Bring Back that Billboard!

Yes, this distracts motorists… but only in a good way.

I know change is inevitable but… what the hell???

The sanity-destroying traffic in the metro should piss people off. My dad is giving me a conscious effort to learn how to drive because we have two cars in tow and the old Honda City car could be mine if become good at it.

While it’s old, man it still works well. When I get my hands on it, I’ll spend cash to rejuvenate its paint job. I’ll install a new sound system and a better set of rims.

I have been a part-time student driver for ten years now and the only training I got daily is from playing Need for Speed.

My father SCOLDED me when instead of turning right I DRIFTED RIGHT!

But those people in Batangas sure loved that!

Anyway, whenever my family goes to Batangas, we always use the C-5 road. Traffic isn’t really cutthroat in that area and it cuts our time for a good thirty minutes. It also gives me a peak of this beautiful Folded and Hung billboard.

Yes world, this Folded and Hung billboard featuring the beautiful Angel Locsin was something motorists would love to see. It was eye-pleasing and it’s not that distasteful. It was photographed right and it had the look and feel of those legendary 50’s pin-up stars a la Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, and Jayne Mansfield.

I never has been a moment where I braced myself looking at a billboard since my 2006 Philippine Idol Sucat billboard came to exist. But then I went to Batangas a couple of weeks ago and something I saw bugged me.

Yes, this was night time and you can barely identify what you’re looking at in this angle. It also shocked me and made me curse with much of my parents’ hatred.

I remembered this today and decided to search for the Angel Locsin billboard replacement.


What the fucking crap!?!?

Well it’s not like I was looking at the Angel billboard all the time. It’s just… why replacing this billboard with this? NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE ANGEL BILLBOARD!

Okay, I guess the company had to be gender-friendly. It’s not like they’re pushing to have an FHM billboard version but a typical man doesn’t have a six-pack!

So am I saying Sam Milby is not a man?


Maybe women reading Cosmo… or YES or any LIWAYWAY magazine will find him yummy... but the last thing men need right now are girls going gaga on some giant-sized portrait of a pop icon and here they are WISHING AND PRAYING AND WISHING AND PRAYING WE NORMAL MEN HAVE THE BODY LIKE THE ONE HE HAS RIGHT NOW! If you think I’m jealous because he has washboard abs and I am a big tub of lard well SCREW YOU! DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY… OR CRY… BECAUSE THAT WOULD DEPRESS ME AND MAKE ME EAT MORE!

I just think that a topless man with one unbuttoned part of his pants visibly seen on a flyover is distracting.

But in a very bad way.

Think of it as if you’re seeing a dead cat flattened by tires directly on his belly in a random subdivision street.

Yes… that icky.

Luckily this is tame compared to the one that’s on the Bench shop in Trinoma where Jake Cuenca is in his briefs being held captive… but ENJOYING IT.


Game over.


  1. nice i really love also the BB of angel locsin on C5 road over eyecathing :)

    simply the best :) angel so sexy//

  2. nice... :) i also love that billboard of ANGEL.. so sexy and alluring huh... :)


  4. oh shit... i unleashed something scary...


  5. sexy and SEDUCTIVE ANGEL LOCSIN!!!! UR 1 OF A KIND!!! IDOL!!!

  6. Ang laki talaga ng ano ni Angel! Ang laki ng billboard niya!

  7. Kaya ba Folded and Hung ay dahil whatever was HANGING, whatever was hanging, it was FOLDED and tucked away? Go Papa Sam!

  8. graveh!!!youre so hot!!!

  9. Bili ka na lang ng FHM na si Angel Locsin ang cover. Tapos magsawa ka sa pagpapantasya.