Did you know that Manute Bol was perhaps the originator of the word “My Bad”?

Manute was also a revered practical joker. Charles Barkley’s rep as a bad man was kind of tarnished when word got out that he was often a victim of Manute Bol’s antics in Philly. He’s also untouchable in Golden State when he was playing with buddy Chris Mullin.

When he blocks shots, people would call it “Bol Tending”.

He was actually shooting three-pointers when he was playing for the Golden State Warriors. He is a career 22 percent free throw shooter.

In a game against the Orlando Magic, Bol blocked four consecutive shots in a single possession.

His best year was actually his rookie year when he averaged 5.0 blocks a game.

He played with Muggsy Bogues when Bogues was drafted by the Bullets in 1987. This was the only time where the tallest and the shortest player played side-by-side in a NBA season.

His name means “special blessing”.

Indeed he is, to those that know him and was touched by his awesome presence.

Game over.


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