Awesome Katy MTV!

I am not a fan Katy Perry songs.

I love them now.

It’s not because I am an awesome advocate of the Russell Brand awesomeness.

Maybe you need to open this article to figure it out.

I saw this lying in the web so I scooped it in to let others see her awesome video.

It reminds of those Aqua MTV’s… but at least this is not that annoying (I like Barbie Girl and Dr. Jones though). Katy Perry is hot and add the legendary Snoop Dogg in the mix, this video is a joyous supply of glee for everyone.

However, it came to my attention that this video is getting censored or something. Why? I don’t get it. I remember those Madonna, Britney, and Mariah videos and while this is over-the-top, the sexuality it unleashed is through the awesome concept of the director. If you like to see skin, then the Shakira “She-Wolf” should be in this area as well.

I can get that there should be minor kinks in this video to make it kid-friendly but rubbing it away from cyberspace shouldn’t be the answer.

I personally think people of all walks would enjoy this.

Just saying.

Game over.


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