I wished I saw this on Free TV but I didn’t.

This was when the awesomeness of the Attitude Era DESTROYED the WWE PG era!

Here’s the thing, WWE just launched a show that is basically a fabricated version of The Ultimate Fighter. The show had pro mentoring the rookies but when it ended, I thought that these rookies will probably be enhancement talents or forgotten sports entertainers.

Boy was I wrong!

Remember when the WWE botched the heavily awaited WWE versus WCW storyline? The addition of ECW proved well but the problem was the writers and the stars never went hand in hand.

The Invasion was one of the most disappointing storylines in pro wrestling history.

Note: get the better video by browsing to Youtube.

But then WWE used another WCW storyline and bettered it! Billy Kidman and his new blood tried to uproot Hulk Hogan and the rest of the old stars. The sad part here is that the top older stars didn’t want to lose to the young generation which prompted this story to bomb.

Now the NXT rookies are going after the established main eventers to pursue their seat in wrestling history.

I hope this works and I hope this evolves into a better storyline than people would imagine.

Maybe they should take out the guest hosts?

Game over.


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