playing David Brent in the UK version of The Office, he is an insensitive tool. Here, he is a smart, warm, kind, and loving human being who sees things differently. They played around one grand idea which is he is the guy that INVENTED lying in that world. It was simple. It had avenues for growth. It was basically an idea goldmine writers take for granted. Jennifer Garner is known for her TV work in Alias but as seen in Valentine’s Day, she can be a good romantic actress. At the start, we saw the world they were brought in as tactless, sarcastic, and mean. Rob Lowe played the dashing anti-hero that he could have perfected as the years rolled. When Gervais’ character opened the realm of lying, it brought to us the opportunities it offered, the kindness it brought, the hope and faith it gave the lacking world and the misdealing it could plague. I am really opposed of the whole “using Catholicism or religion as tool for comedic or end-of-the-world destruction devices” but the way it was used here wasn’t ugly.

What I Hated: Language barriers were blurred. While most of the world can’t really understand British English, I knew that the movie was set in London and yet Gervais was the only interesting character that speaks with a British accent. Garner, Lowe, the Lucky Louie guy, Tina Fey, Jeffrey Tambor, Jonah Hill, Jason Bateman, and even Gervais’ mom in the story never really had the accent. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Edward Norton, two cameos had better accents than most characters in the film. The hilarity dropped at the end part of the story which reminded me Korean movies. Gervais could only do much romance when he’s paired up with robotic characters and it showed during the final scenes. The growing beard thing was something that they could do without. It’s like I’m seeing Evan Almighty, whose lead, Steve Carell, is Gervais’ employees since he is the executive producer of The Office. And finally, I never thought the ugly versus beauty thing was that big until the characters saw it as a caste system. At the start of the film, they all had decisions... they are capable of decision-making to the utmost extent but in the end, Garner was torn in relying on her gut feel. Which brings me to this: at the end of the story, Gervais’ character was normal but Garner evolved with him but she just doesn’t realize this? The flaw of the end part was Garner not speaking her mind. Gervais noticed it when he kind of “robbed” the bank, but the usually tactless Garner character failed to notice her sudden “keeping mum” attitude? What if they just made Garner realize her “transformation” and make her fight out the fact that she’s now lying... which could be a better way to go with the climax.

The Verdict: Make no mistake, this was an enjoyable film. I just hoped they further fine-tuned the end. This is what Hollywood is lacking these days – the importance of having one great idea, and putting a story around it.

Game over.

Think of this as a raunchier version of 50 First Dates, Along Came Polly, and The Wedding singer and a scene-a-like of Couples Retreat.

The film is so awesome in so many levels.

The Story: Sarah Marshall is an up and coming star, known to audiences as that femme fatale in a CSI-like show. Peter Bretter is his composer-boyfriend. Sarah met a British rock star and she breaks up with Peter. Peter is depressed as hell because whenever he looks at something, that thing resembles anything he had with Sarah. His stepbrother advises him to go to Hawaii where he meets Rachel, the ever-so-helpful receptionist and... to the surprise of no one... Sarah Marshall and her rock star boyfriend.

What I Liked: Jason Segel is an awesome actor. It’s not just because he starred in three of my all-time fave series which are How I Met Your Mother, Undeclared, and Freaks and Geeks – he is indeed a multi-talented star. He also wrote the script and composed the music. Kirsten Bell, while just like what I said about Fanboys which is me not a fan of Veronica Mars, was outstanding in this picture. Cameos from Jason Bateman, Billy Baldwin, Gedde Watanabe, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd and Carla Gallo also helped. I am a huge That 70’s Show mark so having Mila Kunis in the flick (where she exposed her boobs) was bliss. The story was cool too and this is where the brilliant support of the Hawaiian actors, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Jack McBrayer, and the truly awesome Russell Brand kicks in. I first saw Brand in Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories. He wasn’t that funny in the Sandler pic because Bedtime Stories was more meant for the kids but playing a more meaty version of Hank Azaria (transpose Segel with Ben Stiller and Bell with the Will and Grace girl) was spot-on for Brand.

