The Bachelor and the Would-Be Bachelorette

On June 30, Filipinos will set their sights in the Quirino Grandstand to witness Noynoy Aquino’s inauguration as the fifteenth president of the Republic.

The accidental head of state started his rise after his mom’s death and he had endure the hardships caused by his entry to the big stage – which is his inexperience, milking his parents’ legacy, and a little sister that loves to be in the spotlight.

Noynoy Aquino will be the first bachelor president of the Philippines. To show support, Kris Aquino separated from James Yap. Kris said this was two years in the making. Unlike other people, I don’t really hate Kris for being tactless and being a loudmouth. However, of all the days after her brother’s swearing in, why at the brink of June 30?

Let’s face it – inasmuch as Kris could be loving and caring on screen and off, does it suck that she has to tell 100 million Filipinos about her marital squabbles? Kris Aquino fell for a man who by this time, should be still going to beer gardens, strip joints, and… computer shops where he’ll go insane checking out his Facebook or ugh… Friendster page. This proves the disadvantage of the cougar setup – when the dream is gone, the nightmares follow.

I remember when Kris aired her troubles in TV Patrol live at the height of the Joey Marquez-Kris Aquino controversy. Kris shared to everyone how Tsong infected her with STD and how Tsong poked a gun on her face.

Kris should learn the virtue of silence, especially now that she’s one of the four “first ladies” of the republic (unless Noynoy proposes and marries the hot councilor chick). Katrina Halili is the bigger star compared to Maricar Reyes but Maricar managed to gain respect by allowing the scandal to breeze by.

And to think that compared to Maricar’s trifecta of MP4 and FLV files, Katrina’s face wasn’t really that visible. It’s hard for Maricar to even shrug of the visibility of her face (not to mention her flexibility) during the Hayden Kho tapes but people are quick to forget the events that unfold… not unless people remind it to other people.

I guess a random reporter, cameraman, or hell… someone with a camera in his phone would rather click and listen to Kris and James’ drama instead of Noynoy Aquino’s first speech as president.

Hopefully, their fighting will give way for the sake of the state.

Ninoy and Cory is smiling in heaven right now and hopefully they’ll remain proud of their son’s accomplishments until the end of his term.

Game over.


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