Daniel Bryan's Release: Real or Fake?

Legit or not?

WWE had a spectacular Raw finish last June 8.

Daniel Bryan looked very scary and dangerous while choking out Raw ring announcer Justin Roberts that WWE management fired him.

This fucking sucks! I bet the fans hate WWE right now! Internet fans are disgusted with the way their “boy” was unjustly treated! It seems like there was a certain “power” that wanted Bryan out because his actions were too violent.

WWE is trying to limit violence. The PG Era happened when Linda McMahon, Vince McMahon’s wife is planning to run for Senate. For a company that allows limousines to explode, crucifixion, and necrophilia… how are these acts not appropriate than what Daniel Bryan did to Justin Roberts’ neck tie choke?

This is not the first time WWE had this problem. Remember Muhammad Hassan, the Arab-American wrestler that’s preaching that Americans are discriminating him right now because of Arab heritage? He was part of the roster during post-9/11 and his character was based on the Arabs that were born and raised in the US but is categorize as terrorists because of the color of their skin. In his feud with the Undertaker, five men appeared to the ring and choked the Undertaker with a wire.

While this was airing (Smackdown is not live but is taped), the London Bombings occurred. TV execs hated the visual and ordered Hassan’s character to be killed off. Hassan was eventually released.

The neck tie choke happened years after Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide and Bryan never read the fine print that choking is still prohibited. NXT survived as ECW’s replacement partly because of Bryan’s involvement.

But the question revolving around the wrestling world is whether or not this firing is real or fake.

While Bryan’s firing was acknowledged in wwe.com, their corporate website has yet to recognize this. So fans of Bryan could still have faith that Bryan is still employed. TNA, that other wrestling company, has been using their website to false feed news to its readers for the longest time.

Fact remains though – will Daniel Bryan see WWE television again?

Game over.


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