What I Hated: The scene started and finished with Segel’s naked body hugging a woman. I could handle ass but he showed his penis A LOT in this movie. The puppet show was the endearing factor? I have to agree with Sarah Marshall that the puppet thing was near corny levels. The romance and sex jokes are the kickers of the flick and while we won’t chastise the flick for having too many naked breasts, perhaps the dialogue could have been less raunchy.

The Verdict: You can’t see Forgetting Sarah Marshall on HBO or Star Movies because censorship will zap the essence of the movie. This movie is great... believe that! But while it is a romantic comedy, I don’t think prim and proper girls would like this movie. Like I said, it is too raunchy.

Just imagine how a prim and proper chick would watch the uncensored version of The Hangover and you’ll know the feeling.

On a plus side, at least men everywhere would have a romantic movie that they would want to watch.

Game over.
How to have faith? Well... this is me being faithful!

Catch the Boston Celtics even the series and MAUL the Los Angeles Lakers!

Watch now before I eat the statement I just made!!!!!!!!!!!


Just look at the previous Anawangin teasers!

Yes... I am too lazy to copy-paste.

Last June 3, we paid our last respects to Mama Zeny.

People did what they can to see her off to heaven.

I was right – people know her because of her humor. My mom swore she felt a chilling breeze during the mass. Others felt it too. My sister, who couldn’t attend the burial, was followed by a white cat that was all nice and cuddly to her that it brought her tears. My aunt Mama Zeny, was fond of cats amongst other animals. She once owned a mongoose, and while it was killed by their dog (I could be wrong), pets endear her. She also loved her garden and over the years I had my share in stepping on cat poop.

Anyway, now she rests in a different kind of garden. During the procession where we walked from the church to the cemetery, there was a cameraman and a guy holding a laptop. Laugh all you want from St. Peter’s e-burol and e-libing (electronic interment) services but I think it’s a great idea. When I was talking to bunch of well-wishers, I saw a laptop near the coffin. Then I was told that Mama Zeny’s relatives from America, Spain, and Britain will follow the events via the internet. Those people who were in abroad were crying when the coffin opened and closed for the final time… as if they were attending the funeral in person.

Our clan is known to be extremely clannish and this fact was proven anew. From our small baranggay in Tanauan, Batangas, people planed in from Cagayan de Oro and Antique, and traveled far across Laguna, Mindoro, Manila, and to whatever place they came from just to pay their last respects. The cameramen will be tasked to create a MTV remembering the event we just witnessed.

We love Mama Zeny.

She will be missed.

Every year (well… almost every year), our gang goes off to some getaway to explore the places where traces of technology are scarce.

This year, we chose to go to Anawangin – a place where there is literally no cellphone coverage, no cottage accommodations, and no electricity what’s-so-ever.

Seven adventurers manned up to face life away from the beauty of DOTA and whatever crap people are doing in the internet to make their life complete.

For the characters involved: Sorry it took me a while to place things on my site (which you would or would not approve) but I am addicted on playing this new game called Adobe: After Effects.

I earlier created a bunch of teasers to supplement my cause but if and censorship takes place, here is a safe version.

Did I mentioned I pretty much copy-paste my intros?

Anyway, a teaser is a type of plug/commercial meant to entice the viewers to watch the whole show by dishing out hanging statements or cryptic messages that would probably unravel the events concerning the show.

In this teaser, I just grabbed a bunch of “PG” photos to create a 15-seconder of awesomeness.

Note to people: I’m just cool.

Game over.

Every year (well… almost every year), our gang goes off to some getaway to explore the places where traces of technology are scarce.

This year, we chose to go to Anawangin – a place where there is literally no cellphone coverage, no cottage accommodations, and no electricity what’s-so-ever.

Seven adventurers manned up to face life away from the beauty of DOTA and whatever crap people are doing in the internet to make their life complete.

For the characters involved: Sorry it took me a while to place things on my site (which you would or would not approve) but I am addicted on playing this new game called Adobe: After Effects.

And yeah, I copy paste this part from the previous teaser.

Anyway, a teaser is a type of plug/commercial meant to entice the viewers to watch the whole show by dishing out hanging statements or cryptic messages that would probably unravel the events concerning the show.

In this teaser, my friend pulled this cute pose and since he’s in love, I raided his Facebook page and scoured all the cheesiness I can get hold.

Note to people: he was never forced when he did that pose.

Game over.

Every year (well… almost every year), our gang goes off to some getaway to explore the places where traces of technology are scarce.

This year, we chose to go to Anawangin – a place where there is literally no cellphone coverage, no cottage accommodations, and no electricity what’s-so-ever.

Seven adventurers manned up to face life away from the beauty of DOTA and whatever crap people are doing in the internet to make their life complete. We call it Sausagefest because we go to a random place and show off our manhood by providing the needs of the "camp" and berating freeloaders that act all "girly".

For the characters involved: Sorry it took me a while to place things on my site (which you would or would not approve) but I am addicted on playing this new game called Adobe: After Effects.

Anyway, a teaser is a type of plug/commercial meant to entice the viewers to watch the whole show by dishing out hanging statements or cryptic messages that would probably unravel the events concerning the show.

In this teaser, I’m just literally showing off.

Note to people: it was cold there.

Game over.

The first season of NXT is over.

I am guessing that the rookies will find their selves in the WWE main event scene.

You’re thinking “no”.


You’re still saying “no”.

Enhancement talent?

First of all, except for the non-exciting matches and the horrible parlor games, I can say that NXT was successful. My only qualm is it was predictable… and tiring. In Day One, it was cast in stone that either Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett would win NXT. Then Bryan found himself in a shitty losing streak, so we expected Barrett to take the cake… and he did. As for Bryan, fans hated WWE for making Bryan lose all of his matches.

Looking back however, it did garner perfect sense. It was actually one of the best storylines we have seen all year. It also handed out great promo deliveries from Bryan, The Miz, and Michael Cole. Unlike others, I will not murder Cole for his shortcomings. I am a Smackdown fan and I love the Cole-Tazz tandem from way back. Sad to say though, he shouldn’t be on Raw because Cole is a play-by-play guy and Raw has more drama than matches. Bryan will be eventually “signed” by Raw and will continue to feud with The Miz and hopefully, Cole (remember when Jerry Lawler was a heel and Bret Hart was a face and whenever Lawler was announcing he’ll diss the whole Hart family). Add Alex Riley to his list of possible feuds. Miz was the only PRO returnee for the second season of NXT and that’s to further the storyline that he will have with Bryan (Miz getting the rookie he’ll love that is basically Bryan’s total opposite). Behind the wimpy, maroon trunks, Bryan fashioned out a very, VERY effective debut. In Raw, he’ll further get out of anonymity by unleashing a submission move that his opponents can’t wiggle out off. The heel hook he’s been doing looks well, but it never made anyone tap out.

Now CATTLE MUTILATION… if he busts that move, then people will mark… and Bryan will become a star!

As for the other characters of NXT, I hope I get to see Barrett, David Otunga, and Justin Gabriel with their respective mentors. Matt Hardy can still help Gabriel until either Gabriel thinks he’s gotten better than Hardy or Hardy turns heel because of the reaction Gabriel is getting. Otunga will get pissed at R-Truth for teaching him wrong and blast him in Raw. Yes, he’ll likely join Raw because Otunga needs to hide his awful ring work and Raw’s two-minute matches should do the trick.

Barrett will likely tag around Chris Jericho en route to the championship match he earned by winning NXT. Jericho will act as Shawn Michaels and Barrett will play as Diesel and then Barrett will betray Jericho when Jericho all of sudden gets a championship belt. Barrett is a few live events away from becoming an upper midcard treat. He has the mic skills, the ring skills, and the swagger to perform on high-level competitions.

Sadly at this point, the rest of the batch would find their selves in Superstars or in the main shows, acting as glorified enhancement talents to the main event stars. Skip Sheffield and Mike Tarver needs to start a tag team while Darren Young needs to get out of that ugly ring gear. Yes, he resembles John Cena… but no, at least Cena doesn’t look like a goof.

Heath Slater? He is so bland. He is like Sheamus… but un-Irish!

With NXT Season 2 quickly happening, expect a lot of NXT wrestlers going back to developmental, getting released, or getting buried.

Wrestling might be fake… this competition may be fake… but whoever the crowd gets roaring will easily win management.

Getting a favorable position from your work of choice… is so FN real.

Game over.